The Scabs

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Hard Times 04:50 Tools
Rockin In a Free World 05:44 Tools
Don't You Know 03:22 Tools
Matchbox car 03:17 Tools
Nothing on My Radio 04:50 Tools
Leave Me Alone 02:45 Tools
Hard Times - Royalty In Exile 02:45 Tools
Crystal Eyes 03:44 Tools
Time 03:34 Tools
Robbin' the Liquor Store 03:55 Tools
I Need You 03:50 Tools
So Called Friends 04:39 Tools
Barkeep 02:25 Tools
Can't Call Me Yours 04:03 Tools
You Don't Need a Woman 03:20 Tools
Stay 04:09 Tools
Little Lady 04:39 Tools
Crime Wave 04:24 Tools
Four Aces 03:36 Tools
Hard to Forget 02:54 Tools
Halfway Home 03:39 Tools
Medicine Man 03:50 Tools
Lucky Star 04:00 Tools
Come On 03:23 Tools
Live It Up 03:22 Tools
Tarantula 05:48 Tools
Silly Me 05:12 Tools
Why? 00:00 Tools
The One And Only 03:25 Tools
She's Jivin' 05:28 Tools
Seven Seas 03:24 Tools
Trapped By The Rain 03:45 Tools
Keep on Driving 03:39 Tools
She's Jivin 05:26 Tools
Frozen Faces 02:52 Tools
The Pimp 04:35 Tools
Pay at the Pump 04:02 Tools
beat me up 04:38 Tools
Hello Lonesome 03:27 Tools
All You Ever Do 04:35 Tools
Tell Me About It 04:15 Tools
Big Butts & Blow Jobs 05:29 Tools
The Party's Over 03:35 Tools
Is This Life 03:52 Tools
Matchbox Car (live) 03:27 Tools
Lazy Girls 04:08 Tools
There's Nothing Wrong 04:34 Tools
No Pay Today 03:30 Tools
Live Your Life 03:18 Tools
Demons 03:39 Tools
Hard Times - Live 06:53 Tools
Where I'm At 03:21 Tools
You Got My Name, You Got My Number 03:22 Tools
Pussy Fever 06:57 Tools
Rockin' in the Free World (live) 06:05 Tools
Lonely Man 04:02 Tools
Beatomatic 05:45 Tools
Read the Magazine 02:54 Tools
I Fucked Your Daughter in the Ass, Boy 05:00 Tools
Dizzy Stick 03:11 Tools
Bombananza 04:36 Tools
Baby Put Your Panties On 02:19 Tools
Vagina 03:41 Tools
Tracy 04:14 Tools
T'uela Me La Pela 05:00 Tools
Karmasutra 03:52 Tools
So 04:08 Tools
Man of the Year 04:27 Tools
Mama Is It Normal 04:53 Tools
Pudding & Cheese 02:36 Tools
Pushin' on the Pull Bar 06:24 Tools
Astronaut 02:54 Tools
Better Off Without Me 04:19 Tools
Low Tide 02:00 Tools
Good 04:46 Tools
Turn It Up 05:51 Tools
Sloppy Jalopy 01:25 Tools
So Fresh & So Fine 04:57 Tools
Who Got the Goodies? 01:43 Tools
Intoxicated 04:39 Tools
Bones 04:10 Tools
Fortune Tellers 05:06 Tools
H.e.b. 07:24 Tools
Jodie 04:26 Tools
Vampirella 03:20 Tools
You'll Be Mine 06:29 Tools
Is This Life? 03:51 Tools
Fernie's Groove 05:15 Tools
Bulletproof Bodyrubber 06:55 Tools
Cornbread 04:37 Tools
Like A Hurricane 02:46 Tools
Amory Building 02:00 Tools
Let Him Wine 03:20 Tools
Wasted All This Time 04:02 Tools
Total Stranger 03:50 Tools
Baila Mi Hente 04:10 Tools
Let's Have a Party 03:22 Tools
Don't Just Sit There 03:15 Tools
Watch And Learn 04:02 Tools
Wasted 03:42 Tools
Robbin the Liquor Store - Jumping The Tracks 03:42 Tools
Rockin' in the free world 00:00 Tools
Words 04:02 Tools
Turn It Up (single edit) 03:20 Tools
My Love 01:44 Tools
Anyway 04:49 Tools
She's a Shark 05:32 Tools
Live Dog 05:42 Tools
Telephone Line 03:18 Tools
Government Rules 04:21 Tools
Hold the Thief 03:18 Tools
Staysha Brown 05:51 Tools
Shot 02:51 Tools
Could It Be Just Me 03:30 Tools
Cookie 03:08 Tools
Ways of a Wild Heart 03:37 Tools
Time - Royalty In Exile 03:37 Tools
The Truth 03:44 Tools
Pervert 03:01 Tools
Rollercoaster 04:48 Tools
The Enemy 03:02 Tools
Fly 02:48 Tools
It's True 03:06 Tools
Let Him Whine 03:20 Tools
I'm Not the One You Love 01:44 Tools
Can't Cry Over Yesterday 03:37 Tools
Suzie Got to Samba 03:01 Tools
Don't You Know - Jumping The Tracks 03:01 Tools
Trippin My Mind 03:43 Tools
Amory Buildings 02:01 Tools
High Tide 10:54 Tools
Matchbox Car (Model '93) 02:46 Tools
Please Explain 05:15 Tools
Hanging Out With the Horny Girls 02:51 Tools
