The Stereo

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
El Scorcho 04:19 Tools
New Tokyo Is Calling 02:42 Tools
Devotion 02:42 Tools
Pay No Attention 03:51 Tools
She Would Never 02:32 Tools
Three Hundred 01:50 Tools
You've Got Some Nerve 02:38 Tools
Don't Say Uncle 03:04 Tools
Stop Breathing 03:49 Tools
Get Set for Sound 04:15 Tools
Ramona 03:16 Tools
You Better Believe It 02:55 Tools
Dear Fans of the Stereo 00:00 Tools
Please Try To Understand 03:29 Tools
You Can't Go Home Again 02:54 Tools
String You Along 02:21 Tools
There Goes My Mouth Again 02:46 Tools
Dance To This 04:04 Tools
Problems 03:12 Tools
1994 03:46 Tools
Too Little, Too Late 03:32 Tools
Drop Everything 02:29 Tools
Just a Game 02:14 Tools
Tell Your Football Dad No 02:48 Tools
Count Me Out 03:04 Tools
Can't Look Back 03:46 Tools
Have I Paid My Debt To MPLS? 04:21 Tools
Unordinary 02:53 Tools
Divine 06:14 Tools
I Confess to All This Mess 02:29 Tools
On Three 02:08 Tools
Just Let Go 03:31 Tools
Please Don't Break My Heart 02:37 Tools
Turn Off Your T.V. 03:23 Tools
Two Week Notice 03:30 Tools
On My Sonar 01:57 Tools
Things to Consider 02:51 Tools
So Into You 02:46 Tools
One Day, Someday 03:36 Tools
4am (Album Version) 03:13 Tools
Vice Versa Inquisition / No Name #2 03:32 Tools
New Tokyo Is Calling (Album Version) 02:41 Tools
You Were the One 03:59 Tools
You Were The One (Album Version) 03:59 Tools
4am 03:14 Tools
Turn The Amp On (Album Version) 03:02 Tools
Turn the Amp On 03:02 Tools
You Better Believe It (demo version) 03:02 Tools
Only a Lad 03:22 Tools
Waiting For This Moment (Demo) 03:08 Tools
Alfies Groove 03:08 Tools
Count on Me 00:00 Tools
Somewhere In The Night 00:00 Tools
4 A.M. 00:00 Tools
Vice-Versa Inquisition/No 03:32 Tools
No More 03:32 Tools
New Tokyo 00:00 Tools
Odved si ma... 00:00 Tools
Po pismenku 00:00 Tools
Just A Game - 0 00:00 Tools
Night Nurse 04:41 Tools
Milion dni 04:41 Tools
K Oblakom 04:41 Tools
Just A Game - Album Version0 02:14 Tools
Intro 01:00 Tools
Oklamem 01:00 Tools
09 - El Scorcho 04:19 Tools
El Sorcho 04:19 Tools
Skuz raz 04:19 Tools
Stereo 04:19 Tools
Momenty 04:19 Tools
Took Away 04:19 Tools
Prease Try To Understand 00:00 Tools
So Into You - 0 03:32 Tools
Thine Blood Thou Shall Claim 00:00 Tools
Po písmenku 00:00 Tools
VID 00:00 Tools
Na vlnach 00:00 Tools
Pay No Attention (Demo Version) 00:00 Tools
So Into You - Album Version0 02:47 Tools
The Stereo \ She Would Never 02:47 Tools
The Stereo - El Sorcho 02:47 Tools
Took Away (Demo) 00:00 Tools
Remember 02:53 Tools
Ani nevies 00:00 Tools
Just A Game (Album Version0 02:14 Tools
Again Champion 02:53 Tools
Mna to bavi 02:14 Tools
Vice-Versa Inquisition-No 02:14 Tools
Vice Versa Inquisition 03:32 Tools
Jungle Sound 01:19 Tools
Vice Versa/No Name #2 03:32 Tools
Stand Up 03:32 Tools
What's my destiny DragonBall 03:32 Tools
String Me Along 03:43 Tools
tookaway 03:32 Tools
Bad Things 03:32 Tools
My First Track 05:19 Tools
Dub-Driven 05:19 Tools
No Time Like The Present 00:00 Tools
Julie 00:00 Tools
Vice-Versa Inquisition 03:32 Tools
I Confess To All This Mess (Acoustic) 03:32 Tools
In your eyes 01:33 Tools
Vice Versa Inquisition, No Name 2 01:33 Tools
Dub me a giveplate 03:22 Tools
you better belive it 03:43 Tools
ElScorcho 03:43 Tools
One Day Someday 03:43 Tools
Your Dream pt1 03:43 Tools
Ready Or Not(No FuCkIn Smile Remix) 03:44 Tools
Your Dream pt2 03:43 Tools
Turn_Off_Your_TV 03:44 Tools
Мини Джа (Dark Mix) 03:44 Tools
All My Lovin' 00:00 Tools
El Scorcho (cover) 00:00 Tools
