The Modernist

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Abi '81 06:59 Tools
The International Loner 06:19 Tools
Pearly Spencer 04:06 Tools
Silicon Minor 06:07 Tools
Kangmei Theme 03:09 Tools
When We Were Golden 04:49 Tools
Protest Song 04:53 Tools
Eurojah (Immigrant dub) 04:54 Tools
Prozac Europe 04:50 Tools
Magic Lantern 05:42 Tools
Remodernist 06:59 Tools
Kodac Moments 05:33 Tools
A Goldberg Violation 04:51 Tools
Mickey Finn 05:05 Tools
MK Spitz 05:15 Tools
kangmei pt. 1 & 2 06:18 Tools
Waldorf Hysteria 04:54 Tools
Die fette Gazelle and the Hidden Sixpack 04:51 Tools
Apple Electronics (Live) 07:07 Tools
Opportunity Knox 04:51 Tools
channel 28 06:53 Tools
Data Girl 03:34 Tools
Inger Nilsson 03:18 Tools
Mrs. Next Spiel 04:55 Tools
The Price Of Love 06:03 Tools
Dali Bop Horizon 05:12 Tools
Hellbent to Paradise 05:45 Tools
Raw Brill. Mono 03:33 Tools
Tae War 03:37 Tools
Pralines & Crime 03:26 Tools
Sgt. Pilcher 04:45 Tools
Clandestine 04:11 Tools
Face Working - Freiland 05:36 Tools
Manson Soup - All 02:43 Tools
X 02:43 Tools
Wachtmeister Huong 03:43 Tools
Manson Soup - Wassermann 09:00 Tools
Closer Musik Mikkel Metal 09:00 Tools
Superpitcher Mushroom Angels 09:00 Tools
Inspiratio 04:22 Tools
Dali Bop Horizon - Auftrieb 09:00 Tools
Manson Soup 06:13 Tools
Fade Like Glenn 05:34 Tools
kangmei pt.1 & 2 00:00 Tools
Victor Ludorum (The Winner Takes It All) 05:19 Tools
Die Arbeit 00:30 Tools
Header 05:14 Tools
Mrs. New Deal 06:03 Tools
Global Entertainment 05:09 Tools
Architainment Pt. 1 05:01 Tools
Love Among European Moderns 04:44 Tools
Alphatier Brain (live Update) 05:20 Tools
Dali Bop Horizon (J. Paape Rmx) 00:00 Tools
Heroes in Wool 04:02 Tools
Super Recognizer 04:02 Tools
face working (original) 05:28 Tools
Dezimal Shopping 05:18 Tools
the days of pearly spencer 04:06 Tools
The Days Pearly Spencer (Original Mix) 00:00 Tools
Apple Electronics 07:06 Tools
Crown 05:52 Tools
Manson Soup (Wassermann remix) 00:00 Tools
Global Entertainment (Jürgen Paape Mix) 05:52 Tools
alphatier brian (live update) 05:21 Tools
Come Back 06:00 Tools
The Price of Love (feat. Joe Goddard) 06:58 Tools
Alphatier Brian 04:28 Tools
Manson Soup (All remix) 00:00 Tools
Eurojah 05:27 Tools
Dali Bop Horizon (Auftrieb remix) 00:00 Tools
Spex 72 (The Great Defender Remix) 07:21 Tools
Magic Lantern - Velvet Edit 07:21 Tools
Alphatier Brain 05:18 Tools
Face Working (Freiland remix) 00:00 Tools
The Days Pearly Spencer 04:07 Tools
Liverpool 8 05:02 Tools
Magic Lantern (Velvet Edit) 05:02 Tools
Faceworking (Original) 05:29 Tools
The Modernist - Abi '81 06:58 Tools
Dali Bop Horizon (Auftrieb Mix) 02:34 Tools
Kangmei, Pt. 1 & 2 00:00 Tools
Dali Bop Horizon (J. Paape remix) 02:34 Tools
Manejando un Carrito Rapidito por Santiago 00:00 Tools
Weiche Zaune 05:01 Tools
Protest Song (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
Kangmei P. 1 & 2 00:00 Tools
Protest Song 3 (Remix By Michael Mayer) 00:00 Tools
Victor Ludorum 05:19 Tools
Global Entertainment (Original) 05:19 Tools
Kangmei, Parts 1 & 2 06:19 Tools
Mr. Fine 00:00 Tools
Weiche Zäune 00:00 Tools
Orange Coloured Sky 04:04 Tools
It's Nice - Original Mix 05:13 Tools
Lost in Music 05:13 Tools
General Dynamic 05:24 Tools
Dali Bop Horizon (Reval Mix) 00:00 Tools
Indigo 03:18 Tools
Face Working (Profan mix) 05:48 Tools
Architainment pt.2 00:00 Tools
A Goldberg Violation (vocals: Aquamarine, J. Burger, Suzie) 04:51 Tools
Love Thats True 00:30 Tools
Dali Bop Horizon (Jörgen Pappe remix) 05:26 Tools
Apple Electron (Live) 04:51 Tools
Spex 72 (Original Theme 2005) 05:31 Tools
Magic Lantern (vocals: Suzie) 05:42 Tools
Weiche Zaune / (Justus Köhncke) 05:01 Tools
Protest Song (vocals: Aquamarine, J. Burger) 04:53 Tools
D1 - Indigo 05:42 Tools
Kangmei Pt.1&2 04:53 Tools
KANGMEI pt. 1 05:26 Tools
