Tribal Ink

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Refugee 03:14 Tools
To My Face 03:31 Tools
I Try So Hard 03:24 Tools
Living On A Lie 03:41 Tools
Right Behind You 03:24 Tools
I'm Free 02:59 Tools
Don't You Push Me 03:18 Tools
Tribalistic Cuts 01:08 Tools
Try To Be Me 02:37 Tools
California Love 03:29 Tools
Pick Me Up 03:47 Tools
I'm A Liar (Believe Me) 03:40 Tools
When You Thought 04:19 Tools
Unda 03:26 Tools
Brick in the wall 03:30 Tools
I'm A Liar 03:41 Tools
Wet Dreams 02:58 Tools
Hold Nothing Back 04:19 Tools
Erection 03:10 Tools
Try To Be Me (Khuy) 02:35 Tools
Afraid This Time 02:35 Tools
Rubbers 03:17 Tools
More Oysters Casanova 03:40 Tools
I'm A Liar -Believe Me 03:40 Tools
I’m A Liar (Believe Me) 03:41 Tools
Over the Top 03:17 Tools
Don't Push Me 03:17 Tools
California 03:40 Tools
Deep Dive 03:40 Tools
California Love (2Pac Cover) 03:29 Tools
Say Hello to Billy 03:49 Tools
In This World 03:49 Tools
Chipatama 03:41 Tools
Khuy 02:35 Tools
Penis Envy 03:38 Tools
Dont You Push Me 03:18 Tools
Real Life 03:41 Tools
One Perfect Something 03:30 Tools
Tell It To My Face 00:00 Tools
The Little Things Give You Away 02:58 Tools
2 Worlds 03:38 Tools
Promisse 03:49 Tools
What I've Done 03:10 Tools
Refugee (Erection) 03:10 Tools
Get through 03:28 Tools
I Just Want Your Company 04:32 Tools
2.Worlds 03:38 Tools
Two Worlds 03:38 Tools
Voices In My Head (I Try So Hard) 03:17 Tools
Living on a life 04:38 Tools
Bleed It Out 04:38 Tools
I'm A Liar (Chipatama) 03:40 Tools
Until the End 03:50 Tools
Tribalist Cuts 04:19 Tools
No Way 03:17 Tools
Try so hard 03:19 Tools
I'm A Liar (Belive Me) 03:17 Tools
Don`t You Push Me 03:40 Tools
More Dysters Casanova 04:19 Tools
I'm a Liar(Believe me) 03:40 Tools
Screaming at space (bonus track) 03:32 Tools
We Use the Pain 03:40 Tools
Collapsing the unit 03:40 Tools
I’m Free 02:59 Tools
Feel (demo '01) (bonus track) 03:34 Tools
Don’t You Push Me 03:34 Tools
I'm A Liar - Believe Me 03:34 Tools
Refuge 03:10 Tools
Im Free 03:10 Tools
When You Thought (Non-Album Track) 04:19 Tools
My Reason 00:00 Tools
I`m A Liar 04:19 Tools
California Love (2 Pac Cover) 04:19 Tools
[Surrounded By Freaks - 2003] 3 - Don't You Push Me 03:40 Tools
I Tried so Hard 03:17 Tools
03_Brick in the wall 04:19 Tools
More Oysters Casanova? 04:19 Tools
Penis envy? 04:19 Tools
Tribalistic cuts (Hold nothing back) 04:19 Tools
I'm liar 03:40 Tools
04_Erection 03:11 Tools
05_Unda 03:26 Tools
When You Thought (Demo) 04:19 Tools
Right Behind Me 03:38 Tools
[Qwety] (Live Somer Sonic '06) (bonus track) 04:19 Tools
02_Deep dive 03:17 Tools
01_California 03:40 Tools
Rigth Behind You 03:40 Tools
I Try So Hard (Rubbers) 03:17 Tools
When You Thought (Hold Nothing Back) 04:19 Tools
Living In A Lie 03:38 Tools
07_More oysters Casanova 04:19 Tools
I Try So Hard [ALexBULDOZER] 03:17 Tools
Im A Liar (believe Me) 03:40 Tools
Unda (Right Behind You) 03:41 Tools
Liar, Liar 03:17 Tools
Don't You Push Me (Unreleased Version) 04:19 Tools
06_Wet dreams 03:17 Tools
Promise 03:40 Tools
[Surrounded By Freaks - 2003] 2 - To My Face 03:17 Tools
Tribal Ink - To my face 03:40 Tools
I`m Free 02:58 Tools
I Try So Hard (Demo) 03:41 Tools
Voices In My Head 03:17 Tools
Dont Push Me 03:17 Tools
12_Penis Envy 03:17 Tools
Refugee (Demo) 03:41 Tools
Tribal Ink - Refugee 03:17 Tools
California Love (2Pac ft. Dr. Dre cover) 03:17 Tools
No sun today 03:17 Tools
Liar 03:41 Tools
Don´t You Push Me 03:41 Tools
Right Behind You with Lyrics 03:41 Tools
I'm Liar (Believe Me) 03:41 Tools
California Love [pirate album Linkin Park - Erection] 03:41 Tools
Refugge 03:41 Tools
11_Khuy 03:41 Tools
08_Rubbers 03:41 Tools
Linkin Park 03:41 Tools
Don't Push On Me (Deep dive) 03:41 Tools
No Way (Bonus Track) 03:41 Tools
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Tribal INK is a rapcore band from Sweden. The band formed in 2002, with their first up to date only album "Surrounded by Freaks" debuted in 2003. The Swedish TV channel "TV" 3 ran a contest looking for musicians to build a rock band. The show was called "Wannabe" and the TV viewers could follow them from week to week how a band slowly took form. The five guys who won became Tribal Ink. They got the chance to do some gigs and record a single, called "To My Face," which didn't sell very well. Their label still wanted the band to record a full length CD anyway. The band gained underground popularity because an unknown fan mislabeled several of their songs on many P2P file-sharing networks as songs from Linkin Park's then upcoming album Minutes to Midnight. Since May 2008 the band began a period break with their vocalist Funky Dan involved in the alternative metal band Jupither at the moment. No word yet if the band decides to continue recording the album. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.