Tom Rothrock

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Briefcase 00:00 Tools
Rollin' Crumblin' 00:00 Tools
Overdose Hotel 00:00 Tools
Goofy Goober Rock 02:55 Tools
Darker Blues 00:00 Tools
Resonator 00:00 Tools
Cocaine Backdrop 00:00 Tools
Rollin' Crumblin 00:00 Tools
Bad Luck 00:00 Tools
Lost By the Way 00:00 Tools
Minor 12 00:00 Tools
Darker Blues Part 2 00:00 Tools
Evolution 00:00 Tools
Rollin Crumblin 00:00 Tools
Bring You Down 00:00 Tools
Darker Blues, Pt. 2 00:00 Tools
LAX 00:00 Tools
Rollin Crublin 00:00 Tools
Tom Rothrock - Overdose Hotel 00:00 Tools
Rollin' Crumblin' - Tom Rothrock 00:00 Tools
Rollin` Crumblin` 00:00 Tools
Goofy Goober Rock (feat. Jim Wise) 00:00 Tools
'Rollin' Crumblin 00:00 Tools
Rollin 00:00 Tools
All Right Now (Tom Rothrock's Hollywood Hills Mix) [feat. Giulietta Ciambotti] 00:00 Tools
Goofy Goober Rock [Album Version] 00:00 Tools
Tom Rothrock - Rollin' Crumblin' 00:00 Tools
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Tom Rothrock is an American record producer, composer and musician. He produced (along with Rob Schnapf) Elliott Smith's albums Either/Or, XO (on which he also created the drum loop for the song "Independence Day") and Figure 8. In 1997, the duo's recording of Smith's tune 'Miss Misery' in Gus Van Sant's film Good Will Hunting received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song. The duo also produced the Toadies, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Fu Manchu and Richard Thompson. Rothrock, along with Schnapf and partner Bradshaw Lambert started Bong Load Custom Records in the early 90's, which is notable for releasing Beck's Loser single. Rothrock first heard Beck when he saw him jump onstage to play inbetween bands during a show at Jabberjaw and approached him afterwards about recording his songs. Together Rothrock, Schnapf, Beck, and Karl Stephenson recorded what would become Loser, and subsequently, Mellow Gold, Beck's critically acclaimed major label debut. Rothrock and Schnapf would continue to record with Beck, working on material for what was intended to be his follow-up to Mellow Gold, a somber acoustic affair meant to silence detractors that claimed he was a one hit wonder. Beck eventually went on to record his Grammy Award winning Odelay with The Dust Brothers, including one song from the Rothrock/Schnapf sessions, "Ramshackle", as the album closer. In film, Rothrock produced the original songs for the About A Boy soundtrack and score with Badly Drawn Boy. He composed music for the film Collateral directed by Michael Mann and is credited on the song 'Goofy Goober Rock' on the SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie soundtrack. His recording of R.L. Burnside's 'It's Bad You Know' was included on The Sopranos original television soundtrack release. In 2005, Rothrock produced, recorded and mixed James Blunt's album "Back to Bedlam". In 2007, Tom Rothrock released his own instrumental solo debut titled, 'Resonator' on the re-launched Bong Load imprint. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.