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In Our Blood 00:00 Tools
Grasping Air 08:59 Tools
Prepare the Ground 09:05 Tools
Adrift in the Ocean 13:33 Tools
Nothing to Win 11:09 Tools
Quantum Mystic 13:17 Tools
Kosmos 11:09 Tools
The Screen 09:49 Tools
Marrow 21:26 Tools
Burning The Altar 13:23 Tools
Unmask the Spectre 13:23 Tools
The Mental Tyrant 21:26 Tools
Atma 08:57 Tools
Ball of Molten Lead 11:06 Tools
Doom #2 06:09 Tools
Exorcism of the Host 12:55 Tools
Ablaze 23:38 Tools
Breathing From the Shallows 07:35 Tools
The Great Cessation 22:24 Tools
Before We Dreamed of Two 16:00 Tools
The Lie That Is Sin 11:16 Tools
Upon the Sight of the Other Shore 07:34 Tools
The Illusion of Motion 26:10 Tools
Silence Of Heaven 09:48 Tools
In Reverie 12:04 Tools
Ether 07:16 Tools
Original Face 07:06 Tools
Lungs Reach 12:04 Tools
Beauty in Falling Leaves 12:04 Tools
Aeons 18:10 Tools
Our Raw Heart 00:00 Tools
Catharsis 23:38 Tools
Universe Throb 10:35 Tools
All the Children Forgotten 00:00 Tools
Clear Seeing 00:00 Tools
Revolution 12:04 Tools
Pain of I 07:06 Tools
Asleep in Samsara 00:00 Tools
Blessed By Nothing (bonus track) 00:00 Tools
Quantum Mystic - Live 00:00 Tools
Pain Like Sugar (bonus track) 06:43 Tools
Silence 00:00 Tools
Dogma 06:43 Tools
Burning The Altar - Live 06:43 Tools
Kosmos - Live 06:43 Tools
The Great Cessation - Live 06:43 Tools
Happy Everywhere 02:51 Tools
Quantum Mystic - Live at Roadburn 2012 02:51 Tools
Revolution (Original Sick Version) 12:05 Tools
Pain Like Sugar 00:00 Tools
Blessed by Nothing 08:34 Tools
Marrow (Clearing the Path to Ascend 2014 | HQ) 14:59 Tools
Grasping Air - Live at Roadburn 2012 14:59 Tools
Kosmos - Live at Roadburn 2012 14:59 Tools
Essence 14:59 Tools
Big Bag 00:00 Tools
The Mental Tyrant - Live at Roadburn 2012 00:00 Tools
Before We Dreamed of Two 16:00 Tools
In Our Blood (Clearing the Path to Ascend 2014 | HQ) 16:00 Tools
Track01 - Aeons 14:59 Tools
White Doom (live) 12:42 Tools
Kosmos (Live) 11:07 Tools
Track02 - Ether 16:00 Tools
Clearing The Path To Ascend - HQ Quality 13:21 Tools
Burning the Altar (Live) 13:21 Tools
Nothing To Win (Clearing the Path to Ascend 2014 | HQ) 12:42 Tools
Quantum Mystic (live) 09:32 Tools
Our Raw Heart ( Visualizer) 09:32 Tools
Track03 - Catharsis 16:00 Tools
Ball of Molten Lead - Live at Roadburn 2010 16:00 Tools
Burning the Altar - Live at Roadburn 2010 16:00 Tools
Amoeba Green Room Session 16:00 Tools
Unmask The Spectre (Clearing the Path to Ascend 2014 | HQ) 00:00 Tools
The Great Cessation (Live) 22:21 Tools
Original Face (Official 4K) 22:21 Tools
02 Grasping For Air 00:54 Tools
Kosmos - Live at Roadburn 2010 00:54 Tools
Revolution (Original Sick Version!) 00:00 Tools
The Great Cessation - Live at Roadburn 2010 00:00 Tools
YOB Live at Roadburn Festival 2010 00:20 Tools
Elaborations of Carbon 02:08 Tools
Atma Mastered 08:57 Tools
03 Kasmas 01:03 Tools
Exorcism of The Beast 00:00 Tools
04The Mental Tyrant 02:08 Tools
Revolution(original sick version!) 02:08 Tools
02 Nothing To Win 02:08 Tools
01 In Our Blood 22:21 Tools
Intro 01:58 Tools
Clearing The Path To Ascend 01:58 Tools
Piano J 07:10 Tools
Unreal Never Lived, The - The Mental Tyrant (21:23) 11:06 Tools
Marrow (Clearing the Path to Ascend 2014 11:06 Tools
03 Unmask The Spectre 07:10 Tools
04 Marrow 07:10 Tools
Silent 08:43 Tools
Track01-Silence 01:58 Tools
Track03-Dogma 11:06 Tools
Unreal Never Lived, The - Kosmos (10:25) 00:30 Tools
Great Cessation 08:43 Tools
Devoid of Redemption 08:29 Tools
Track02-Revolution(original sick version!) 00:30 Tools
Our Raw Heart (2018) 05:44 Tools
Unreal Never Lived, The - Quantum Mystic (10:58) 11:06 Tools
Unreal Never Lived, The - Grasping Air (9:02) 00:30 Tools
The Sentinels 05:44 Tools
Asleep In Asleep In Samsara 11:10 Tools
The Legend 11:19 Tools
An Ache for the Distance 06:09 Tools
Holes in the Desert 11:19 Tools
Doom 06:11 Tools
The Mental Tryant 06:11 Tools
Ball of Molten Lead (live) 12:22 Tools
