Voices From The Fuselage

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Inner Child 00:00 Tools
Ortus 00:00 Tools
Astral Existence 02:50 Tools
Meteorites 00:00 Tools
Anew 05:39 Tools
Fenestra 08:08 Tools
Epicinium 05:39 Tools
Vestibule of Hell 05:39 Tools
A Principle God 08:08 Tools
Via 08:08 Tools
Devil's Advocate 02:50 Tools
Nine Levels 02:50 Tools
Oceans 05:46 Tools
The Wreckage 05:39 Tools
Nightfall 02:50 Tools
Departure 03:45 Tools
The Monolith 03:45 Tools
Life on Titan 03:45 Tools
T.E.E.S.O.E. 08:08 Tools
Domus 06:14 Tools
A Principle God (feat. John Mitchell) 02:50 Tools
Vault of Heaven 02:50 Tools
Fenestra (feat. Sally Garozzo) 02:50 Tools
Grave Digging 02:50 Tools
Destitute 02:50 Tools
Machina 02:50 Tools
Departure (feat. Maria Gardner) 03:45 Tools
Aqueous 04:08 Tools
T.E.E.S.O.E 04:08 Tools
ExplicitAstral Existence 02:53 Tools
Indifferent 02:53 Tools
Oceans Reprise 01:36 Tools
Machina (feat. Olly Steele) 01:36 Tools
The Ever Emerging Sense of Ennui 08:08 Tools
Orus 01:50 Tools
Cured 04:13 Tools
TEESOE 08:08 Tools
Everything Begins With Choice 04:19 Tools
To Hope 05:39 Tools
T.E.E.S.E.O. 05:39 Tools
Fenestra (Featuring Sally Garozzo) 00:00 Tools
Domino (Jessie J Cover) 05:45 Tools
A Principle God (Featuring John Mitchell) 00:00 Tools
Out Of Hand 05:45 Tools
Departure (Featuring Maria Gardner) 00:00 Tools
Domino - Jessie J (Metal/Djent Cover) 00:00 Tools
Departure (Demo) 00:00 Tools
Indifferent (Demo) 00:00 Tools
Domus (Demo) 00:00 Tools
Fenestra Feat. Sally Garozzo 00:00 Tools
Odyssey: The Destroyer of Worlds 00:00 Tools
A Principle God Feat. John Mitchell 00:00 Tools
Departure Feat. Maria Gardner 00:00 Tools
Odyssey (Demo Preview) 00:00 Tools
Astral Existence [Explicit] 00:00 Tools
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Voices From The Fuselage are a particularly melodic sound, with influences spanning through genres such as rock, metal, progressive, alternative, orchestral, trip-hop, and ambient. Formed in Northampton in 2010 they released their debut EP "To Hope" in 2011. Vocalist Ashe O'Hara is also known for his stint as vocalist in Tesseract between 2012 and 2014. After leaving Tesseract, and making Voices From the Fuselage his main focus they released their debut full-length Odyssey: The Destroyer of Worlds in 2015. Members Ashe Austin O'Hara - Vox Mitch Ramsay - Guitar Scott Lockhart - Drums & Sampling Dale Gorham - Bass Josh Galloway - Guitar www.voicesfromthefuselage.bandcamp.com Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.