Tim Mason

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Eternity - Radio Edit 00:00 Tools
The Moment (Steve Angello Edit) 06:05 Tools
Chords Of Life - Original Mix 06:05 Tools
The Moment 05:56 Tools
Swoon 05:36 Tools
Figalogue 05:36 Tools
Stars Come Out (Tim Mason Remix) 04:44 Tools
Anima - Original Mix 06:30 Tools
Sonar 02:45 Tools
Anima 03:27 Tools
Twelve Beats 03:27 Tools
Together - Original Mix 03:27 Tools
Lest We Forget 03:27 Tools
Spaceman 04:57 Tools
Serum 02:45 Tools
Overdrive - Original Mix 03:27 Tools
Rapture - Radio Edit 03:27 Tools
Starlight - Original Mix 03:27 Tools
Inner Love 03:27 Tools
Nothing More - Original Mix 04:57 Tools
The Light 03:27 Tools
Switcher 04:57 Tools
Modulate 04:57 Tools
Aalto 04:57 Tools
Output - Radio Edit 06:11 Tools
The Moment - Dim Chris Remix 06:11 Tools
Anima (Original Mix) 04:57 Tools
Najona 04:57 Tools
Drifter 04:57 Tools
Chords Of Life [ABGT210] 04:57 Tools
Aalto (ABGT250) 04:57 Tools
Chords Of Life [ABGT211] 04:57 Tools
Output [ASOT 718] **Progressive Pick** - Original Mix 04:57 Tools
Starlight 04:57 Tools
Never Be 03:29 Tools
Don't Laugh 2003 (Transfuse Hard Trancin' Club Mix) 03:29 Tools
Eternity - Original Mix 03:29 Tools
Chords Of Life (ASOT 792) [Progressive Pick] 03:29 Tools
Aalto (Abgtx2017) 03:29 Tools
Figalogue (ASOT 821) 03:29 Tools
Swoon (Original Mix) 02:00 Tools
Najona (ASOT 869) 02:00 Tools
Sonar (ABGTX2018) 02:00 Tools
The Moment (Original Mix) 05:56 Tools
Figalogue (ABGT240) 05:56 Tools
Together 02:45 Tools
The Moment (Steve Angello Short Edit) 03:33 Tools
Aalto (ABGT258) 03:33 Tools
Sonar (ABGT282) 06:06 Tools
Starlight (Original Mix) 06:06 Tools
Never Be - Acoustic Mix 06:06 Tools
The Moment - Steve Angello 06:06 Tools
Aalto (Record Of The Week) [ABGT257] 02:45 Tools
Rapture 02:45 Tools
Sonar (Record Of The Week) [ABGT281] 02:45 Tools
Anima - Radio Edit 02:45 Tools
Inner Love [ABGT231] 02:45 Tools
Together (Original Mix) 02:45 Tools
Najona (ABGT286) 02:45 Tools
Najona (ABGT285) 02:45 Tools
Modulate (Abgt253) 02:45 Tools
Nothing More [ABGT182] 02:45 Tools
Najona (ABGT287) 02:45 Tools
Modulate (WYM183) 02:45 Tools
Inner Love [ABGT230] 02:45 Tools
Overdrive 03:19 Tools
The Moment (Steve Angelo Edit) 03:19 Tools
The Moment (Dim Chris Remix) 01:00 Tools
Switcher (WYM194) 01:00 Tools
Rapture (Original Mix) 01:00 Tools
Rapture - Original Mix 01:00 Tools
Aalto - Extended Mix 06:07 Tools
Chords Of Life 03:27 Tools
The Moment (Hardwell Club Mix) 06:07 Tools
Anima (Radio Edit) 03:27 Tools
Output 05:56 Tools
Sonar - Extended Mix 03:56 Tools
The Moment - Original Mix 05:56 Tools
Eternity 00:00 Tools
The World Is Drunk 03:56 Tools
The Moment (Steve Angello Remix) 04:14 Tools
Output [Progressive Pick] 03:56 Tools
Anima OMG 03:56 Tools
Swoon (Original Mix) [edm people] 00:00 Tools
Output (Radio edit) 03:56 Tools
Inner Love - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Starlight - Original Edit 03:56 Tools
Output - Original Mix 03:56 Tools
Overdrive [ABGT165] 00:00 Tools
Switcher (Mix Cut) 06:06 Tools
Figalogue - Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Dont Laugh 2003 00:00 Tools
Twelve Beats (Extended Mix) 00:00 Tools
Chords Of Life [PROGRESSIVE PICK] 00:00 Tools
Serum (EFL099) 02:55 Tools
Don't Laugh 2003 00:00 Tools
Output (Original Mix) 00:00 Tools
Never Be - Extended Mix 04:45 Tools
Say Goodbye 04:25 Tools
Sonar (WYM215) 04:25 Tools
Nothing More 06:07 Tools
Aalto (Extended Mix) 06:06 Tools
The Great Soybean Raid of 1981 06:06 Tools
Chords Of Life (Original Mix) 06:07 Tools
Rapture (Radio Edit) 06:06 Tools
Najona - Original Mix 00:30 Tools
Swoon_New 06:15 Tools
The Moment (Steve Angello Edit) - Steve Angello Edit 06:06 Tools
