Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Sunshine 00:00 Tools
Blocked by Satellites 03:20 Tools
Meld w/ U-90 02:57 Tools
Statik Electrik 03:02 Tools
The Rheumatist 04:38 Tools
Forgotten Classic 04:09 Tools
No Woman/No Cry 03:02 Tools
Amateur Spark Era 03:24 Tools
Unfinished Pair Of Brains 03:06 Tools
Treble Noir 03:37 Tools
Miss Frost 03:25 Tools
Closer Still 03:24 Tools
White World of Death 02:50 Tools
Who You 02:50 Tools
Let It Rest 02:52 Tools
They've Won 02:25 Tools
Blue Lip Special 02:06 Tools
Elastik-c 03:56 Tools
Winterman 02:33 Tools
Luxury Problems 03:26 Tools
Headless Statue 03:26 Tools
I.V. 01:05 Tools
Give Us the Creeps 02:03 Tools
White Wall 01:01 Tools
Freon Suite #2 02:23 Tools
The Past Is Past 03:35 Tools
Drive-by Swordfight 01:42 Tools
Metal Egg 02:33 Tools
Solitary Ghost 02:17 Tools
Kill the Strings 01:33 Tools
A Crown in My Future 02:17 Tools
Mensa Beast 00:57 Tools
The Blue Hour 04:23 Tools
Walk for Me 02:55 Tools
Tri-Panic Express 02:39 Tools
Wined And Blind 01:25 Tools
Blood Oranges 02:06 Tools
Blockade 02:12 Tools
Lapp Garou 04:31 Tools
Sink The Swan 05:02 Tools
Spellbound 01:37 Tools
The 2nd 03:16 Tools
The Hague 00:51 Tools
Ah, My Social Life... 01:37 Tools
Chartreuse Blues 03:52 Tools
Fired Eye Quit 02:45 Tools
The Swell Remains 03:07 Tools
Z Train 02:50 Tools
Visiting Hours 02:02 Tools
Owlmen 02:02 Tools
Sine Language 04:43 Tools
TheyÕve Won 02:25 Tools
Throttle 03:16 Tools
Prepare to Dive 03:27 Tools
Boy From Nancy 00:35 Tools
Cutter 03:04 Tools
Clone Theory 02:54 Tools
Sickle 03:22 Tools
Neon Sunrise 02:55 Tools
Mutator 02:55 Tools
Black Paste 02:55 Tools
Dome Light 02:49 Tools
Armbone 02:49 Tools
Plague Ship 03:02 Tools
Collar 02:05 Tools
The Infinity Club 03:02 Tools
Yang 02:45 Tools
Hyperslog 02:45 Tools
Education 01:58 Tools
Yin 01:58 Tools
Fired Eye Quilt 02:45 Tools
Roots 01:58 Tools
Birth Of The Universe 01:58 Tools
Oceans 01:58 Tools
Pleaser 02:39 Tools
Tri Panic 02:39 Tools
Miss Cyclone 01:58 Tools
Scarlet Fever 02:39 Tools
Pink Confetti 02:39 Tools
Cherry Coke 02:39 Tools
The Empress 02:02 Tools
mistake lake 03:08 Tools
Mum's the Word 03:44 Tools
Du & jag 00:35 Tools
Hey One Cell 02:56 Tools
Death of Silence 02:56 Tools
Miss Frost - Mash Up International Remix 03:44 Tools
Sunshine - Dante Remix 00:35 Tools
Tractor Beam (Bonus Track) 02:56 Tools
Owl Men 02:02 Tools
No Leaf Clover 02:02 Tools
Sunshine - Kretsen Remix 04:37 Tools
A Boy from Nancy 00:35 Tools
Tractor Beam - Bonus Track 00:35 Tools
Let It Rest - VAZ Remix 04:37 Tools
Sunshine - Kodi Remix 05:00 Tools
Let It Rest - Sum Comfort Remix 05:00 Tools
Tractor Beam 05:00 Tools
Summer '98 04:37 Tools
Sunshine - Kissey Remix 03:24 Tools
Pregnant Princess 05:00 Tools
Sunshine - Echo Carrier Remix 00:00 Tools
Nobody 1 05:00 Tools
Cast Reflections 05:00 Tools
14-vaz-fire eye quit 05:00 Tools
Unconsciousness 05:00 Tools
Miss Frost - Spoek Mathambo, Jumping Back Slash & Black Belt Jones Remix 05:33 Tools
MISS FROST (Spoek Mathambo x Black Belt Jones x Jumping Back Slash Remix) 05:00 Tools
Unfinished Pair or Brains 03:24 Tools
a crown for my future 05:33 Tools
Miss Frost (Remix) 00:00 Tools
Mistake Lake (bonus track) 00:00 Tools
Elastik C 00:00 Tools
Ah, My Social Life..... 00:00 Tools
Piste 01 00:00 Tools
02 No Leaf Clover 00:00 Tools
Hague 00:00 Tools
Crown In My Future 00:00 Tools
meld w.u-90 00:00 Tools
17 - white world of death 00:00 Tools
Piste 02 00:00 Tools
Mungkin Jodoh 03:25 Tools
Starts With The Funk 07:33 Tools
07. Lapp Garou 07:33 Tools
01 Hey One Cell 07:33 Tools
no woman - no cry 07:33 Tools
t-shirt. 07:33 Tools
Treble_Noir 00:00 Tools
Piste 03 00:00 Tools
Piste 04 00:00 Tools
Piste 05 00:00 Tools
luxury problems (quiltland remix) 00:00 Tools
the infinty club 00:00 Tools
Burn Down Baltimore 00:00 Tools
05. Wined and Blind 00:00 Tools
04. The Blue Hour 00:00 Tools
06. Sink the Swan 00:00 Tools
Sunshine (Dante Remix) 00:00 Tools
03. Mensa Beast 00:00 Tools
static electric 00:00 Tools
freon suite 2 00:00 Tools
! non lp live song #11 00:00 Tools
Piste 06 00:00 Tools
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1) Hailing from Sweden with roots from Cape Verde, the producer duo have already produced music for a large number of Swedish artists, and with their separatist music project Studio XX, the sisters stand in the forefront of the musical revolution in Scandinavia: creating equality and changing the statistics with every new piece of music they put out. The duo's eclectic productions and Afro-futuristic sound has definitely made them an act to keep a close eye on 2018. Mixing both instrumental tracks with alternative pop tunes, the duo draws inspiration from classic Cape Verdean music styles such as Morna, Funaná and Batuque. With a bag of singles released on their own label Kinship Music the duo released their seven track season based collection “NECESSARY, Pt. I” earlier this year. VAZ are also the creators and sole owners of the all female platform and network Studio XX - a way to create paths and opportunities for fellow female producers, artists and songwriters - in a male dominated music industry, changing the way art is created and perceived. 2) Minnesota’s Vaz is one of the rock ‘n roll nuts and represents another major score for the little NYC label that could. Relatively established in their own right, Vaz was founded some time in the late-ish 90s by refugees from the highly influential noise rock band Hammerhead. Originally touring about as a two-piece duo, Vaz was generally lumped together with other noise-ified bare-bones rock acts like Lightning Bolt, early Hella, and Pink & Brown. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.