Open Veins To A Curtain Closed 15:59 Tools
Slow Drive 15:59 Tools
Revolution (Demo) 12:06 Tools
Blessed By Nothing (12'' bonus) 08:29 Tools
Cut Up, Depressed and Alone 15:59 Tools
Beauty in Falling Leaves (lyrics) 15:59 Tools
The Illusion of Motion 2004 15:59 Tools
01 Burning The Altar 06:11 Tools
Pain Like Sugar (Rough Mix) 08:29 Tools
Upon the Sight of the Other Shore (2011) 08:29 Tools
02 - Atma 05:44 Tools
close the door on the way out 08:29 Tools
A Drift in the Ocean 13:33 Tools
Doom # 2 06:11 Tools
02 The Lie That Is Sin 11:19 Tools
Pain Like Sugar (12'' bonus) 05:44 Tools
Quantam Mystic 07:35 Tools
Adrift in the Ocean (feat. Scott Kelly of Neurosis) 13:33 Tools
[YOB][1]NEWSONG1 11:19 Tools
00 intro (2014-03-04) 13:33 Tools
Blessed by Nothing (Live) 13:33 Tools
Exocisim of the Host 13:33 Tools
04 The Illusion Of Motion 13:33 Tools
Before we dreamed of two (feat. Scott Kelly) 15:59 Tools
05 - Adrift In The Ocean 13:33 Tools
Untitled 13:33 Tools
Lula 13:33 Tools
03 - Before We Dreamed Of Two 15:59 Tools
Ball of Molton Lead 11:19 Tools
[YOB][3]NEWSONG3 15:59 Tools
01 - Aeons 11:19 Tools
01 Ball Of Molten Lead 11:19 Tools
Adrift in the Ocean (Feat. Scott Kelly) 13:33 Tools
03 - Catharsis 13:33 Tools
04 Breathing From The Shallows 07:35 Tools
Prepare the Ground (Live) 09:48 Tools
[YOB][2]NEWSONG2 09:48 Tools
YOB - Grasping Air 15:59 Tools
Essence (Bonus Track) 14:57 Tools
PianoII 15:59 Tools
02 - Ether 07:19 Tools
02 Exorcism Of The Host 12:59 Tools
3 Kosmos 13:39 Tools
1 Quantum Mystic 13:39 Tools
03 Silence Of Heaven 09:48 Tools
Adrift In The Ocean (Live) 13:39 Tools
03 Kosmos 13:39 Tools
04 - Upon The Sight Of The Other Shore 09:48 Tools
2 Grasping Air 09:48 Tools
Ball of Molten Lead (Live at Roadburn 2010) 09:48 Tools
Doom No.2 06:09 Tools
Kosmos (2005) 14:57 Tools
Track06-Asleep In Samsara 06:09 Tools
Track05-Pain Of J 06:09 Tools
Track04-Revolution 06:09 Tools
01 Quantam Mystic (2014-03-04) 06:09 Tools
The Great Cessation (Live at Roadburn 2010) 06:09 Tools
Burning The Altar (Live at Roadburn 2010) 06:09 Tools
Kosmos (Live at Roadburn 2010) 06:09 Tools
Revolution (Original Version) 06:09 Tools
The Illusion Of Motion (second part) 06:09 Tools
The Unreal Never Lived 06:09 Tools
4 The Mental Tyrant 14:57 Tools
05 The Great Cessation 14:57 Tools
02 Grasping Air 14:57 Tools
Revolution (Original Sick Vers 14:57 Tools
Silence (Demo) 14:57 Tools
Quantum Mystic [2005] 14:57 Tools
Marrow (Excerpt) 14:57 Tools
02 Adrift in the Ocean (2014-03-04) 14:57 Tools
[YOB][4]NEWSONG4 14:57 Tools
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YOB was brought into being by vocalist / guitarist Mike Scheidt during the mid 90s. Prior to founding YOB, Scheidt had operated as a drummer with Hardcore acts Chemakill and Dirty Sanchez and held down bass duties in H.C. Minds. The original incarnation of YOB featured Scheidt alongside bassist Lowell Iles and drummer Greg Ocon. However, by the time of recording the 2001 album Elaborations of Carbon, YOB comprised Scheidt, bassist Isamu Sato, previously with death metal act Thrombus and former Lightweight drummer Gabe Morley. Satu also operates H.C. Minds whilst Morley divides his time with Fingertrap. Hailing from the ever-gray skies of Eugene, OR, USA comes YOB, a band already well on their way to make their mark in the doom metal scene worldwide. Formed in 1996 by founding member Mike Scheidt, YOB started creating and destroying ideas that would become the foundation for one of doom metal’s most shining hopefuls. The first three song self-titled demo was submitted to Stonerrock.com in 1999, sending shockwaves into the stoner rock/doom scene worldwide. This demo was a bold statement of intent: uncompromising heavy doom metal. Within YOB's sound, which is equal parts Sleep, Burning Witch, Neurosis, High On Fire and Electric Wizard, YOB has accomplished song craft that is as much their own sound as it is paying homage to the doom metal greats of