The Traditional Fools

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Davey Crocket 03:06 Tools
Please 02:06 Tools
Snot Rag 01:26 Tools
Party At My House 02:10 Tools
T.L. Defender 02:16 Tools
Layback!!! 01:04 Tools
Milkman 01:51 Tools
Get Off My Back 01:42 Tools
Kill Someone You Hate 01:09 Tools
Shredstick 01:07 Tools
Valley (Of The Jams) 01:47 Tools
Allright 02:18 Tools
I Got a Baby 02:17 Tools
Surfin' with the Phantom 01:21 Tools
River 02:12 Tools
Layback 01:04 Tools
Rock n Roll Baby 01:44 Tools
Valley of the Jams 01:44 Tools
Rock & Roll Baby 02:54 Tools
Street Surfin 01:24 Tools
Rock N' Roll Baby 02:22 Tools
Davy Crockett 02:26 Tools
Stronger Than Dirt 01:24 Tools
Do You Wanna Touch Me? 01:13 Tools
black water 01:13 Tools
Standing In Front Of Poseur 01:13 Tools
my flash on you 01:24 Tools
Rumble 01:24 Tools
Street Surfin' 01:45 Tools
Fish 01:24 Tools
Stash Comb 01:24 Tools
Annette's Got The Hits 01:13 Tools
Layback! 01:34 Tools
I Hate My School 01:00 Tools
Thee Valley of Thee Jams 00:00 Tools
Milkman, He's My Daddy 02:32 Tools
Standing In Front of A Poseur 01:09 Tools
Do You Wanna Touch Me?? 01:09 Tools
love battery 01:09 Tools
All Right 01:09 Tools
the river 01:09 Tools
I Got A Baby (2007) (Fathers And Sons Of Garage Punk, vol. 9: Garage Blues) 00:00 Tools
The Traditional Fools 03:20 Tools
T.L. 01:00 Tools
Layback!!! (2008) (Fathers And Sons Of Garage Punk, vol. 6: Garage Rock 2000-2010) 01:00 Tools
Surfing With The Phantom 01:00 Tools
Rock'n'roll Baby 01:00 Tools
Milkman He's My Daddy 01:00 Tools
Party At My House 02:09 Tools
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The Traditional Fools were a three-piece garage pop/rock band from California, consisting of Andrew Luttrell, David Fox, and Ty Segall (lead vocals). They released their self-titled debut album in 2008, through Wizard Mountain/Make A Mess Records. Additionally, the band recorded a live album at Wizard Mountain in 2007, that was released on cassette. Their first and only LP was reissued in January 2013 on In The Red, after the success of Ty Segall's albums "Twins" and "Slaughterhouse". Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.