Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Good Good Day 02:37 Tools
Somebody's Everything 02:37 Tools
The World Will Begin Again 02:37 Tools
Last Words First 02:37 Tools
The World Is Ours 03:59 Tools
In the Unknown 06:36 Tools
Lose My Head 06:36 Tools
Waking Up 02:37 Tools
Sweet Love 02:37 Tools
Forever I Am Yours 02:37 Tools
Make It Count 11:41 Tools
Make It Up As We Go 11:41 Tools
Leap of Faith 02:37 Tools
Don't Want to Say Goodnight 02:37 Tools
Hope 02:37 Tools
If I Got You 02:37 Tools
Waiting on You 02:37 Tools
See You Fly 02:37 Tools
On the Line 02:37 Tools
Money 02:37 Tools
Final Hour 02:37 Tools
In The Face Of The Storm 09:28 Tools
Echostochastic 10:15 Tools
Hero in Waiting 02:25 Tools
Paralysed Force 08:19 Tools
Shadows Of Mist 07:06 Tools
Safety in Numbers (Richard Clouston/ Tim Holmes remix) 05:50 Tools
From Prayers To Broken Stone 12:38 Tools
Whipper Snapper 05:50 Tools
Waking Alone 13:34 Tools
Interlude 01:10 Tools
God Only Knows 01:10 Tools
Known and Unknown 07:06 Tools
Soar Through The Air 11:41 Tools
A Wake Up Effort 02:16 Tools
Wisdom and Shadows 04:08 Tools
Echostochastic (Onmutu Mechanicks Rework) 06:56 Tools
Moments From Bruises 13:34 Tools
Dainty Hoof 00:00 Tools
Untitled A 11:41 Tools
Lazy River 08:59 Tools
Nein 14:43 Tools
Paralyzed Force 08:11 Tools
Shade Without Colour (Reshape) 14:43 Tools
Wrong 07:02 Tools
Walk 07:08 Tools
Dominator 10:06 Tools
Good Good Day - SVVN Remix 02:35 Tools
Free-er Bird 06:36 Tools
Float On Forever 06:36 Tools
Our Only Home (Original Mix) 09:29 Tools
Wandering Jupiter 09:29 Tools
Street 14:43 Tools
Sonda 02:35 Tools
Sweet Love [Volunteer Remix] 14:43 Tools
Goner 06:36 Tools
I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both 06:36 Tools
Gateway to Infinity 04:35 Tools
Untitled 01 06:36 Tools
Double-think 09:29 Tools
Looking Back at the Universe 09:29 Tools
Dues 02:13 Tools
Our Only Home 00:00 Tools
Untitled B 00:00 Tools
We Whisper Together (quiet remix) 00:00 Tools
Obtuse 07:02 Tools
Untitled 04 07:05 Tools
Untitled 02 07:08 Tools
Shade Without Colour (Redux) 10:06 Tools
Shade Without Colour 10:46 Tools
Right 07:08 Tools
halt’s tape 07:02 Tools
Harmonizer 09:29 Tools
Acute 08:37 Tools
Fuck Magicians 04:35 Tools
I Am Sound 00:00 Tools
Untitled 03 09:42 Tools
Soft Stars That Shine At Night 00:00 Tools
Scalene 07:05 Tools
Cobbler 02:29 Tools
Selfreflection 02:29 Tools
The Gentle Autumn's Rain 09:42 Tools
Moment To Moment 02:47 Tools
Wandering Jupiter (Original Mix) 09:29 Tools
Boxcutter 02:35 Tools
Isosceles 10:56 Tools
Equilateral 08:42 Tools
Hypotenuse 09:29 Tools
Good Good Day - Juno Beach Remix 02:51 Tools
Looking Back At The Universe (Reduction) 04:35 Tools
Hitch 03:05 Tools
Black 02:47 Tools
Untitled 07 10:56 Tools
Untitled 08 02:47 Tools
Untitled 05 10:56 Tools
Shade Without Colour - Reshape 03:56 Tools
I Do Not Sleep 08:20 Tools
Untitled 06 02:47 Tools
Sweet Love (Volunteer remix) 02:47 Tools
Project Alpha (Original Mix) 10:18 Tools
Untitled 09 02:47 Tools
Sunlight On a Broken Column (Map Maker rmx) 09:15 Tools
Shadows Of The Past (Volunteer Reshape) 09:15 Tools
Echostochastic - Onmutu Mechanicks Rework 02:51 Tools
We Whisper Together (BENBUI Remix) 02:47 Tools
The Ocean Stream 10:18 Tools
Rainbow Fog 00:00 Tools
Sweet Love - Volunteer 10:18 Tools
Sunlight On a Broken Column(Map Maker rmx) 10:18 Tools
Volunteer - Lose My Head 02:51 Tools
Sweet Love (Extended Remix) 02:51 Tools
This Joyful Eastertide 00:00 Tools
Blue Dot 00:00 Tools
BACK OF THE BUS 02:51 Tools
Clouds of Jupiter 02:51 Tools
This Is Cactus Land 02:51 Tools
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There are several artists called Volunteer; (1) Founded in 2012, Volunteer are a 4-piece sludgy noise rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The band is made up from former members of Forstella Ford, Disguised as Birds[/artist, Traitors, Bound to One, Stock Options and Gasoline Fight. To date they have 3 releases; a 6-song self-titled EP in 2013, a 4-song EP titled "Goner" in 2014, and a split with Buildings, in 2016. All releases are available @ http://tripleeye.bandcamp.com For more information, visit http://wearevolunteer.com or https://www.facebook.com/VolunteerMKE Members: Francisco Ramirez - Vocals, guitar Martin Defatte - Bass Mark Sheppard - Guitar Kevin DeMars - Drums (2) Volunteer is the name of the solo project of Bournemouth-based artist Chris Mears. Mears has been linked with various projects, including Bluprint, Mellafone and latterly The Cinematic Underground. After taking several months to tour the US with The Cinematic Underground, Mears has recently (06/07) been working on a new Volunteer album. (3) Secretive sonic pranksters Volunteer are Martin Andrevian, Emira Feensky, Marco Hackenov and Krzysztof Shadenkin. Allegedly formed in Odessa, Ukraine in 1972 with original vocalist Genaddi Romanov, they outraged the communist world when they performed a cacophonous Industrial rendition of 'The Red Flag'. Following Romanov's suicide in 1977 they went on to record a series of records for the Soviet state record label Melodiya, as well as on various labels in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, DDR, West Germany and Belgium. Their sound has been described variously as Suicide meets Throbbing Gristle at Shaun Ryder's house. Splitting acrimoniously in 1991 over a pedantic argument concerning Green Tea (!), they recently resurfaced on the Projector Records compilation 'Know Your Monkey', and released a split single, featuring the poppy 'Safety in Numbers' and 'Street' with fellow sonic abusers Death Biscuit, MFU and Spanish Karavan. Some vicious rumours are abound that they are really called Martin Andrews and Chris Shade; and that they're not really middle-aged noise veterans are easily discredited by various falsifications on their work-visas to play in the UK, and their young looks are explained by their strict vegan diets and drinking their own urine. Another intriguing fact is they were allegedly targets of KGB and CIA assassination squads. The band, now expanded to a four piece with drummer Marc Hackworthy and bassist Emma Feeney, also appear on the 'Robopop the Return' compilation alongside Goldfrapp, Tiga, Robots in Disguise, Matinée Club and The Knife. They release a new EP in Feburary 2007 featuring 'Sweet Love', 'Final Hour' and 'Hero in Waiting'. More information can be found at www.myspace.com/infovolunteer . Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.