Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Cold Ghosts 05:23 Tools
Witchery Artillery 03:33 Tools
The Gleaming 06:58 Tools
World War Winter 04:56 Tools
Writhe 07:39 Tools
Clawing Into Black Sun 03:43 Tools
The Silver Key 03:43 Tools
Das Kult 04:57 Tools
Bones of the Pious 04:34 Tools
Call to Assimilate 02:55 Tools
Snaketongues 03:43 Tools
The Sentinels 08:19 Tools
Ghosts in the Water 05:46 Tools
Shadowhorn 03:45 Tools
Slaves To The Grime 06:09 Tools
Suicide Brigade 05:43 Tools
A Cancer of Purity 08:17 Tools
A Defiled Aesthetic 06:59 Tools
Monolith 08:39 Tools
The Desanctification 08:39 Tools
In Reverence 08:39 Tools
Death Division 08:39 Tools
Lethe 08:39 Tools
Eternal Rotting Misery 04:21 Tools
Cobrafist 04:21 Tools
Call Me Death 06:00 Tools
Law of the Rope 03:06 Tools
Bathed in Moonblood and Wolflight 06:00 Tools
A Light That Doesn't Yield 06:00 Tools
Bathed in Moonblood & Wolflight 03:06 Tools
The Failure King 09:03 Tools
Dead Rat, Rotting Raven 03:57 Tools
Solace Eclipsed 03:57 Tools
A Light That Does Not Yield 06:00 Tools
Bridgegoat 03:21 Tools
Susceptibility 03:06 Tools
Ceremonie of the Stiffling 09:03 Tools
Frostmaster 03:57 Tools
Entering the Chamber of Set 05:30 Tools
Rich With Bloodfuel 03:58 Tools
Susceptibility (Inner circle of whores) 04:20 Tools
Ghost In The Water 05:46 Tools
Burn (The Cure Cover) 06:17 Tools
Slave To The Grime 06:20 Tools
Burn 06:20 Tools
Dead Rat Rotting Raven 06:20 Tools
Demonomania / Bloodfeast 06:20 Tools
WOLVHAMMER_Writhe 06:20 Tools
Death Division (Sanford Parker mix) 06:20 Tools
Call To Assimiliate 02:55 Tools
The Sentinels (Live) 02:55 Tools
Clawing Into Black Sun - The Silver Key (8:26) 06:01 Tools
Clawing Into Black Sun - The Desanctification (6:55) 06:01 Tools
Bathed in Moonblood and Wolflight.... 06:01 Tools
01 Cold Ghosts 06:01 Tools
02 Witchery Artillery 06:01 Tools
03 World War Winter 06:01 Tools
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WOLVHAMMER is a metal band based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Self-described "blackened sludge punk," they recently released the Dawn of the 4th EP, a follow-up to their first EP, Rich with Bloodfuel. Their drummer offered the following statement about the band; "We wanted to take the things we loved about old school black metal/post-punk/hardcore/doom/rock and infuse that into something truly honest. No bullshit Satanism or sensationalism, just pure honest hatred for religion, capitalism, politics, sheep mentality and typical human behaviour. We wanted to write simple, memorable, and truly hate-filled metal anthems for ourselves and all the other blue collar, working poor, and generally unsatisfied people who are looking for something raw and classic as soundtrack to rise up and fight the status quo around them in any way they see fit to do" - their drummer H.R. Their first full-length, Black Marketeers Of World War III has been released in 2010 by Init Records. http://wolvhammer.blogspot.com http://www.myspace.com/wolvhammer Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.