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The Camera Loves Me 03:01 Tools
Cecil Beaton's Scrapbook 02:54 Tools
Marvellous Boy 02:19 Tools
Pinstriped Rebel 03:13 Tools
Velazquez & I 03:36 Tools
Amaretto 03:35 Tools
Young Man From Caracas 03:35 Tools
Perfect Dear 01:26 Tools
Death A La Carte 01:53 Tools
Rose Du Barry 01:45 Tools
Motorbike Girl 02:11 Tools
Back to the Old House 02:20 Tools
fruit paradise 02:20 Tools
Too Old 01:49 Tools
Mystery Jones 02:10 Tools
The Morning After 02:42 Tools
Bad Lord Byron 04:01 Tools
Vivre Sa Vie 02:36 Tools
A Season In Hell 03:46 Tools
The Hanging Gardens of Reigate 03:25 Tools
Christmas in Haiti 02:25 Tools
Temporary Best Friend 02:25 Tools
Rich and Strange 02:31 Tools
Esperanza 02:44 Tools
Fancy Man 02:26 Tools
Elegant Rascal 01:45 Tools
Trying To Be Bad 03:43 Tools
Butterfly Kiss 03:03 Tools
Flashman 04:00 Tools
Emmanuelle Béart 02:27 Tools
Diminuendo 01:52 Tools
Pantomime Devil 02:17 Tools
Southernmost 02:26 Tools
Dilettante 00:00 Tools
Miss La-Di-Dah 02:05 Tools
1999 04:21 Tools
Big Cat Act 03:15 Tools
Le Crocodile 01:44 Tools
Bluebeard 02:26 Tools
Casanova '92 00:00 Tools
Dear St. Valentine 02:22 Tools
Sad Stories 02:57 Tools
What Adam And Eve Did Next 01:47 Tools
The Ghost of Mr. Minton 02:52 Tools
I Broke The Spell 03:26 Tools
Innocent Abroad 03:17 Tools
The King Of Lace 02:09 Tools
Hanging Gardens Of Reigate 03:25 Tools
The Girl At Number 7 01:56 Tools
Bayswater Blues 00:00 Tools
Richard III 01:56 Tools
In Bohemia 02:42 Tools
The End of the World 00:00 Tools
By The Light Of A Cynical Moon 03:52 Tools
Venusberg 03:07 Tools
Everybody Wants My Baby 02:50 Tools
Whitsun Bride 00:00 Tools
Richard 3 03:52 Tools
Melusine 03:16 Tools
Wrong Way Round 00:00 Tools
Heart of Tin 02:36 Tools
Pleasure Island 02:28 Tools
Subtle Charm 03:06 Tools
Baby Romaine 03:47 Tools
Enemies of Promise 03:32 Tools
A Professor Momtchiloff Mystery 03:14 Tools
Spanish Tragedy ?Bonus Track? 03:47 Tools
Lisbon Beat 00:00 Tools
Whistsun Bride 03:32 Tools
Angel Square 00:00 Tools
Leave My Mind Alone 02:16 Tools
Words 02:47 Tools
Ecuador Days 00:00 Tools
Je Lèche Les Vitrines 03:03 Tools
Black Pearls Of Polynesia 03:22 Tools
I Believe You Cassandra 01:42 Tools
Dream Lover 00:00 Tools
Trinidad Affair 00:00 Tools
Exotica 00:00 Tools
La Fonda Del Sol 00:00 Tools
Gigi Geographic 00:00 Tools
No More Tearstained Makeup 01:54 Tools
Death À La Carte 01:54 Tools
Run For Your Life 03:54 Tools
Velázquez And I 03:34 Tools
spanish tragedy 02:49 Tools
Je leche les vitrines 00:00 Tools
Richard ‡V 02:49 Tools
Giri Geographic 03:02 Tools
Velasquez & I 03:02 Tools
Sugar Mummy 02:57 Tools
Velázquez & I 01:45 Tools
Elegand Rascal 01:45 Tools
Would-Be-Goods - The Camera Loves Me 02:57 Tools
Would-Be-Goods - Marvellous Boy 01:45 Tools
Velásquez and I 01:45 Tools
Tear Stained Make-Up 00:00 Tools
Camera Loves Me 00:00 Tools
What Adam & Eve Did Next 01:47 Tools
Would-Be-Goods - Perfect Dear 01:47 Tools
Hanging Garden of Reigate 00:00 Tools
Miss ladidah 00:00 Tools
Cecil Beatons Scrapbook 02:54 Tools
Christmas In Heiti 03:10 Tools
Velasquez and I (Album) 00:00 Tools
Casanova ´92 00:00 Tools
Motorbike Girl (Album) 03:10 Tools
Trinided affair 00:00 Tools
