The High Dials

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Killer of Dragons 04:09 Tools
The Holy Ground 04:39 Tools
I Am The Eye 03:34 Tools
Teenage Love Made Me Insane 02:43 Tools
Soul in Lust 04:19 Tools
Our Time Is Coming Soon 05:17 Tools
My Heart Is Pinned To Your Sleeve 03:04 Tools
Sick With the Old Fire 04:59 Tools
Strandhill Sands 02:59 Tools
Winter Ghosts 04:07 Tools
Book Of The Dead 05:54 Tools
Desiderata 05:25 Tools
Master of the Clouds 05:12 Tools
Higher and Brighter 02:45 Tools
Oisin, My Bastard Brother 04:47 Tools
These days Mean Nothing To Me 04:15 Tools
The Drum 02:34 Tools
A River Haunting 03:33 Tools
Lucifer's Dream 03:54 Tools
The Lost Explorer 05:26 Tools
Your Eyes Are a Door 08:36 Tools
Dust in the Sun 02:25 Tools
Fields in Glass 03:27 Tools
Uruguay 03:54 Tools
Diamonds in the Dark 03:10 Tools
Seagull Blues 05:18 Tools
(Do The) Memory Lapse 04:07 Tools
Clare 03:54 Tools
Bedroom Shadows 04:38 Tools
Chinese Boxes 04:02 Tools
Things Are Getting Better 04:20 Tools
Desert Tribe 03:15 Tools
Space Hobo 05:28 Tools
Open Up The Gates 07:58 Tools
The Dead Hand 02:45 Tools
My Heart Is Black 03:15 Tools
The Case Against Love 04:55 Tools
I'm Over You (I Hope It's True) 02:53 Tools
Can You Hear the Bells? 02:59 Tools
Echoes and Empty Rooms 03:33 Tools
Invisible Choirs 05:29 Tools
Antenna 03:46 Tools
Morning's White Vibration 03:33 Tools
Cartoon Breakup 04:07 Tools
Flower On The Vine 02:27 Tools
The Birds 02:58 Tools
Leaving Alphaville 02:27 Tools
I Was, You Were 03:01 Tools
St. Marie 02:47 Tools
Silas, Please Come Home 02:29 Tools
T.V. Mystic 01:51 Tools
Save the Machine! 05:22 Tools
The Rich Die Too 03:45 Tools
What You Call Love is a Lie 04:43 Tools
Mysterio 05:29 Tools
Regeneration 02:45 Tools
Assassins 04:36 Tools
Angels And Devils 03:10 Tools
Sweetness and Light 02:31 Tools
Snowed in 04:32 Tools
Yestergraves 04:32 Tools
Amateur Astronomer 04:32 Tools
On Again, Off Again 04:32 Tools
Impossible Things 04:32 Tools
Afterparty 04:32 Tools
The Barroom Fisher King 04:32 Tools
Evil Twin 04:32 Tools
Bomb Shelter 04:32 Tools
D.U.I. 04:32 Tools
Club Stairs 04:32 Tools
Lake of Light 04:32 Tools
Employment and Enjoyment 04:32 Tools
Blank Spaces On The Map 02:36 Tools
The House Where Trouble Sleeps 02:42 Tools
City Rivers 00:00 Tools
Sing For Loveless Seasons 04:04 Tools
The Sound Of Daisy Leaving 02:36 Tools
Picture Of A Fading Man 03:13 Tools
Fields In Glass (radio mix) 03:27 Tools
Flags 03:27 Tools
Fear of Heights 03:27 Tools
Fields In Glass (Club Mix) 04:27 Tools
Primitive Feelings 04:27 Tools
The Future Prospects of Your Ego 04:27 Tools
O Blue Day 04:27 Tools
TV Mystic 01:51 Tools
World War You 01:51 Tools
Angel and Devils 03:10 Tools
Fields In Glass (Stained Glass Mix) 01:51 Tools
Jaws of Life 01:51 Tools
Conquistadores 01:51 Tools
Illuminati Bop 01:51 Tools
My Dream Addiction 01:51 Tools
City of Gold 01:51 Tools
Guerilla Guru 01:51 Tools
Diamonds 00:00 Tools
Foreverish 00:00 Tools
Bomb Shelter (Tinsoldierman Remix) 00:00 Tools
Co-Stars 00:00 Tools
Cold Shoulder 00:00 Tools
Work of Fiction 00:00 Tools
Rays of Shade 00:00 Tools
Everything Just Changed (Again) 00:00 Tools
Fortune Cookie 00:00 Tools
White Vibe 00:00 Tools
Sea Dogs 00:00 Tools
Mornings White Vibration 03:33 Tools
St.Marie 00:00 Tools
A River Daunting 00:00 Tools
Strandhill 00:00 Tools
Fields In Glass - Radio Mix 03:31 Tools
Fields In Glass - Club Mix 04:27 Tools
fields_in_glass 04:27 Tools
Fields In Glass [Radio Mix] 04:27 Tools
Fields In Glass [Club Mix] 04:27 Tools
Invisable Choirs 04:27 Tools
Projections 04:14 Tools
Fields In Glass - Stained Glass Mix 04:14 Tools
Mornings White Vibrations 03:33 Tools
Angles And Devils 03:33 Tools
Bomb Shelter (Tinsoldierman Mix) 03:33 Tools
Strand Hill 03:33 Tools
Fields of Glass 03:33 Tools
Space Hobo (UK edit) 03:33 Tools
The High Dials - Diamonds in the Dark 03:33 Tools
Track 2 03:33 Tools
Insomnia 03:46 Tools
Lost Explorer 03:46 Tools
Bomb Shelter - Tinsoldierman Mix 03:46 Tools
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Montreal band The High Dials make psychedelic pop shaded with folk rock, shoegaze and electro influences. Drawing inspiration from a variety of styles the band create wall-of-sound music built on swirling guitars, three-part harmonies and retro keys. The High Dials have had an evolving line-up since their 2003 debut centred around Trevor Anderson (singer-songwriter) and Robbie MacArthur (guitars). Hailed by the likes of NME, Spin and Brooklyn Vegan, they have a deep back catalogue and extensive tour history in both North America and the UK. Highlights from band’s live history include US and UK tours with the Brian Jonestown Massacre, support slots with Echo and the Bunnymen, the Osheaga festival in Montreal and appearances at various international events such as the Great Escape, In the City, CMJ and SXSW. In 2014, they toured the UK and Ireland with The Besnard Lakes. The band recently collaborated with legendary Rolling Stones producer Andrew Loog Oldham on an album of Stones covers - fellow contributors included Johnny Marr, Gryff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) and Elliott Easton (The Cars). Two of the band’s songs currently feature in the hit Netflix series House of Cards. In February 2015 they released “In the A.M. Wilds” worldwide through Fontana North/Universal. Official website: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.