Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Sephiroth's Wake (Trail of Blood) 04:37 Tools
Frozen Landscape (Buried in Snow) 04:07 Tools
Of Fiend and Man (Battle 1) 03:35 Tools
Pokémon Red TEEM.ROKIT OC ReMix 04:32 Tools
Confronto Finale (Final Confrontation) 05:54 Tools
Tetris Attack Final Panic OC ReMix 04:36 Tools
TEEM.ROKIT (Team Rocket Hideout) 04:31 Tools
Final Fantasy VII Frozen Landscape OC ReMix 04:07 Tools
Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth's Wake OC ReMix 04:37 Tools
Radical Dreamers Confronto Finale OC ReMix 05:54 Tools
Mario Kart 64 Holiday Frappe OC ReMix 04:08 Tools
Donkey Kong Country Flying with the Funk OC ReMix 04:11 Tools
Final Fantasy XI Online Battling Despair at Dawn OC ReMix 03:24 Tools
Frozen Landscape 04:07 Tools
Sephiroth's Wake 04:38 Tools
TEEM.ROKIT 04:31 Tools
Bad Apple 04:55 Tools
So Natural 06:20 Tools
Change For You 06:09 Tools
Love 05:29 Tools
It Aint Easy 05:36 Tools
Spinning 05:29 Tools
Holiday Frappe 04:08 Tools
Nothing Don't Matter 04:43 Tools
We Can Help 04:08 Tools
Soul Feels 04:08 Tools
My Groovy Thing 05:19 Tools
Like This 05:25 Tools
BLAZEAWAY 04:16 Tools
Blip 06:40 Tools
Are You Listening 04:16 Tools
CAN'T STOP 00:30 Tools
sleepy time 01:32 Tools
likethis 01:32 Tools
Popsong (Falling Down) 01:32 Tools
Tetris Attack: Final Panic R:TS Mix 04:37 Tools
It Ain't Easy 04:37 Tools
Pok駑on Red TEEM.ROKIT OC ReMix 04:31 Tools
Final Panic 04:37 Tools
Tweek 02:43 Tools
Pokémon Red TEEM.ROKIT 04:31 Tools
Flying with the Funk 04:11 Tools
Confronto Finale 05:55 Tools
A While 03:24 Tools
From The Top 00:30 Tools
Fight 04:22 Tools
Power of Love (Cue Kids Remix) 07:12 Tools
Frozen Landscape (Buried in Sn 04:08 Tools
Battling Despair At Dawn 03:24 Tools
Pokйmon Red TEEM.ROKIT OC ReMix 04:32 Tools
Pocket Money 04:38 Tools
Sephiroth's Wake (Trail of Blo 04:38 Tools
FF7 - Frozen Landscape (Buried in Snow) 04:38 Tools
Winter's Town 04:04 Tools
TEEM.ROKIT OC ReMix 04:38 Tools
See What I See 04:04 Tools
Kidzz 03:32 Tools
Wave 03:01 Tools
Machinist 05:04 Tools
Take It Deeper 03:01 Tools
4 05:14 Tools
Power Of Love - Jeff Bass Remix 05:04 Tools
Pokemon Red TEEM.ROKIT OC ReMix 05:04 Tools
Power Of Love - Cue Kids Remix 13:00 Tools
Runaway 05:16 Tools
LOST SOUL 00:30 Tools
BBFT 07:18 Tools
JOLIE 03:29 Tools
Pokémon Red - TEEM.ROKIT 05:14 Tools
Final Fantasy VII: Voices Of The Lifestream - Frozen Landscape (Buried In Snow) (4:06) 11:06 Tools
Lightning 03:27 Tools
TURTLEHEAD 05:16 Tools
Power of love (Cue kids rmx) 05:16 Tools
LOOOPER 04:02 Tools
Something You Should Know 04:02 Tools
Final Fantasy VII Frozen Landscape OC ReMix (ocremix) 04:02 Tools
Tetris Attack Final Panic 04:37 Tools
Power of Love (Rurals Remix) 06:28 Tools
Mario Kart 64 Holiday Frappe 06:28 Tools
Oops Oh My (remix) 11:06 Tools
Girl 11:06 Tools
Somewhere in the Dub 11:06 Tools
Final Fantasy VII: Voices Of The Lifestream - Sephiroth's Wake (Trail Of Blood) (4:36) 11:06 Tools
CIRCL JERK'R 02:11 Tools
Thought About Me 02:11 Tools
Final Panic :: OCR Radio 02:11 Tools
Get Loose 02:11 Tools
Final Fantasy XI Online Battling Despair at Dawn OC ReMix ( 02:11 Tools
Pokémon Red TEEM.ROKIT OC ReMix (ocremix) 02:11 Tools
TEEM.ROKIT ::[OverClocked Radio] 02:11 Tools
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The stage name "Tweek" refers to at least three artists: 1. The solo project of Marie Tweek, the singer for the deep house collective The Rurals. 2. Brian Arnold, a member of the OC Remix community and a musician in his own right. Brian Arnold (a.k.a. tweek) has been creating electronic music since 2004. After being introduced to Reason software, he fell in love with the composition and arrangement of many different genres of music. He plays numerous instruments in various avenues, and composes original pieces of music and scores for local television shows, independent films, and video games. Brian works as an Assistant Recording Engineer at a local recording studio in Athens, Georgia working along side such artists as R.E.M. He also records and produces many projects out of his home studio. By way of Canberra, Australia, Brian is a fourth year student majoring in Theatre and Film at the University of Georgia, specializing in sound design, production, and engineering. He has worked on numerous musical productions, including Tartuffe, The Man Who Came to Dinner, Trojan Woman, Pippin, and many more. 3. Contributor to Community Skratch Project UK (NozL recordings UK) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.