Drifter (Extended Mix) 06:06 Tools
The Moment (Steve Angello Edit) [Steve Angello Edit] 06:06 Tools
Serum - Original Mix 05:20 Tools
The Light (extended mix) 06:06 Tools
Sonar (Big Bang) (WYM214) 06:07 Tools
The Moment (Ken Loi Bootleg) 06:07 Tools
Nothing More (Original Mix) 04:45 Tools
Sonar (Extended Mix) 04:45 Tools
Chano Pozo's Shoes 06:07 Tools
Overdrive (Original Mix) 04:45 Tools
The Moment (Steve Angello Edit) (Size) 05:19 Tools
The Moment (Steve Angello Edi 06:06 Tools
Don´t laugh (Transfuse Hard Trancin´Club Mix) 00:00 Tools
The Memphis Praise 04:51 Tools
Output [ANR058] - Original Mix 04:45 Tools
Switcher - Original Mix 00:30 Tools
Pirate Song 04:45 Tools
The Moment OMG 04:45 Tools
Serum (Original Mix) 00:30 Tools
The Moment [Steve Angello Remix] 04:51 Tools
Twelve Beats [PROGRESSIVE PICK] 04:51 Tools
Tim Mason - The Moment (Steve Angello Edit) 06:06 Tools
Together (Available November 10) 06:06 Tools
The Moment (Dim Chris Remix) [Dim Chris Remix] 04:51 Tools
Together (OUT NOW) 05:56 Tools
Don't Lough 2003 (Transfuse Hard Trancin Club Mix) 04:51 Tools
Modulate - Original Mix 04:25 Tools
Anima (Official Radio Edit) 03:30 Tools
The Moment (Original Mix) - Original Mix 05:56 Tools
Anima OMG FIX 04:25 Tools
Sail Away 04:25 Tools
Ramblin' 04:25 Tools
Eternity (Radio Edit) 04:25 Tools
Sonar (FYH103) 02:55 Tools
Don't Lough 2003 04:25 Tools
Modulate (Original Mix) 05:49 Tools
Overdrive - ABGT Mix 02:55 Tools
Switcher (Original Mix) 02:55 Tools
Anima (Eddie's Ed-It) 02:55 Tools
The Moment (Steve Angello edit) FULL HQ 06:06 Tools
Starlight - OUT NOW 02:55 Tools
The Light (Original Mix) 02:55 Tools
Zedd - Stars Come Out (Tim Mason Remix) 02:55 Tools
Najona (Original Mix) 04:25 Tools
Stars Come Out 05:49 Tools
Queen of the Spanish Main 02:55 Tools
Aalto (Original Mix) 02:55 Tools
In the Service of the King 02:55 Tools
Don't Laugh (Transfuse Hard Tr 02:55 Tools
In the Drink 05:20 Tools
Anima (Eddie Ed-It) 02:55 Tools
The Moment (Original Mix) www.livingelectro.com 02:55 Tools
Figalogue (Original Mix) 04:25 Tools
The Moment (Steve Angello Edit) (www.drhousemfia.blogspot.com) 06:06 Tools
The Moment - Steve Angelo Mix 06:06 Tools
My Little Pearl 04:25 Tools
The Sea 04:25 Tools
Joy To The World 04:25 Tools
Swoon (K.O. Trap Remix) 06:06 Tools
Don't Laugh 2003 (MOD club mix) 02:55 Tools
Otherside (Tim Mason Remix) 04:25 Tools
Wondrous Wind 05:20 Tools
Don't Laught 2003 04:25 Tools
We Three Kings 00:30 Tools
Spaceman (extended mix) 00:30 Tools
SIZE068 - The Moment (Original Mix) 05:20 Tools
Just a Rose 04:25 Tools
The Moment (HQ Rip) 04:25 Tools
Together (Original Mix) 04:26 Tools
The Moment [Edit][Steve Angello Edit] 05:20 Tools
Anima (World Series Miami Edit) 05:20 Tools
Decked Out Like the Devil 04:26 Tools
The Sheriff's Dance 04:26 Tools
The Moment [Steve Angello Mix] 05:20 Tools
Good King Wenceslas 05:20 Tools
Serum - RPR2 05:20 Tools
Najona (Radio Edit) 05:20 Tools
The Moment - Steve Angello Mix 00:30 Tools
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 00:30 Tools
Otherside 04:26 Tools
Sonar (Original Mix) 04:26 Tools
starlight (played by pete tong bbc radio 1) 04:26 Tools
Errol Flynn (Instrumental) 00:30 Tools
SIZE084 - Anima (Original Mix) 04:26 Tools
What Child Is This? 00:30 Tools
Silent Night 00:30 Tools
Angels We Have Heard On High 00:30 Tools
Drummer Boy 00:30 Tools
Eternity (Original Mix) 00:30 Tools
In the Service of the King (Instrumental) 00:30 Tools
The Moment (Steve Angello Edit) [Size] 00:30 Tools
The Moment (Steve Angello edit) 00:30 Tools
Aalto (Record of the Week) Abgt257] 00:30 Tools
O Come All Ye Faithful 00:30 Tools
SIZE097 - Swoon (Original Mix) 00:30 Tools
