Yogee New Waves

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
CLIMAX NIGHT 04:18 Tools
Can You Feel It 07:54 Tools
Bluemin' Days 04:19 Tools
Ride on Wave 04:17 Tools
Prism Heart 06:02 Tools
Fantasic Show 05:25 Tools
Megumi no Amen 04:38 Tools
Summer 04:26 Tools
Good Bye 04:41 Tools
Good Night Station 05:26 Tools
Hello Ethiopia 06:39 Tools
Sunset Town [Dorian Remix] 05:18 Tools
How Do You Feel? 05:18 Tools
Summer of Love 05:18 Tools
Earth 03:13 Tools
Like Sixteen Candles 04:19 Tools
Listen 04:13 Tools
World is Mine 04:36 Tools
Boyish 03:35 Tools
Camp 00:00 Tools
to the moon 00:00 Tools
Sayonaramata 00:00 Tools
Dreamin' Boy 00:00 Tools
Sunset Town 05:18 Tools
Understand 04:45 Tools
Dive Into the Honeytime 04:26 Tools
Night is Coming 08:03 Tools
C.A.M.P. 05:36 Tools
Intro (horo) 00:51 Tools
Lemon Tea 00:00 Tools
Baiuzensen 00:00 Tools
Bring it Home 04:11 Tools
blueharlem 00:00 Tools
Suichutoshi 00:00 Tools
emerald 00:00 Tools
SUNKEN SHIPS 00:00 Tools
intro 00:00 Tools
Past Song 03:02 Tools
On Your Side 05:30 Tools
CLIMAX NIGHT (Happy Telephone Remix) 00:00 Tools
Climax Night (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
Bluemin' Days - BLUEHARLEM ver. 00:00 Tools
Ride on Wave - Sweet William Remix 00:00 Tools
Boys & Girls I (Lovely Telephone Remix) 03:24 Tools
Good Bye (album version) 04:40 Tools
Summer of Love - Sinking Time ver. 00:00 Tools
Dreamin Boy 00:00 Tools
あしたてんきになれ 00:00 Tools
Fantasic Show (album ver.) 05:10 Tools
Summer of Love (Sinking time ver.) 00:00 Tools
Boys & GirlsⅠ (Lovely Telephone Remix) 00:00 Tools
Boys & Girls (Lovely Telephone Remix) 00:00 Tools
Ride on Wave [Sweet William Remix] 00:00 Tools
Boys & GirlsⅠ(Lovely Telephone Remix) 00:00 Tools
Sunset Town (Dorian Remix) 00:00 Tools
Sweet Melodies 00:00 Tools
Bluemin' Days (BLUEHARLEM ver.) 00:00 Tools
Honey Pie 00:00 Tools
SAYONARAMATA (Official MV) 00:00 Tools
to the moon [Sen Morimoto Remix] 00:00 Tools
Odoru~朝が来ても~ 00:00 Tools
Odoru ~朝が来ても~ 00:00 Tools
Bluemin' Days (Album ver.) 00:00 Tools
Fantastic Show 00:00 Tools
Climax NIGHT(Happy Telephone Remix.) 00:00 Tools
CLIMAX NIGHT (New Version) 00:00 Tools
HOW DO YOU FEEL? (Official MV) 00:00 Tools
Ride On Wave ~ alljpop.co ~ 00:00 Tools
Goodbye 00:00 Tools
World is Mine(Official MV) 00:00 Tools
Fantasic Show(at Hawaii ver.) 00:00 Tools
Fantasic Show(Kai Takahashi Remix) 00:00 Tools
Ride on Wave (Sweet William Remix) 00:00 Tools
Climax Night (short Ver.) 00:00 Tools
CLIMAXNIGHT(Super Mellow ver.)@IMAGE CLUB 00:00 Tools
Bluemin' Days  (Official MV) 00:00 Tools
Odoru-Asagakitemo- 00:00 Tools
CAN YOU FEEL IT (Official MV) 00:00 Tools
Good Bye @ 森、道、市場 2016 00:00 Tools
Cassis 00:00 Tools
大切なもの 00:00 Tools
Don't say "lazy" 00:00 Tools
DOWN TOWN 00:00 Tools
Fantasic Show @ OUR FAVORITE THINGS 2016 00:00 Tools
Summer of Love (Official MV) 00:00 Tools
Good Bye (short Ver.) 00:00 Tools
C.A.M.P.(Stoned Forest ver.)@IMAGE CLUB 00:00 Tools
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Tetsushi Maeda, Kengo Kakudate and Naoki Yazawa* are Yogee New Waves. Formed in mid-2013 by Kakudate and Yazawa, the band's first show took place later that year when they reached the final of the emerging band competition at Summersonic Festival. Their first album "Paraiso" was released in 2014 and later featured on a number of Album of the Year rankings. Following numerous festival performances, the band put out a handful of releases in 2015, which culminated in their first solo show at WWW in Shibuya. * Yazawa announced he was leaving the band in January 2017. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.