Face Working 05:28 Tools
Protest Song 1 (Remix By Modernista '90) 05:28 Tools
A1. Alphatier Brain (Live Update) 05:28 Tools
CD1_6_Pearly_Spencer 05:28 Tools
02 - a goldberg violation 05:28 Tools
Apple Electronics - The Modernist 07:06 Tools
Apple Electronics (Original) 05:05 Tools
Pearly Spencer - The Modernist 05:05 Tools
Protest Song 3 (Remixed By Michael Mayer) 05:05 Tools
victor ludorum (the winner tak 05:05 Tools
Apple Electronics (Live De The Modernist) 07:06 Tools
Kangmei 07:06 Tools
Kangmei Pt 1 & 2 06:18 Tools
Mrs Next Spiel 04:53 Tools
Sgt Pilcher 04:44 Tools
Weiche Zaeune 04:44 Tools
Dali Bob Horizon (Auftrieb Mix) 06:18 Tools
05 - kangmei pt.1 & 2 06:18 Tools
Remodernist - The Modernist 06:59 Tools
Dali Bop Horizon (Jürgen Pappe Remix) 05:29 Tools
Dali Bop Horizon (Original) 00:00 Tools
Pralines And Crime 03:25 Tools
Abi '81 - The Modernist 06:18 Tools
Faceworking 05:29 Tools
06 - mickey finn 06:18 Tools
Kangmei, Pts. 1 & 2 06:18 Tools
Kangmei Pt.1 05:29 Tools
Protest song (M.i.a. Remix) 06:18 Tools
01 - kangmei theme _emg 06:18 Tools
Protest Song 1 (Remixed By Modernista '90) 05:29 Tools
04 - when we were golden 05:29 Tools
Collectors Series Pt.1: Popular Songs mixed by The Modernist 05:29 Tools
A2. Eurojah (Immigrant Dub) 05:29 Tools
Protest Song 4 (Remix By Mia) 05:29 Tools
Protest Song 2 (Remix By R. Voigt) 05:29 Tools
Exposed to the Moon 06:18 Tools
The Price Of Love (Original Mix) 06:18 Tools
Lost in Music (E. De Cologne 2003) 06:18 Tools
Faceworking (orig) 05:36 Tools
Comeback 06:18 Tools
Magic Latern 05:36 Tools
08 - silicon minor _emg 05:36 Tools
Alphatier Brian [Live Update] 05:36 Tools
f1_the_modernist_-_pearly_spencer-mpx 05:36 Tools
Die Fette Gazelle And The Hidden Sixpack (Original Mix) 05:36 Tools
Entering The Warp 06:18 Tools
Erinner Dich 05:36 Tools
Protest Song 1 06:07 Tools
09 - magic lantern 06:07 Tools
The Price Of Love (Featuring Joe Goddard) 06:07 Tools
07 - protest song 06:07 Tools
Telescopes and Violins 06:07 Tools
The Modernist - Protest Song 06:07 Tools
Remodernist - Original Mix 06:59 Tools
Protest Song 4 (Remixed By M.I.A.) 06:59 Tools
Eldar soul 06:59 Tools
02 - modernme 06:59 Tools
08 - silicon minor 06:59 Tools
Protest Song 2 (Remixed By Reinhard Voigt) 06:59 Tools
Collectors Series Pt.1: Popular Songs 06:59 Tools
Chandelier City 06:07 Tools
Triola - Freifeld 06:59 Tools
09 - magic lantern _emg 06:59 Tools
Weiche Zaune/Justus Köhncke 06:59 Tools
10 - kodac moments _emg 06:59 Tools
Architainment Pt. 2 06:59 Tools
Modernist (soulphiction remix) 06:59 Tools
Dali Bop Horizon [Auftrieb mix] 06:59 Tools
Protest Song 4 (M.I.A. Remix) 05:36 Tools
Abi'81 06:59 Tools
Inspiration 06:59 Tools
Apple Electronics [Live] 07:06 Tools
Dali Bop Horizon [J. Paape Remix] 07:06 Tools
Die Fette Gazelle And The Hidd 07:06 Tools
Protest Song 4 (Remixed By Mia) 07:06 Tools
Mikkel Metal - Microho 07:06 Tools
03 - prozac europe _emg 07:06 Tools
Justus Kohncke/Weiche Zaune 05:36 Tools
Morning in Dorothea 07:06 Tools
11 - mk spitz _emg 07:06 Tools
Global Entertainment (Jurgen P 05:36 Tools
13 - channel 28 07:06 Tools
04 - when we were golden _emg 05:36 Tools
Kangmei Pt.1 2 05:36 Tools
Gratis 05:36 Tools
11 - mk spitz 05:36 Tools
a1 fade like glenn 05:36 Tools