Don't Be So Stingy With Your Pingy 04:48 Tools
Hard times (Live at AB Brussels – 2007) 04:24 Tools
Tonight 03:30 Tools
i don't want your company 02:46 Tools
The Party Is Over 04:24 Tools
Woman 02:51 Tools
waste my breath 03:48 Tools
Don't talk to me 03:48 Tools
Crime wave (Live at AB Brussels – 2007) 03:24 Tools
U.R.E. 02:56 Tools
Soul Girl Got a Man 05:09 Tools
Sell Your Head 04:02 Tools
Hard Times (live) 04:58 Tools
All I want for Christmas is my Methadone 10:54 Tools
Budokahn 04:02 Tools
Wild Boys 04:11 Tools
True Story #329 04:02 Tools
Fuck Me 04:52 Tools
So Called Friends - Single version 04:52 Tools
In de koolmijn 03:09 Tools
The Scabs - Hard Times 04:52 Tools
let's move 04:01 Tools
Cute Ruth 03:38 Tools
Stolen Guitars 03:26 Tools
Credit Card 00:00 Tools
Credit Cards 04:57 Tools
Amory builing 05:15 Tools
Lucky star (Live at AB Brussels – 2007) 05:15 Tools
Roll Em Over 03:45 Tools
We Come Correct 04:30 Tools
The Headless Samurai of Oatmogie, Ok 02:13 Tools
Honey, are You Satisfied 03:42 Tools
We Can't Find His Head Mrs. Johnson 02:56 Tools
U.R.E 02:55 Tools
God's Tongue 04:57 Tools
Tarantula (remix) 05:42 Tools
I need you (Live at AB Brussels – 2007) 05:04 Tools
Nowhere Station 05:42 Tools
Shes Jivin 00:00 Tools
Mo' Magnetic 05:36 Tools
HEB 05:42 Tools
Money Macking 04:16 Tools
Hard Times - Royalty in Exile (2 Meter Session) 04:16 Tools
No Time For Rock & Roll 05:15 Tools
Roll'em Over 03:45 Tools
Mesa Boogie Feedback - Odds & Outtakes 03:45 Tools
Medicine Man (Soft Version) 03:51 Tools
Fernies' Groove 05:15 Tools
Waste My Breath - The Early Years 05:15 Tools
Moneymaking 04:16 Tools
Tell Me About It (Revisited) 04:11 Tools
Better Off Without Me - Skintight 04:11 Tools
Staysha Brown (remix) 06:19 Tools
Take A Day For A Day 05:04 Tools
Life & Love 04:16 Tools
All Your Ever Do 04:35 Tools
My Authority 03:42 Tools
(Ain't No-one Gonna) Take My Soul Away 03:45 Tools
Movies, Ads & Tv Series 04:11 Tools
Hard Times (Royalty In Exile) 04:11 Tools
Honey, Are You Satisfied? 03:42 Tools
Smell The Sweat 03:31 Tools
Life and Love 00:00 Tools
Another Weary Day 04:38 Tools
No Pay Today (Maxi Version) 07:53 Tools
My Baby 04:38 Tools
Somehing Wild 03:24 Tools
Peeping Tom 02:51 Tools
Funeral Home 02:51 Tools
Hangin Out With Horny Girls 02:51 Tools
Motorcycle Boy 02:51 Tools
This Is My Home 02:51 Tools
Nothing On My Radio - Live @ AB 2007 02:51 Tools
Matchbox Car - Live @ Harrald's - Helsinki 1985 02:51 Tools
Fortune Teller 00:00 Tools
Arena 02:51 Tools
Turn It Up - Ways Of A Wildheart 02:51 Tools
I Need You - Live Unplugged Power Off Tour @ AB 2017 02:51 Tools
Boom Boom Baby 00:00 Tools
Negative Ten 06:38 Tools
Homophobic Faggot 02:28 Tools
Rich Kid 06:38 Tools
Seven Seas - Sunset Over Wasteland 06:38 Tools
#1 02:28 Tools
Love Me Two Times 02:28 Tools
Sleep Apnea 02:28 Tools
Muchacha 02:28 Tools
Rich Kid (Extended Version) 06:34 Tools
Jodie - Live Unplugged Power Off Tour @ AB 2017 06:34 Tools
Don't You Know (Live) 02:28 Tools
Batman 02:28 Tools
Nothing On My Radio (Live In De AB) 02:28 Tools
Matchbox Car (Live At Harrald's, Helsinki) 03:26 Tools
Crime Wave - Live Unplugged Power Off Tour @ AB 2017 03:26 Tools
Tonight - Sunset Over Wasteland 03:26 Tools
Is This Life? (Live At Harrald's, Helsinki) 06:34 Tools
Motorcycle Boy (Bonus Track) 06:34 Tools
better of without me 06:34 Tools
Dead Dog 06:34 Tools
Grist For The Mill 06:34 Tools
Crystal Eyes - 92 Remix B-side "Robbin' The Liquor Store" 06:34 Tools
Clark Gable 06:34 Tools
She's Jiving - Live Unplugged Power Off Tour @ AB 2017 06:34 Tools
# 1 03:50 Tools
Who Got the Goodies 06:34 Tools
Go Faster 06:34 Tools
Don't You K**w 06:34 Tools
Wiggle My Dizzy Stick 06:34 Tools
Trippin' My Mind 03:43 Tools
Astro Girl 00:00 Tools
