Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Leaving In The Night 00:00 Tools
Possession 04:03 Tools
Moonlight 03:46 Tools
Mirror 05:40 Tools
Au Noir 03:54 Tools
Dark Day 04:08 Tools
Why We Were Gone 03:27 Tools
Untitled 03:30 Tools
Something 00:00 Tools
Fallen Down 03:20 Tools
Dancing with you 05:28 Tools
Leave Me Alone 04:14 Tools
Without You 04:16 Tools
Not For Us 03:48 Tools
Keep Silent 04:56 Tools
Have A Nice Day 03:35 Tools
Someday 02:51 Tools
Life Is A Lie 04:07 Tools
Raise Up 04:29 Tools
Silver Moon 05:38 Tools
Intro 03:05 Tools
Deepen 02:38 Tools
One Thrilling Night 02:38 Tools
08 Conclusion 01:47 Tools
Turn Me On 04:25 Tools
Closer To You 04:25 Tools
Conjuration 04:16 Tools
Black Horse 04:16 Tools
Conclusion 01:47 Tools
The Wild Trip 04:10 Tools
Black Shadow 05:38 Tools
04 Silver Moon 05:38 Tools
Lullaby 04:29 Tools
01 Intro 03:05 Tools
05 Raise Up 04:29 Tools
Skyline 02:38 Tools
06 Deepen 02:38 Tools
All Stars 04:20 Tools
Posession 04:03 Tools
Under The Snow 03:53 Tools
Dance Macabre 03:53 Tools
Over 03:49 Tools
In The Dark 03:53 Tools
Wherever You Are 03:53 Tools
4. Moonlight 03:53 Tools
Bluegrey 03:53 Tools
Maybe.. Spring 03:22 Tools
1. Leaving In The Night 03:53 Tools
2. Dark Day 03:53 Tools
Xiu - Why We're Gone 03:22 Tools
Highgate 00:00 Tools
3. Mirror 00:00 Tools
Law of Light 00:00 Tools
The Secret 03:22 Tools
A1 Conjuration 03:22 Tools
Kaleidoscope 03:22 Tools
5. Au Noir 00:00 Tools
2. The Wild Trip 03:22 Tools
save me save me 03:22 Tools
Tishina 03:22 Tools
B1 River 03:22 Tools
B2 Kaleidoscope 03:22 Tools
Где бы ты ни был (Wherever You Are) 03:22 Tools
A3 LIFE IS A LIE 03:22 Tools
River 03:22 Tools
Danse Macabre 03:22 Tools
Xiu - Highgate 03:22 Tools
Closer To You - V.A. Transform Transport Transcend (a+w 005) 2013 03:22 Tools
A2 Danse Macabre 03:22 Tools
Fallen Down (Demo) 03:20 Tools
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Xiu is a minimal synth project based in Milan, Italy, formed by Oksana. Oksana was born in Estonia and studied academic music in Russia. Academic knowledges had a deep impact in the creative process of her musical entity. During several years she also sang in the church's choir which is undoubtedly had influenced her work. Next to the writting of her first musical effort she contributing appearances for the minimal-synth band Newclear Waves. She is familiar with underground musical scenes which emerged during the 80s, from sonic minimal synth experiments to cold wave and post-punk. Xiu's music is a synthesis between retro-pop and futurist synth waves. It delivers spacy looped electronica, groovy rhythms, linear lo-fi synth washes, softly dreamy pop melodies sometimes admitting dramatic tones and mysterious textural ambiences. The conceptual background deals with thematics related to dystopia, occult arts and mystic believes. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.