Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
N 03:42 Tools
Kobe's Room (Truth Be Told) 03:42 Tools
SNS 00:00 Tools
Feels So Good 03:42 Tools
Feel So Good 04:34 Tools
Out 04:34 Tools
Purple Heart 00:00 Tools
Finally 02:47 Tools
Ago (feat. Joose the Conqueror) 02:04 Tools
God Nem 02:04 Tools
Explicit Content 02:04 Tools
Move Your Body 03:44 Tools
Closer 04:38 Tools
Poison 00:00 Tools
Red Toyota, Naomi's Song 00:00 Tools
The Riddle 03:12 Tools
Crossroads (feat. SPZRKT) 03:35 Tools
AGO (Feat. Joose) 02:04 Tools
Poison (Intro) 00:00 Tools
Balcony (Outro) 04:43 Tools
Kobe's Room (Revision) 00:00 Tools
Cool Lover 03:29 Tools
W.S.T.S.B (feat. Joose) 03:35 Tools
Kobe's Room (Truth Be Told) (Prod. by Sango) 03:35 Tools
There Goes the Neighborhood (Trayvon Martin) 03:03 Tools
It's About Time 04:03 Tools
The Look 03:41 Tools
Scars 00:00 Tools
Feel So Good - 2008 Version 03:38 Tools
Stranger 04:43 Tools
Yellow Garage (Leroy Glow) (Feat. The SEVENth) 04:43 Tools
More You/ Enough Love 03:32 Tools
The Big Fish (Interlude) 02:19 Tools
Forever 03:49 Tools
Pray For Me 03:45 Tools
Give Me Your Love 03:35 Tools
Reality Check (feat. Amos Rose) 03:18 Tools
616 03:18 Tools
Right There 4 U 03:30 Tools
Shining Star 03:49 Tools
Kings 03:49 Tools
Feel So Good - Optical 2 House Remix 04:36 Tools
Gimme, Gimme 03:18 Tools
Hidden Lakes 05:11 Tools
Intro 00:45 Tools
Inner Killer 04:31 Tools
When It Comes To You 05:11 Tools
No Shortcuts 05:11 Tools
Happiest Hour / Saddest Hour 00:00 Tools
Burgundy Bible 00:00 Tools
Rushed Perfection 00:00 Tools
Take Me Higher 04:02 Tools
YU 05:11 Tools
Kamron 05:11 Tools
Something U Forgot 04:38 Tools
Party's Not Over 03:36 Tools
Central Station 04:48 Tools
Going To The Top 03:29 Tools
Finally (Prod. by Sango) 00:00 Tools
Yellow Garage (feat. The Seve Nth) 00:00 Tools
In Due Time 00:00 Tools
The Revival Interlude 00:00 Tools
Purple Heart (Twinztrack Remix) 00:00 Tools
365 00:00 Tools
Outro 00:46 Tools
Ooh-la-la 03:44 Tools
Ashes 2 Ashes 03:44 Tools
West Flower Street 03:44 Tools
Evolve 04:34 Tools
Commitment 03:30 Tools
'97 Ford Expedition (feat. Joose The Conqueror) 03:30 Tools
Love Just Give It To Me 03:24 Tools
Been A Long Time 03:24 Tools
Face The Fact 03:32 Tools
In The End 02:30 Tools
The Static Freestyle 02:30 Tools
Move Closer 04:15 Tools
No Drugs 04:36 Tools
No Stress 04:36 Tools
Our Love Is coming Together 03:42 Tools
Purple Heart (Prod. by Sango) 00:00 Tools
Reach 00:00 Tools
Liverpool 04:30 Tools
Changes 04:30 Tools
Balcony 02:30 Tools
SFTB (Prod. Mike Zombie & Sango) 02:51 Tools
Take Me Away 03:37 Tools
Finessin’ (feat. Sam Austins) 00:00 Tools
Happiest Hour (Prod. Sango) 02:51 Tools
Feel So Good (Original Mix) 03:47 Tools
Be bob a lula 03:31 Tools
Better Late Than Never (feat. The Seventh) 03:17 Tools
Yellow Garage (Feat. The SEVENth) 03:31 Tools
Plug (feat. Dusty McFly) 05:27 Tools
Dancer's Theme 02:30 Tools
Rich Without Money 03:31 Tools
It's About Time (Blue Bubble remix) 04:31 Tools
Heavenly Father 04:31 Tools
Ooh-la-la - Fatback Funk Remix 04:48 Tools
Kobe's Room 00:00 Tools
Poison (Intro) (Prod. Sangobeats) 00:00 Tools
Move Your Body - JJ's Club Mix 04:48 Tools
Kobe's Room (Revision) [prod. by Sango] 00:00 Tools
Feel So Good (Radio Mix) 03:46 Tools
Cool Lover - Soundfreak Late Night Mix 04:31 Tools
Finally (Prod. by Sango).(AGRMusic) 02:47 Tools
Take Me Away (Cream Clinic Jungle mix) 04:38 Tools
Poison (Intro) (Prod. by Sango) 00:00 Tools
