Yuzo Kayama

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Madaminu koibito 03:23 Tools
Black Sand beach 02:17 Tools
Kirisame no hodo 02:22 Tools
Violet Sky 02:33 Tools
Shiroi suna no syojo 02:29 Tools
Kokoro no umi 02:29 Tools
Boomerang baby 02:09 Tools
Crazy driving 02:08 Tools
Running Donky 02:01 Tools
BLACK SAND BEACH '94 00:30 Tools
Since he likes you 00:00 Tools
Love is a crimson rose 00:00 Tools
Up to you and when 00:00 Tools
It is a bride smell 00:00 Tools
The setting sun is red 00:00 Tools
Blue stardust 00:00 Tools
Tabibitoyo 03:23 Tools
Hello Susie 02:11 Tools
Star of night sky 00:00 Tools
Demure Damsel 02:40 Tools
Yozora no Hoshi 02:33 Tools
a traveler 00:00 Tools
Kimito Itsumademo 03:18 Tools
Kimi to itsumademo 03:19 Tools
The paved road of drizzle 02:22 Tools
A White Beach 02:44 Tools
A small trip 00:00 Tools
Look Up At A Night Sky 03:28 Tools
KIRISAME-NO HODOU (The paved road of drizzle) 02:22 Tools
Four O clock 02:35 Tools
Aloha, - lei (good-bye, sweetheart) 02:35 Tools
Aoi hoshikuzu 02:19 Tools
Oyome ni oide 02:19 Tools
Yozora wo aoide 03:27 Tools
Aruhi nagisani 03:27 Tools
Koushinmaru 03:57 Tools
Syounan hikishio 03:57 Tools
Boku no imouto ni 02:57 Tools
Koi ha akai bara 03:23 Tools
Yuhi ha akaku 02:43 Tools
Futaridake no umi 02:59 Tools
Umi sono ai 06:59 Tools
Toki wo koete 05:15 Tools
Kimi no tame ni 03:49 Tools
Four 'O Clock 02:35 Tools
Utsukushii Venus 02:35 Tools
Sarai (with Tanimura Shinji) 02:35 Tools
Aloha Lei (Good Bye Sweetheart) 02:57 Tools
Aloha, - lei (good-bye, sweeth 02:35 Tools
Futari Dake No Umi 02:57 Tools
Tabibito yo 03:23 Tools
Four O' Clock 03:23 Tools
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Yūzō Kayama (加山 雄三, Kayama Yūzō?) is a Japanese popular musician and film star born on April 11, 1937. His father, Ken Uehara, was one of one of the most popular film stars in Japan during the 1930s. Yuzo Kayama became one of Japan's biggest stars of the 1960s in the "Wakadaishô" or "Young Guy" film series. He showed his ability for drama when Akira Kurosawa cast him for his 1965 film, Red Beard (赤ひげ, Akahige?), starring Toshiro Mifune. Kayama reported that he found the two years spent making this film the most difficult, but proudest work of his life. As a singer, he performed a distinctly Japanese form of psychedelic surf music in the 1960s. One of his best-known songs was "Black Sand Beach." He is ranked at No.80, in a list of Japan's top 100 musicians, compiled by HMV Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.