Vaadat Charigim

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Odisea 07:01 Tools
Haolam Avad Mizman 00:00 Tools
Kezef Al Hamayim 05:23 Tools
Ze Beseder Lefahed 00:00 Tools
Ein Li Makom 00:00 Tools
Lehitorer Velo Lada'at 05:01 Tools
Ein Nehama Ladoachim 03:55 Tools
Kmo Lahzor Habaita 09:22 Tools
Mahshefot 04:48 Tools
Neshel 03:55 Tools
Hadavhar 04:48 Tools
Klum 04:48 Tools
At Chavera 04:48 Tools
Imperia 04:48 Tools
Hashiamum 04:48 Tools
Hashiamum Shokea 04:48 Tools
Hadavar Haamiti 04:48 Tools
Ketzef Al HaMaim 04:48 Tools
Imperia Achrona 04:48 Tools
At Chavera Sheli 06:03 Tools
Ha'Olam Avad Mizman 04:48 Tools
Ein Nehama LaDo'achim 04:48 Tools
Machshefot 04:48 Tools
Cmo Lahzor HaBaita 04:48 Tools
Odyssey 06:03 Tools
Vaadat Charigim - Haolam Avad Mizman 06:03 Tools
Long Lost World 00:00 Tools
Vaadat Charigim - Ein Li Makom 00:00 Tools
Witches 03:52 Tools
Ketzef Al Hamayim 05:23 Tools
Ze Beseder Lefahed 00:30 Tools
Lehitorer Velo Ladaat 05:01 Tools
Badeshe Mul Gilman (Reverberation Appreciation Society, 2014) 05:01 Tools
Ein Nechama Ladoachim 03:55 Tools
Kmo Lachzor Habayta 09:22 Tools
The World Is Long Lost 00:30 Tools
Full Performance (Live on KEXP) 04:10 Tools
It's OK to be Afraid 00:00 Tools
Ze Beseder Lefahed - NDV Remix 00:00 Tools
Vaadat Charigim 00:00 Tools
Hadavhar HaAmiti 04:10 Tools
זה בסדר לפחד 02:50 Tools
It's OK to be Afraid 04:10 Tools
Ze Beseder Lefahed 04:10 Tools
Badeshe Mul Gilman 04:10 Tools
Its OK to be Afraid 04:10 Tools
מכשפות 04:10 Tools
כמו לחזור הביתה 04:10 Tools
Sinking As a Stone 04:10 Tools
Hoalam Avad Mizman 04:10 Tools
העולם אבד מזמן 04:10 Tools
Ze Beseder Lefahed (NDV Remix) 04:10 Tools
Eifo Ze Nigmar 03:40 Tools
קצף על המים 03:40 Tools
At Chavera Cheli 02:50 Tools
Its OK to be Afraid 00:00 Tools
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Tel Aviv natives, Vaadat Charigim ("Exceptions Committee") are a trio consisting of Juval Haring, Yuval Guttman and Dan Fabian Bloch. They play a blend of 80's Israeli underground rock (influenced by the likes of Plastic Venus and Yossi Elephant) with a more contemporary Shoegaze sound. Despite the language barrier, songs that have leaked online, have won praise both in the local as well as international media, due to Haring's unique vocal style - a beguiling combination of melody and dissonance, sweetness and darkness. Producer Kyle "Slick" Johnson (who has worked with Modest Mouse, Wavves and Cymbals Eat Guitars), worked for long months together with the band, on their debut album - "The World is Well Lost", which was recorded by the band in a southern Tel-Aviv apartment. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.