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There are two artists using the name: The Modernist: Jorg Burger's(1) electronic solo project as well as Nathaniel Spadafora's(2) solo folk project. (1) Under a multitude of monikers including Burger Industries, Triola, the Bionaut and the Modernist, Jorg Burger has established himself as one of the figureheads of Cologne's influential minimalist techno scene. Although his Modernist alter ego suggests a fascination with the present and the contemporary, Burger has (perhaps surprisingly) cited a love for the classic indie pop of 80s UK illuminati such as Aztec Camera, Orange Juice, Scritti Politti and the Smiths alongside his more expected techno-love. More unexpectedly still, on 2003's Kangmei Burger included a track named after the late T. Rex percussionist, "Mickey Finn". Having seemingly reached the same conclusion as peer and colleague Michael Mayer in his assertion that "Everything has been said as far as minimal techno goes . . ." (as early as 1992, he stated his intent as to make acid house with the spirit of pop), the Modernist's melodic minimalism is steeped with perfectly poised guitar harmonics and meticulously placed vocals. Despite this fondness for "classic pop", Burger describes 1988 the year acid house overtook the dance-floors of Europe, as his year zero. 2 years later he had released his first tracks via Thomas Fehlmann's Teutonic Beats compilation. One year beyond this, he founded the Trance Atlantic and Monochrome labels, releasing tracks by permutations of himself and his friend & partner Wolfgang Voigt aka Mike Ink. Immersed in this electronic music culture, Burger founded the Cologne department of the Delirium record store (which was to subsequently mutate into Kompakt) and the Eat Raw label, ran a magazine, House Attack, and established a graphics and artwork agency called Granit. In ´95 he took part in the relaunch of the Harvest Label on EMI Germany, where he released the highly acclaimed the Bionaut album Lush Life Electronica. The peak of the label was reached in ´97, when Burger started his new project The Modernist with the album Opportunity Knox. 2 years & several releases later, Burger left Harvest to start his own label with Sony music. Burger was to subsequently birth the Popular Organization, the umbrella organization for the Popular Sound, Popular Music and Popular Tools imprints, the latter of which released his The Modernist Explosion 1999. The album was licensed & re-released in an expanded version by Matador Records, US under the modified title Explosion 2000. The ensuing Kangmei from 2003 included a track entitled "Protest Song" and Burger was seemingly making a protest/political assertion in giving his release a title that translated as "resist America". In fact it was a further variation on the everlasting ambiguity of his relation to America as an artist. 2004 saw his return to his former friends & partners from Kompakt, where he released the listening album "riola im Fünftonraum, a state-of-the-art update of his musical concepts as the Bionaut through the 90s. In early 2006 the Kompakt studios were built & Burger´s now working alongside Reinhard & Wolfgang Voigt, Jürgen Paape, Michael Mayer & Superpitcher. So it seems like the family´s back together again & we can all expect some exciting new collaborations & music in the near future. His latest album release is a mix & mash up-cd for Stefan Struever´s new label faith recordings, called: collectors series pt.1 -The Modernist, released in august 2006. Beyond his Modernist alter ego, Burger has recorded as Triola, Geometric Farms, Autobianchi, Science Wonder, Biosphere 1, B. Movement,the Bionaut, Structure (with Jammin' Unit and Dr Walker), Trinkwasser (with Lothar Hempel), Burger/Ink (with Mike Ink), and PopUp (with Antonelli Electr). He has also accepted many remix commissions created under his different monikers. Whichever of this array of names Burger adopts, he is one of the most intriguing creators of Cologne techno. (2) Nathaniel Spadafora initially started his solo folk project "The Modernist" in 2009. His work often focuses on simple acoustic melodies and thin, almost Elliott Smith-like, vocals. Little material has been published but a demo can be expected for mid-2010. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.