both times of yore and present. In 2001 YOB recorded its first full-length record for 12th Records in Spokane, Washington titled Elaborations Of Carbon. This offering received dozens of rave reviews from magazines and fans worldwide, securing YOB's place as one of the best doom metal bands in the scene today. The Lollipop Magazine review of Elaborations of Carbon says, "Six mighty songs of beautiful doom-laden sound, full and expansive. Inverted, hanging riffs, Melvenoid spacey trudging, Tab-esque motion, and a deep well of compositional creativity...only a complete dupe would say this isn't a good one". 2002 saw YOB secure a recording contract with Lunasound/Abstract Sounds. Their first CD for this label, Catharsis, hit the streets worldwide November 4th, 2003. Featuring a stronger production and three songs clocking in at 50 minutes, those who have heard it proclaim it is the best YOB record yet. Kicking Doors In YOB's third full length release The Illusion of Motion was a bold statement of utterly mammoth proportions. Released on label heavyweight Metal Blade Records, the band was handpicked by legendary Brian Slagle. With this newfound support, YOB was introduced to a much wider audience and garnered much attention for this record's unheard of approach to the doom metal genre. One just needs to listen to the track Exorcism of the Host to instantly recognize that the band was head and shoulders above their metal brethren. Following the release of the album, YOB went on to headline a tour through May and June. The End of the Road In 2005 the band released their most ambitious and most accomplished studio production yet, entitled The Unreal Never Lived. The hypnotic pound-everyone riffing remained while at the same time they pushed the envelope of Doom Metal to its maximum capacity. Classics such as Grasping Air stomped in such a crushing way as to make one check the yard for dinosaurs. The album also explored dynamics and progression unheard of before on cuts like Kosmos. Doom fans and Metalheads alike the world over were turning their undivided attention to this entity seemingly trapped out of time. But unfortunately as the old saying goes, "All that we build, all that is destroyed." In a press release dated January 10th, 2006: "This is Mike from YOB. I regret to say that YOB is disbanding after almost 10 years of existence. The time we spent with YOB exceeded our wildest expectations and hopes and it has truly been a dream come true. Travis Foster and Isamu Sato left the band in July, and I have been trying to decide what to do for the last six months. YOB has had 3 other line-ups, but this one was the best. At the end of the day the best thing for YOB is to call it a day. I want to thank everyone who has been supportive to YOB over the years....labels, bands, fans, the venues, our families....without you none of this would have been possible. I will be working on a new band called AGE that will very much be in the vein of YOB, with some new twists. Until then, be well and stay HEAVY! ENDLESS DOOM!!!" - Mike (YOB) The follow-up band, Middian, disbanded after numerous legality issues. They only released one album, "Age Eternal". After this, in 2008, the band has reformed and has confirmed the recording of a new album to be released in Summer 2009. The Great Cessation album, by YOB, has been released in July 14th 2009. It is absolutely one of the heaviest albums yet, and this band is great live. There is also another artist called yoB. yoB (with a capital B) A Songer Singwriter from Hackney. With songs that cover heartbreak, paternity leave, make-up and immoral support. Look out for the New E.P 'A Boys Eye View' coming to an illegal file sharing site near you..... For the next year. At the end of every month. yoB will be releasing a free piece of music. Limited to 200 downloads. Available from www.yobmusic.bandcamp.com. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.