Explicit Content (Lafayette Ellis Remix) 00:00 Tools
You Bring Out The Freak In Me 05:54 Tools
Be Bob A Lula (Optical 2 clubmix) 05:27 Tools
Be Bop A Lula 03:30 Tools
Feel So Good (Optical 2 House Remix) 04:34 Tools
Love Don't Grow On Trees 06:02 Tools
Halloween (Waldo Orlando Breakz Mix) 11:06 Tools
Search 03:42 Tools
Kobe's Room (Revision) [Prod. by Sango] | L.A. + S.F. Debut Shows 03:30 Tools
Looks Can Be Deceiving 05:38 Tools
Yellow Garage 03:32 Tools
Reality Check (F/ Amos Rose) 04:30 Tools
AGO 04:30 Tools
Move your sexy body 03:42 Tools
Love I Feel Inside 05:46 Tools
Better Late Than Never (F/ The SEVENth) 00:00 Tools
'97 Ford Expedition (F/ Joose The Conqueror) 03:32 Tools
Feel So Good (2008 Version) 06:02 Tools
Poison (Prod. by Sango) 00:00 Tools
Sftb 00:00 Tools
Rich Without Money (Prod. Fortune, Gravez & Sango) 06:02 Tools
Closer (prod. Savon & Sango) 03:30 Tools
Forever (Radio Mix) 03:53 Tools
Out Mozaic Remix 06:02 Tools
Feel So Good (Dreammaker Radio Mix) 04:03 Tools
U Drive Me Crazy 03:17 Tools
Feel So Good (Original Radio Mix) 03:42 Tools
Purple Heart Mozaic Remix 03:17 Tools
You Better Play Your Cards Right 04:30 Tools
You Get What You Pay For 05:01 Tools
Rich Without Money (prod. by Fortune, Gravez, & Sango) 04:30 Tools
Foreign Trance 03:53 Tools
Explicit Content (Prod. by Sango) 00:00 Tools
Kobe's Room (Revision) (prod. by Sango) 00:00 Tools
Take Higher 00:00 Tools
Set You Free 00:00 Tools
N (Prod. by Sango) 05:01 Tools
Spend The Night 05:17 Tools
Cool Lover (Soundfreak Late Night Mix) 04:32 Tools
My Pleasure 00:00 Tools
Catstail 00:00 Tools
Move Your Body (JJ's Club Mix) 07:54 Tools
Change For The New 01:20 Tools
W.S.T.S.B 03:35 Tools
Ooh-la-la (Fatback Funk Remix) 04:46 Tools
More You/ Enough Love (Prod. by Sango) 03:32 Tools
More You-Enough Love 00:00 Tools
Feel So Good (Pierre J's Hard Night Mix) 03:43 Tools
AGO ft. Joose 00:00 Tools
Bendito Tiempo (Studio) 00:00 Tools
Scars (Instrumental) - Prod By Sango 04:46 Tools
Pasa un Tiempo Viejo 03:43 Tools
More You/Enough Love (Prod. by Sango) 00:00 Tools
Kobe's Room (Truth Be Told)(Prod. by Sango) 03:35 Tools
Purple Heart (Prod. Sango) 03:10 Tools
I Dream 03:10 Tools
Kobe's Room (Truth Be Told) [prod. by Sango] 03:10 Tools
It's About Time - Blue Bubble remix 03:30 Tools
Cool Lover (JS 16 Sonic Club Mix) 03:30 Tools
Give Me Your Love (Dreammaker Club Edit) 03:30 Tools
Yellow Sky 00:00 Tools
Explicit Content (prod. By Sango) (Chopped & Screwed By Sir CRKS) 05:17 Tools
Pasa Un Tiempo Viejo (Studio) 05:17 Tools
Cool lover (Re-Radio Mix) 03:30 Tools
More You / Enough Love 03:32 Tools
Ooh-la-la (original radio edit) 03:48 Tools
Give Me Your Love (Optical 2 radio Remix) 03:30 Tools
Let's get busy 03:48 Tools
Be bob A Lula - Optical 2 clubmix 03:32 Tools
24. Waldos People - Feel so good 03:48 Tools
Feel So Good (JS 16 Freaky Club Trip) 03:30 Tools
Greased Peepshow 03:32 Tools
Take Me Away - Cream Clinic Jungle mix 03:32 Tools
It's About Time (Birch & Chris Remix) 05:04 Tools
Terug naar de Oertijd 00:00 Tools
Explicit Content (33, 53) 03:32 Tools
Deviens pyromane 03:32 Tools
Plaques (Feat. Sir Michael Rocks) 03:30 Tools
Give Me Your Love (Original Mix) 05:04 Tools
Poison [Intro] [Prod. Sangobeats] 00:00 Tools
Feel so goo 00:00 Tools
Ariana Grande - Why Try Audio 00:00 Tools
Feel So Good (Original Radio M 03:42 Tools
More You/Enough Love 03:32 Tools
Summer Vacation (Prod. Lakim) 03:54 Tools