So Into You (Album Version0 02:46 Tools
Waiting for This Moment [Demo Version] [#][Demo Version] 00:00 Tools
El Scorcho (Weezer cover) 00:00 Tools
Sell Me On 00:00 Tools
Stereomania 00:00 Tools
Have I Paid My Debt to Minneapolis 04:21 Tools
We Are Young 04:21 Tools
СОЛНЫШКО 04:21 Tools
Dub driven 04:21 Tools
My Soul 03:33 Tools
Connecticut 03:33 Tools
Vice Versa Inquisition, No Name #2 00:00 Tools
Have I Paid My Debt to Minneap 03:33 Tools
Vice Versa Inquisition / No Na 02:46 Tools
Bad Men Amen Limited 02:28 Tools
Mihey & Dzhumandzhi - Mum 04:51 Tools
You Better Believe It [Demo Version] 04:51 Tools
Front to the Back [SG Remix] 04:51 Tools
The Stereo - Pay No Attention 04:51 Tools
Home 04:51 Tools
W Tej Grze 04:51 Tools
Stop Breathing (Album Version) 04:51 Tools
Ramona (Album Version) 03:16 Tools
Dear Fans Of The Stereo (Album Version) 03:16 Tools
Vice-Versa Inquisition/No Name #2 03:16 Tools
Odveď si ma... 03:16 Tools
Took Away (Demo Version) 03:16 Tools
Happy? 03:16 Tools
No Contact 03:16 Tools
Short Term Memory 00:00 Tools
No Drugs, No Alcohol 00:00 Tools
Too Little, to Late 00:00 Tools
Too Little Too Late 00:00 Tools
Don´t Say Uncle 00:00 Tools
Moonshine 00:00 Tools
El Scorcho (Weezer) 00:00 Tools
Devine 00:00 Tools
cant look back 00:00 Tools
We Are Young (demo) 00:00 Tools
Don't Say Uncle (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
One Love Rmx 00:00 Tools
Can't Look Back (acoustic) 00:00 Tools
Turn Off Your TV (demo) 03:23 Tools
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1)The Stereo plays catchy rock with the levity of Weezer, mixing pop-punk with the big, honest super rock of groups like Journey and just a hint of the heartfelt, piano romping of Billy Joel. The group began in 1999 when two musicians -- Jamie Woolford of Animal Chin and Rory Phillips of the Impossibles -- combined their solo projects at the recommendation of their label. After tape trading and phone calls, Woolford jumped in his van and drove to Austin, TX, where the duo recorded their entire full-length debut, Three Hundred. The material was then sent to producer J. Robbins, who gave it his famous touch, and was released on Fueled by Ramen in 1999. After touring in support their first record, Phillips left the group. But Woolford pressed on, enlisting the help of friends and releasing the New Tokyo Is Calling EP along the way. Guitarist Erik Hanson joined, soon left the group, and was replaced by Ross Felrath, only to re-join the band again. The Stereo's second album, No Traffic, not surprisingly, dealt with issues of betrayal, loss, and abandonment, but secured the band an offer for a large-scale tour of Japan. At this point, Jamie Woolford was the only remaining member of the Stereo but in need of a touring band, so Woolford asked friends from Animal Chin and Pollen to join him, and in the process secured the Stereo's lineup. With a collection of musicians including Ben Woolford, Dan Hargest, Thomas Laufenberg, Kevin Scanlon, Christopher Serafini, Bruce Joshua Wuollet, and Katie Riemann, Jamie Woolford went into the studio to record the band's third album. Rewind + Record, released on Fueled by Ramen in June of 2002, realized Woolford's goal of crafting a big album with songs that inspire listeners to get their lighters out on the slow songs and enjoy the rock show. ~ Charles Spano, All Music Guide 2) The Stereo are also a French synth pop group from the early 80's. 3) Slovak 2 piece pop band from Košice city. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.