The Rocketboys

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Viva Voce 00:00 Tools
Sights and Sounds 05:15 Tools
We Are A Lighthouse 04:32 Tools
Brothers 04:49 Tools
On The Other Side 03:05 Tools
Like Ice in Water 04:09 Tools
The Best 03:53 Tools
Marching to the Palace 04:11 Tools
Bloodless 03:55 Tools
All the Western Winds 05:06 Tools
Islands 04:29 Tools
Loud and Clear 03:53 Tools
Rare Triumphs Of Love And Fortune 03:47 Tools
I Saw a Stone 07:41 Tools
Take It from Me 05:08 Tools
Endings 03:25 Tools
Nineteen Twenty Nine 03:45 Tools
Entr'acte (Parts I an III) 01:41 Tools
A Narrow Place 03:56 Tools
Time is a Devil 03:41 Tools
04 Walking On Fire 03:53 Tools
These are Hard Times 04:37 Tools
A Liar 03:23 Tools
Away We Go 05:26 Tools
Carry Me 04:02 Tools
Go Ahead 05:26 Tools
Southern Light 04:03 Tools
Some Day Soon 03:34 Tools
You and Everyone Else 05:26 Tools
09 Hallowed Ground 02:21 Tools
Walk Away 02:21 Tools
Future Lives 02:21 Tools
I Will Call You Home 02:21 Tools
Swing Low 02:21 Tools
Heartbeat 05:22 Tools
We Are a Lighthouse (Canopy Climbers Remix) 05:26 Tools
Walking on Fire 03:53 Tools
03 Time Is A Devil 03:41 Tools
Talk 03:53 Tools
Slow Down 03:53 Tools
Stone 03:53 Tools
You're Just Going to Let Me Down Again 03:53 Tools
As People Often Do 04:49 Tools
The Land That No One Promised Us 05:35 Tools
Secrets & Numbers 05:35 Tools
Old Dahlonega 10:17 Tools
Do I Wake Or Sleep? 06:16 Tools
Marching to the Palace (Canopy Climbers Remix) 04:01 Tools
Up on a housetop 04:14 Tools
Marching to the Palace (Kyle Robertson, of Good Field, Remix) 04:31 Tools
Come Home 04:31 Tools
Prelude 01:43 Tools
Marching to the Palace (Brandon Kinder, of the Rocketboys, Remix) 03:36 Tools
Pile of Stones (Jujulele Remix) 02:51 Tools
Secrets & Numbers (Acoustic) 04:49 Tools
Soon 03:15 Tools
Heartbeat (Acoustic) 05:35 Tools
Marching to the Palace (Justin Wiseman, of the Rocketboys, Remix) 03:53 Tools
Marching to the Palace (Highschool Sweetheart Remix) 06:08 Tools
Happy Christmas (War Is Over) 02:51 Tools
Marching to the Palace (Lang Freeman, of Sounds Under Radio, Remix) 04:16 Tools
Do I Wake or Sleep 06:52 Tools
Someday Soon 03:31 Tools
Enemies 03:31 Tools
Calling Us All Back Home (Death On Two Wheels cover) 03:06 Tools
Killer on the Run 03:52 Tools
08 Someday Soon 03:31 Tools
07 Carry Me 04:02 Tools
06 A Liar 03:21 Tools
10 The Best 03:53 Tools
Viva Voice 04:02 Tools
A Prelude 01:43 Tools
1929 (Acoustic) 03:53 Tools
how many times 03:53 Tools
i miss you 01:43 Tools
Marching to the Palace (Canopy Climbers) 04:02 Tools
king of the mountian 01:43 Tools
Signs 01:43 Tools
bangin body 01:43 Tools
In A Matter Of Days 05:13 Tools
i'm done 05:13 Tools
Lift Your Eyes 05:42 Tools
Follow me 05:42 Tools
Secrets And Numbers 05:42 Tools
What You Don't Know 04:43 Tools
Rare Triumps Of Love and Fortune 04:43 Tools
The Best (Acoustic) 04:38 Tools
On the Other Side [OST Elementary] 12:47 Tools
You Saw the Future 04:38 Tools
Instrumental 12:47 Tools
Everything Ascending 12:47 Tools
Gray 01:39 Tools
Entr'acte 01:39 Tools
the-rocketboys-heartbeat 01:39 Tools
Shadows 01:39 Tools