The Hanging Gardens Of Reigate (Album) 03:10 Tools
Cecil Beaton' 02:38 Tools
Perfect Dear (2001) 01:43 Tools
Christmas Is Haiti 01:43 Tools
Would-Be-Goods - Southernmost 02:26 Tools
Casanova'92 02:38 Tools
Velasquez and I 02:38 Tools
Young Man From Caracus 03:59 Tools
Rich & Strange 03:59 Tools
Cecil Beaton's scrapbook 02:54 Tools
Cecil Beaton’s Scrapbook 02:54 Tools
My Marvellous Boy 02:54 Tools
06 Marvellous Boy 02:54 Tools
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The Would-be-goods story begins in 1987 when Jessica Griffin recorded a single under that name for cult label el records. The songs Hanging Gardens of Reigate and Fruit Paradise, were written by Simon Turner and Colin Lloyd Tucker, and recorded by Richard Preston at Strand-on-the-Green Studios, London. Jessica followed this up with an album of her own songs, The Camera Loves Me, with the Monochrome Set as backing band. The album, recorded in Chiswick, West London and produced by 1960s pop star Keith West, was released on el Records in 1988. Jessica’s sister Miranda contributed to the songwriting and backing vocals. Jessica then left the music world to work in the City of London until 1993, when she was invited to make another record for the Japanese label Trattoria. Mondo was recorded with the Monochrome Set at Moat Studios, London, and this time was produced by Bid, who also duetted with Jessica on the song ‘Casanova ‘92’. Later in 1993 Jessica recorded four new songs with el records artist Monty, two of which were written by Jessica and two by Monty. These were included on the cd re-release of The Camera Loves Me. In the late 1990s Jessica learned the guitar and started writing songs again. She was joined by Peter Momtchiloff (formerly of Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, and Marine Research) on guitar and bass; in 2000 and 2001they recorded 22 songs at Shaw Sound in West London with Orson Presence from the Monochrome Set playing various keyboard instruments. Drums were provided first by Struan Robertson and then by Jim Kimberley. A four-track EP (‘Emmanuelle Béart’) was released on Matinee Recordings of Washington DC (now Santa Barbara) and a three-track 7” single (‘Sugar Mummy’) was released on Fortuna Pop! Records of London. Early in 2002 the Would-be-goods’ third album, Brief Lives, appeared as a joint release by Matinee, Fortuna Pop, and P-Vine Records of Japan. By this time the Would-be-goods had played their first live shows in London: first with just Jessica on guitar and Peter on bass and guitar, and then with new member Debbie Green on drums and backing vocals. Debbie is a former member of the Headcoatees, the X-Men, and Baby Birkin; she has also played with Peter in the Family Way, Dutronc, and now the Speed of Sound. Finally in summer 2002 the Would-be-goods’ line-up was completed by the addition of Lupe Nunez-Fernandez on bass and backing vocals. This line-up played several shows in London and visited the East Coast of America in autumn 2002. Late in 2002 they started recording songs for a fourth album, and this was finally completed early in 2004.The Morning After is released in August 2004 on Fortuna Pop! and Matinee. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.