The Eastern Sea

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
The Match 04:58 Tools
The Snow 03:48 Tools
Wasn't For Love 03:09 Tools
A Lie 03:26 Tools
The Line 04:08 Tools
Plague 03:35 Tools
So Long/Either Way 03:53 Tools
Santa Rosa 03:39 Tools
Say Yes 02:47 Tools
The Menu 03:26 Tools
America 02:52 Tools
There You Are 01:27 Tools
China Untitled, 1 04:03 Tools
Central Cemetary 03:56 Tools
The Night 03:41 Tools
Boy In Blue 03:41 Tools
This Is Holborn 05:16 Tools
The Floor 03:37 Tools
The Mountain 02:14 Tools
Walking In The Air 02:24 Tools
The Sea 03:45 Tools
The Name 02:16 Tools
Your House 03:11 Tools
Horus, a Chorus 03:11 Tools
Silver Spoon 03:11 Tools
Something Sweet 03:11 Tools
Field Mouse Sea Lion 03:11 Tools
The Curse 11:06 Tools
This Is Christmas 11:06 Tools
Baseball 11:06 Tools
Young Nones 11:06 Tools
The Fool 11:06 Tools
A Wave Goodbye 11:06 Tools
O, Holy Night 11:06 Tools
Silver Bells 03:06 Tools
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 11:06 Tools
First Christmas 11:06 Tools
The First Noel 00:00 Tools
To You 11:06 Tools
Wasnt For Love 11:06 Tools
Angels We Have Heard On High 03:37 Tools
Little Drummer Boy 03:37 Tools
Polar Bears (North America) 11:06 Tools
Carol Of The Bells 11:06 Tools
FieldMouseSeaLion 03:37 Tools
Counting sheep 03:37 Tools
Natasha 02:17 Tools
The Goddamn Truth 02:17 Tools
Kangaroos (Australia) 02:17 Tools
You Don't Need My Help (But I Still Do the Best I Can) 02:17 Tools
The Swan 02:17 Tools
The Ten Commandments 02:17 Tools
I Died 11:06 Tools
We Shall Never Die 11:06 Tools
Iguanas (South America) 11:06 Tools
So Long / Either Way 03:52 Tools
The Match (Welcome Campers) 03:28 Tools
The Best Kind Of Friend Is An Old Friend 11:06 Tools
I Don't Try 11:06 Tools
4 8 15 16 23 42 11:06 Tools
Lost 03:52 Tools
My Favorite Things 02:53 Tools
Heaven's Angels 02:53 Tools
Giraffes (Africa) 02:53 Tools
Block Forts 03:28 Tools
A Wave Goodbye (Welcome Campers) 03:28 Tools
Jackie You Are So Hot 03:28 Tools
THE MATCH (HD) 00:30 Tools
What's Done is Never Done (Put Hook Here) 00:30 Tools
Christmas, Don't Be Late 00:30 Tools
(Plague) the Match 00:30 Tools
Christmas Don't Be Late 00:30 Tools
"The Snow" 00:30 Tools
"The Snow": SXSW 2011 Showcasing Artist 00:30 Tools
Mixtape, The Snow 00:30 Tools
The Box 00:30 Tools
I'm Sorry About Rehab 00:30 Tools
Robert, You're Pretty Amazing at Lazer Tag 00:30 Tools
A Lie [Official Music Video] 00:30 Tools
"A Lie" 00:30 Tools
Tigers (Asia) 00:30 Tools
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At times, it’s easy for The Eastern Sea to forget that Austin, Texas is home. While the band’s roots are firmly planted in the Texas Hill Country, their dynamic prose-pop travels from location to location, effortlessly moving between distant settings and their own, still somehow foreign, neighborhoods. Created in 2005 as the bedroom project of songwriter/vocalist Matthew Hines, The Eastern Sea quickly developed into a live band and released The Eastern Sea, a collection of two eponymous EPs, in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Songs such as “The Snow” and “The Name” attracted the band’s first national press and led to several festival appearances (SXSW, CMJ, FPH Summerfest) and a pair of national tours. Starting in 2010, The Eastern Sea began work on their first official LP, Plague (WhiteLabBlackLab), which was recorded to tape by Matt Smith (Ola Podrida, Golden Bear) at HOTTRACKS!!! in Austin. The completed Plague, mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering (Bon Iver, Andrew Bird), represents The Eastern Sea’s most cohesive collection of songs to date. Musically, it combines the hypnotic rhythm of post-rock, the playful melodies of traditional American folk, and the dynamics of contemporary progressive indie-rock. While ornate percussion lies at the heart of Plague, the signature slow builds of poly-rhythm in songs such as “Wasn’t for Love” and “The Match” serve as a launch pad for melodic bass, shimmering keys, finger-picked electric guitar, and expressive trumpet. Lyrically, Hines’ boldly present vocals weave a revealing autobiographical narrative, developing themes of change, transition, and powerlessness over the course of twelve songs. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.