SIZE068 - The Moment (Steve Angello Edit) 00:30 Tools
Jolly Old St. Nicholas 00:30 Tools
The Moment (Steve Angello Edit) [Steve Angello Edit]/Steve Angello Edit 00:30 Tools
Never Be (Acoustic Mix) 00:30 Tools
Starlight (Available April 14) 00:30 Tools
Anima Omg (Original Mix) 02:00 Tools
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Tim Mason: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud Appropriately titled debut single ‘The Moment’ captured the imaginations of dance floors around the world. What just happened? Who’s this record by? After weeks of support from the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto, David Guetta, Chemical Brothers and Calvin Harris, label boss Steve Angello revealed that this track was in fact the first instalment from Tim Mason, a new artist he’d signed to his record label, Size Records. “I love how something that is invisible can connect so many people whether they’re in the same place or a million miles away. I live for those moments on the dance floor when everyone and everything is electric. I knew I had to make music,” says Tim, and his passion is brought to life in his productions and performances. Second single ‘Anima’ caused further dancefloor, online and media hype, once again gaining heavy support from the aforementioned world’s finest electronic artists, amongst many others. His quality and vibe from inside the studio translated perfectly to the stage, and in 2012 Tim played across North America, Europe and Asia, including a 74 date run, his Roll Call tour. Shows of note included Creamfields, Ministry Of Sound, EDC New York, SW4, EDC Las Vegas and San Diego Sports Arena. February 11th saw the eagerly awaited release of his latest single on Size, called ‘Swoon’. It’s seen widespread support from the usual suspects, with Tiesto premiering it late 2012 and the likes of Erick Morillo, Armin van Buuren, Thomas Gold, Arty, R3hab, and Eddie Halliwell hammering it in the clubs as well. The melodies lending it beautifully to radio support with BBC Radio One’s Danny Howard and Pete Tong firmly showing regular support, the latter showcasing it on his Essential Selection show for many consecutive weeks. Roars, screams and heart-shaped signals have infected audiences at festivals, clubs and arenas as Tim’s productions ring out his trademark beats and rolling riffs. His remix repertoire includes Zedd’s ~Stars come Out” have been versions of Moby “After”, David Guetta “Where Dem Girls At”, Lucid “I Can’t Help Myself”, Nadia Ali/Alex Kenji/Starkillers “Pressure”, Timbaland “Pass At Me”, and forthcoming Red Hot Chili Peppers' “Otherside”, Kaskade & Swanky Tunes “No One Knows Who We Are and Steve Aoki & Angger Dimas “Singularity”. And he has also proven to be the perfect choice for remixing his own tracks, these coming in the form of the OMG edits - an acronym of Original Music Garnished – full frontal reworks of his own productions. They have been a huge part of his repertoire and were given away for free to show his appreciation to fans of his music. The next OMG edit is coming very swoon. 2013 has continued this relentless strive forward, intense studio time balanced with further dates in Europe and North America alongside a double header of UK shows including a debut at the world famous Cream in Liverpool and Digital in Newcastle. The summer promises much more as well, with high profile sets at festivals, further continental exploration and the return to dance music’s original Mecca; Ibiza. They represent just the tip of the iceberg for Tim, 12 months primed to be his most fruitful and promising to date. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.