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The Rocketboys is an indie rock band from Austin, Texas. On their recordings "20,000 Ghosts" and "Wellwisher," The Rocketboys perfectly married themes of unity and brotherhood with rich, soaring rock, lifting the band to national critical acclaim. The band supported its releases with lengthy tours and multiple festival appearances. Almost inevitably though the rigors of the road took their toll, eventually rupturing the band's momentum in the winter of 2010-11. Three members of the sextet of college friends from Abilene, Texas left to focus on other endeavors, and the split nearly ended the band. The resulting hiatus did have its upside, allowing front-man Brandon Kinder a window both to release a solo EP (under the name "The Wealthy West") and to pen the theme song for The Discovery Channel's new hit show "Bering Sea Gold." However, in the end, the three remaining members (Kinder, keyboardist Justin Wiseman, and bassist Josh Campbell) agreed they weren't at peace letting their collaborative venture cease to exist. The initial hurdles of rebuilding, though difficult and disheartening, began to give way to new-found inspiration. Though the song-writing process drastically changed as a result of the reduced lineup, with less proverbial "cooks in the kitchen,” a more broad, dynamic range of ideas and visions than ever fermented and flourished. The end result and forthcoming album is Build Anyway. Recorded in their home studio and mixed by CJ Eiriksson (U2, Live, Phish), the album chronicles the emotions through the brokenness in abandonment to the search for peace and closure, both personally and musically. "What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; Build anyway." - Kent Keith (made famous by Mother Teresa) WEB MEMBERS Brandon Kinder Justin Wiseman Josh Campbell PRESS "When it comes to song writing, the line between 'earnest' and 'overly-earnest' could not be any finer, or risky. In their latest album 20,000 Ghosts, The Rocketboys always stay just on the right side of said line, creating rich anthems that are as infectious as they are sincere." -PASTE MAGAZINE "The Rocketboys have a sound as expansive as the open road and lyrics deep as a Southwest sunrise. Lofty melodies encircle broad indie rock compositions on The Rocketboys' debut album, 20,000 Ghosts." -CHICAGOIST "The band's got some legs to stand on -- Impressive harmonies and melodies, and, overall, quite the pleasing, heartfelt indie rock sound." -DALLAS OBSERVER "[20,00 Ghosts] is fresh with rich textures, like the lead guitar on “Rare Triumphs of Love and Fortune” or the underlying drumbeats of “I Saw a Stone.” With his alto range, approaching falsetto at times, singer Brandon Kinder creates an ethereal, almost spiritual, tone." -TEXAS MUSIC MAGAZINE "...tight, epic, densely layered sound..." - MEMPHIS COMMERCIAL APPEAL "Building gray-hued swells of chorused guitar and minor-key piano processionals, the Rocketboys may have a sound as wide as the West Texas skies, but they’re decidedly overcast with clouds that perpetually threaten rain." -THE ONION, AUSTIN "The Rocketboys' sound is rife with shimmering ambience, reverberating piano, pinging guitars and lead singer Brandon Kinder's smooth yet soaring vocals, bringing a sound resembling other bittersweet and earnest acts such as Keane." -THE OKLAHOMA GAZETTE "The Rocketboys showed a mastery of mood and subtlety. Amplifying a sound made familiar to Texas music fans by bands such as Cue and Explosions in the Sky, the six-member group adorns singer Brandon Kinder's soaring melodies with clear, ringing guitars and full-bodied keyboard arrangements, hard-driving drumlines and well-practiced transitions between calm and controlled chaos." -THE AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.