The Well Pennies

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Nothing to Do 03:08 Tools
Drive 04:18 Tools
All My Loving 03:22 Tools
The Echo & The Shadow 03:48 Tools
Ooh La La 01:30 Tools
All the Pretty Girls 03:55 Tools
You Make It Easy 01:30 Tools
I Hope You Notice Me 03:20 Tools
Worldshaker 03:40 Tools
Wide Open Sky 03:21 Tools
Wedding Song 03:21 Tools
It Feels Like Home 03:40 Tools
Oh My Blue Sky 03:40 Tools
Spark 03:21 Tools
String Around My Finger 03:21 Tools
The Flying Machine 03:21 Tools
Sightings 03:21 Tools
Kill the Darlings 03:21 Tools
Strange Chemistry 03:21 Tools
Benjamin 03:21 Tools
The Endling 03:21 Tools
All My Loving (The Beatles Cover) 03:21 Tools
Jingle Bells 02:13 Tools
Feels Like Home 03:41 Tools
Nobody Loves Me Like You 03:41 Tools
The Wonderkind 03:41 Tools
All My Loving (Beatles Cover) 02:13 Tools
The River 02:13 Tools
The Starling 02:13 Tools
My Morning Star 02:13 Tools
When I Was the Ocean & You Were the Moon 02:13 Tools
Calliope 02:13 Tools
All My Loving- The Well Pennies 02:13 Tools
If Anyone Breaks My Heart 02:13 Tools
December 02:13 Tools
All My Loving [The Beatles] 02:13 Tools
If You Were Mine 02:13 Tools
All My Lovin' 02:13 Tools
All My Loving (cover) 02:13 Tools
All My Loving The Beatles Cover 02:13 Tools
Beatles Reimagined All My Loving 02:13 Tools
The Echo The Shadow 02:13 Tools
All My Loving (The Beatles) 02:13 Tools
All My Loving Music (cover) 02:13 Tools
All My Loving Music Video 02:13 Tools
All My Loving (The Beatles Reimagined) 02:13 Tools
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Husband and wife Bryan and Sarah Vanderpool make up the creative nucleus of The Well Pennies, an acoustic indie pop outfit that keeps their spry, buskery songs loosely tethered to folk and Americana influences. After meeting up in the Boston songwriter scene and kicking around clubs in New England and New York's Lower East Side, the Vanderpools packed up and headed west to L.A. The Well Pennies self-titled January debut EP reminds us a bit of The Weepies, Brit duo Paper Aeroplanes and even a touch of The Civil Wars and Nickel Creek, tight harmonies wrapped around a memorable folk/pop melody, songs that are less about navel-gazing introspection and more about hanging your musical hat on sharp, radio-friendly hooks. Lead track "Nothing To Do" begins with a banjo/guitar jangle but quickly accelerates with a bracing rhythmic shot and a chorus that's meant to be sung along to. "All The Pretty Girls" lures us in with a Sarah's honey-coated vocals and jaunty music hall appeal. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.