De Roedel 03:54 Tools
Liverpool (Feat. Young Roc) 03:54 Tools
Explicit Content (Produced by Sango) 03:32 Tools
Zip Zop (Dub Mix) 03:32 Tools
Today's Dream, Tomorrow's Reality 03:32 Tools
Roll Call 03:32 Tools
Laatste Eer 04:03 Tools
Feel So Good (Mixmaster K & J.B. Garage Mix) 03:54 Tools
Explicit Content [prod. By Sango] (Chopped & Screwed By Sir CRKS) 03:32 Tools
1000 Ways 03:32 Tools
Give Me Your Love (Mixmaster K & J.B. US Mix) 04:03 Tools
It's All Me (Feat. Vee) 03:54 Tools
Don't Stop movin 03:54 Tools
Tijuana 1942 03:54 Tools
Give Me Your Love (Mixmaster K & J.B. House Mix) 03:54 Tools
SFTB (Prod. Mike Zombie & Sango) (Chopped & Screwed by Sir CRKS) 00:00 Tools
Cool Lover (Re-Union's Cool Man Mix) 00:00 Tools
Rain 05:04 Tools
Bendito Tiempo 04:03 Tools
Pray 05:29 Tools
Gimme, Gimme (original mix) 04:03 Tools
Happiest Hour 05:29 Tools
Finally (prod. Sango) 02:47 Tools
Midnight 02:47 Tools
Finally (Chopped & Screwed by Sir CRKS) 02:47 Tools
It's About Time (Solid Base Remix) 02:47 Tools
W.S.T.S.B (Feat. Joose) PU WE MO 00:00 Tools
Verzonken in Gedachten 00:00 Tools
Woodland (Neighbors) 00:00 Tools
Feel So Good(Radio Mix) 00:00 Tools
Wolf in Schaapskleren 00:00 Tools
Heavenly Father (prod. Mozaic) 00:00 Tools
It's about time (original mix) 00:00 Tools
'97 Ford Expedition 00:00 Tools
Skeleton Phase 00:00 Tools
Watcha Gonna Do 03:47 Tools
White Magic 03:47 Tools
Poison [Instrumental] (Prod. By Sango) 00:00 Tools
Ohh La La (JS 16 Club Mix) 04:03 Tools
Be Bob A Lula (Optical 2 Clubm 04:03 Tools
Halloween - Mikes Album Mix 04:03 Tools
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1 - This totally Finnish guy's Jamaican rap accent has left many people confused about his ethnic location. Forever was Waldo's first release, with 5 different versions of the title song. The virsionarys include MixMaster K (aka K. Kaivola), James Black and Charles Salter from the group 3rd Nation and Optical 2. Bubbling Bluebubble team was responsible for producing and mixing 3 tracks of Forever. The responsability for the other two mixes fall into the hands of the Swedish Birch & Chris and Solid Base. The first album was composed and produced by Miikka Hillos, K. Kaivola, and J. Black. After many singles and 2 albums, Waldo joined a crew of several singers in order to create a new project : Waldo's People. 2 - Michigan’s Waldo has wowed us with each effort following his impressive debut project, Pick Your Own Poison (PYOP), released November '12 through AGO and Soulection. The next sizable offering in his catalog of truly captivating music is the two-part, ten-track EP entitled NSDE/OUTSDE. And while it’s an audible achievement every bit as exciting as the one preceding it, engulfed in the same irresistible eccentricity lending success to the former body of work (thanks largely to Sango‘s reappearance behind the boards), it becomes apparent while listening to NSDE/OUTSDE that it’s a degree of honest exhilaration to it that is unknown to the former art of the artist. Waldo is rapping no longer out of sole enthusiasm, but out of purposeful habit, and the ennobling sounds of NSDE/OUTSDE afford his language an avenue to tread ebulliently upon. 3 - A five-piece garage folk/alt-country outfit from San Diego, CA. The band consists of Emmet Dreyer, Sam Fisher, Francisco Garcia, Lucas Moore, and Marc Van Thillo. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.