The September When

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Cries Like a Baby 00:00 Tools
Bullet Me 04:05 Tools
Don't Call The Cops 03:59 Tools
Can I Trust You 03:59 Tools
A Place To Stop 03:36 Tools
Where You Go I, I Go 03:43 Tools
Sometimes Serious 03:45 Tools
I Can Take It 03:33 Tools
The Garden Party 05:50 Tools
Speak Your Mind 03:45 Tools
Comes Around 03:16 Tools
Waste of Time 04:16 Tools
Mama, Wont Tell You No Lie 03:58 Tools
Nightflight 03:56 Tools
Sounds Nice 02:55 Tools
Fish Song 03:57 Tools
Slow Down 03:43 Tools
Everything Goes For Believers 03:31 Tools
Not impressed 03:50 Tools
When I Drive 02:17 Tools
No Simple Reason 03:15 Tools
Leave to Wonder 06:16 Tools
Getting It 04:03 Tools
Broke 02:11 Tools
Where You Go I Go 03:43 Tools
Darker and Later 06:14 Tools
Mother I've Been Kissed 01:12 Tools
Pain 04:09 Tools
Judas Kiss (It Might Be) 03:19 Tools
If I Was 04:15 Tools
Same slave 03:55 Tools
True Love 03:26 Tools
Villain 03:52 Tools
Real Life 03:56 Tools
Come Together 04:19 Tools
Standing On My Land 03:31 Tools
Mortal 03:49 Tools
The Boy On The Bike 03:20 Tools
Hodet Over Vannet 00:00 Tools
Dead Soldiers Are Heroes 04:29 Tools
Let the Rain Fall 03:55 Tools
Mama Won't Tell You No Lie 04:26 Tools
Street Jam 03:31 Tools
Whish for warm July 05:01 Tools
Feeling Of Flying 03:44 Tools
What You Give Is What You Get 05:01 Tools
We Want The Truth, Bubba 02:48 Tools
King For A Day 04:02 Tools
True Loving Man 03:11 Tools
Not My Day 03:21 Tools
Pretty Lonely Star 04:14 Tools
Darker and later (reprise) 00:51 Tools
The Beauty Of It Is 06:15 Tools
My Baby's Lover 02:44 Tools
Butterfly 04:14 Tools
I Believe In You 03:55 Tools
This Is Our Time 04:15 Tools
Are You There? 03:39 Tools
The Mighty Rosalin 03:48 Tools
The Hide Queen 03:14 Tools
Irritating Lover 04:41 Tools
Mama, Won't Tell You No Lie 04:41 Tools
Wish For Warm July 03:52 Tools
Heard That Before 03:27 Tools
Strengelegen 03:33 Tools
Morning May The 7th 04:56 Tools
Daydreaming 03:50 Tools
Keep The Spirit 04:38 Tools
Desert Life 04:27 Tools
Where You Go, I Go 03:45 Tools
Darker and later - reprise 03:33 Tools
The Feeling of Flying 03:39 Tools
Strengelegen (Gasolin) 03:33 Tools
Strengelegen - Gasolin' Tribute 03:58 Tools
Mama, won't tell you no lie (single remix) 03:58 Tools
Bullet Me - Volcano 2000 Mix 03:33 Tools
Everything Goes for Belivers 03:33 Tools
Bullet Me (Volcano Disco 2000 Mix) 03:29 Tools
Can I Trust You? 03:09 Tools
Mortal (Dub Version) 04:19 Tools
Mortal - Dub Version 04:19 Tools
Serious sometimes 03:46 Tools
Don´t Call The Cops 03:46 Tools
Mortal (single mix) 03:56 Tools
Bullet Me (Volcano 2000 Mix) 03:29 Tools
Wish For A Warm July 03:29 Tools
Hodet Over Vannet (Prepple Houmb & Morten Abel) 04:06 Tools
Mortal (Dub. Vers.) 04:06 Tools
Wish for a warm July (demo) 04:06 Tools
Bullet Me Volcano 2000 Mix 04:06 Tools
Desrt Life 04:06 Tools
Place To Stop 04:06 Tools
Mama, Won´t Tell You No Lie 04:06 Tools
The September When - Bullet Me 04:06 Tools
Can I trust you ? 04:06 Tools
Hodet Over Vannet (Prepple Hou 04:06 Tools
The Beaty of it Is 04:06 Tools
Come Together (Previously Unre 04:06 Tools
The September When - Cries Like A Baby 04:06 Tools
She cries like a baby 04:06 Tools
I belive in you 04:42 Tools
Bullet Me [Volcano 2000 Mix] 04:42 Tools
She Cries Just Like A Baby 04:42 Tools
Mama Won't Tell You No Lie (Single Remix) 04:42 Tools
Come Together (Previously Unreleased) 04:42 Tools
Can I trust you - 04:42 Tools
Strengelegen (Gasolin' Tribute 04:42 Tools
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The September When is a Norwegian rock band formed in Stavanger in 1987, by vocalist Morten Abel, guitarist Tor Øyvind Syvertsen and keyboardist Helge Hummervoll, all former members of the band Mods. They signed a recording contract with Warner Music in Norway, and released their self-titled debut album in 1989. The band line-up was broadened by the addition of bassist Gulleiv Wee and drummer Stene Osmundsen before the following tour. Syvertsen left the band the following year, and Morten Mølster took his place. The new line-up released their break-through album Mother I've Been Kissed in 1991. After releasing two more albums, One Eye Open in 1993 and HuggerMugger in 1994, The September When split up in 1996. The same year they released the compilation Absolute The September When - Prestige de la Norvegè 1989-96. Another compilation, The Best Of TSW, got released in 2002 and contains remastered songs. In the comeback year 2008 they released a new album called Judas Kiss. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.