We Were Pirates

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Better Off Without You 03:53 Tools
Settle Down 02:29 Tools
Nervous 04:24 Tools
The Three of Us 02:51 Tools
Keep Talking 02:59 Tools
Long Year 03:34 Tools
Merry Christmas 03:46 Tools
Restless 03:23 Tools
Stars 02:33 Tools
London Bridge 03:09 Tools
Rich Girl 02:39 Tools
Civilized Man 03:38 Tools
Little Monsters 03:29 Tools
Don't Forget 02:56 Tools
Misery 03:33 Tools
Kill Me (Part One) 03:15 Tools
Little Consolation 03:25 Tools
People, Places, Things 03:18 Tools
I Want You Back 03:34 Tools
Change 05:01 Tools
All I Can Do 03:14 Tools
Kill Me (Part Two) 02:27 Tools
three of us 02:27 Tools
The Wolf 03:21 Tools
Thriller 04:01 Tools
Move Around The Room 04:28 Tools
Cutting Ties 04:31 Tools
Sunday Paper 02:17 Tools
The Three of Us (demo) 04:31 Tools
Trying To Forget You 03:23 Tools
Darkness 04:43 Tools
The Three of Us Remix #30 03:06 Tools
Transmogrified 02:05 Tools
A Strange Experience 01:55 Tools
Don't Forget (Instrumental Version) 02:57 Tools
A Boy & His Tiger 01:29 Tools
The Three of Us (Album Version) 02:51 Tools
A Bit of a Troublemaker 03:17 Tools
Influence 03:19 Tools
Standing On the Shoulders of Giants 02:41 Tools
Chagrin Falls 00:42 Tools
The Recluse 02:10 Tools
Kill Me, Pt. 3 02:16 Tools
A Shot Across the Bow 02:22 Tools
The Cheapening 02:16 Tools
A Clean Start 01:51 Tools
Into Thin Air 05:03 Tools
Don't Forget (Vocal Version) 02:57 Tools
A Bit of a Troublemaker (Alternate Version) 03:30 Tools
Kill Me (Part 3) 02:16 Tools
I Don't Know 02:16 Tools
Don\'t Forget 02:57 Tools
Come Home 02:16 Tools
Trying Not to Care 02:16 Tools
Don't Let Me Go 02:16 Tools
Matter 02:16 Tools
My Time 02:16 Tools
That Way 02:16 Tools
Last Night 02:16 Tools
Matter - (Single) 02:16 Tools
It Was Alright 02:16 Tools
Kill Me (Part Three) 02:16 Tools
It's Not My Fault 02:16 Tools
For What It's Worth 02:16 Tools
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We Were Pirates is the musical brainchild of Mike Boggs, a multi-instrumentalist who writes and records songs in his home studio in the DC area. To date, Boggs has released three We Were Pirates albums and a film score for ‘Dear Mr. Watterson’ in 2013. ‘Dear Mr. Watterson’ is a documentary film about the impact of the comic strip, Calvin & Hobbes. We Were Pirates’ original score includes fourteen instrumental songs that range from jangly, upbeat pop, to darker, more introspective tracks. The score features Boggs on guitar, drums, keys, and some bass, while contributor Kate Rears Burgman (The Mean Ideas) lends her cello and bass skills to several songs. The score was co-mixed by Boggs and TJ Lipple (Aloha), who also mastered the album. 2012 marked the release of We Were Pirates’ second full-length record, Change. Lyrically and musically, Change is slightly more mature and aggressive than Boggs’ previous works, yet has the same trademark WWP catchiness that causes listeners to curse the band while humming the infectious melodies over and over. Thematically, the question of whether people are truly capable of change is explored, which allows for a new, welcomed depth to We Were Pirates. Wired Magazine featured We Were Pirates in their March 2012 issue, saying: “You heard this band’s public radio-friendly pop on This American Life and you heard its tracks on MTV’s: The Real World: DC. So don’t miss ‘Better Off Without You’ from the new album. Catchy synths will have your crew dancing a jig.” Boggs’ 2009 debut LP, ‘Cutting Ties,’ features a version of “The Three of Us,” a cover song that Boggs recorded which was featured on the Chicago Public Radio show, This American Life. As a result, Chicago Tribune rock critic and co-host of Sound Opinions, Greg Kot, heard We Were Pirates’ version of the song and described it thusly: “Pure pop. This should be the next Fountains of Wayne single…genius.” We Were Pirates reached #41 on the CMJ Top 200 chart for ‘Cutting Ties,’ as well as being mentioned on NPR, Geekdad, and more. Since then, We Were Pirates’ music has continued to be utilized on multiple television programs on both MTV and E!. At the moment, We Were Pirates live shows feature Gabe Fry (The NRIs) on guitar, Kate Rears Burgman on cello and bass and Pat Frank (The Mean Ideas) on percussion. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.