T'uela Mela Pela 05:03 Tools
Hangin Out With the Horny Girls 05:03 Tools
Governement rules 05:03 Tools
Pudding and Cheese 05:03 Tools
Robbin the Liquor Store (Jumping The Tracks) 05:03 Tools
Sick Society 05:03 Tools
Why ? 03:50 Tools
Bob Schneider & The Scabs - Tarantula 03:50 Tools
I Fucked Your Daughter in the Ass Boy 03:50 Tools
Medecine Man (Soft Version) 03:50 Tools
Intro 01:58 Tools
04 Hard Times 01:58 Tools
Tell Me About It - Revisited 01:58 Tools
Hard times lyrics 01:58 Tools
The Scabs - Nothing On My Radio (Live In De AB) 04:06 Tools
Truth 03:44 Tools
Enemy 03:44 Tools
Angelina 03:59 Tools
Baila Me Hente 04:11 Tools
Het zou niet mogen zijn 03:59 Tools
I Love Me 03:59 Tools
Big Butts and Blowjobs 03:59 Tools
hard time 03:59 Tools
Fat Cunt Kebab 01:37 Tools
Sexual Deviant 01:37 Tools
Beatomatic (Batman) 05:45 Tools
Nothing On My Radio (Acoustic Version) 05:45 Tools
Waste My Breath (The Early Years) 05:45 Tools
Under My Thumb 05:45 Tools
Movies Ads & TV - Series 05:45 Tools
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There are 4 bands called The Scabs: a Belgian band, an American funk rock band, an American hardcore band, and an American punk band. 1. - the SCABS are a Belgian band that made one of the most popular Belgian songs ever: "Hard Times". Lead singer: Guy Swinnen, Drums: Frank Saenen, Bass: Fons Symons, Guitars Willy Willy. The band, formed in 1981, had their greatest successes in Belgium in the late eighties and early nineties. They released their first two singles in 1981. After splitting up in 1996, the band came together again in september 2007 for three sold out concerts in the Brussels Ancienne Belgique hall. In the summer of 2008, they also made a return to the Belgian festivals TW Classic and Lokerse Feesten. Their song So Called Friends was featured on the Bloodstains Across Belgium compilation. Official website 2. - The Scabs are a Hard-hitting Funk rock band from Austin, TX; led by Bob Schneider. They were formed as the Ugly Americans in 1993, until they changed their name to the Scabs in 1998. website: 3. - The SCABS - Social Critics Against Bullshit Systems Tired of corrupt politicians, unconstitutional taxation, behind the scene corporate payoffs and society’s overall apathetic view of the American system of living, the Social Critics Against Bullshit Systems (The Scabs) reared their ugly heads for the first time in 1991.Playing local parties and garages until the mid-90's the band was almost disbanded due to member changes and personal conflicts, but in 1999 the band reemerged stronger then ever with a solid dedicated crew to push the band forward. Playing with such legends as The Dead Kennedys, Dee Dee Ramone, Marky Ramone, DRI, The Crowd, The Dickies, D.I., Angry Samoans, Narcoleptic Youth, RKL, Chaos UK and many more., help set the pace for the Social Critics Against Bullshit Systems, who are always ready to point the finger (usually the middle one) at controversial social figures and situations with their Drunk Rock point of view. The hard-core grinds and rhythms provided by creator and rhythm guitarist Andy Nelson and front man Johnny Armstrong, lead guitarist Brain Wash, bassist Greg and drummer Scott Rea, tear through your ears like the Southern California old school used to. Drunk Rock through and through. The bands Goal, to continue to break down the facade built by the system and help pass on the tradition to the next generation. Official Website: 4. - The Scabs were a Punk Rock band from Minnesota, formed in 2002. Early 2004 the Austin, TX band legally forced them to change the name....and the Jane Rutmans were born Official Website: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.