Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Ha Ha 02:46 Tools
Fastbuck 02:40 Tools
ALL DOWN 03:12 Tools
Searching the Desert 02:40 Tools
Doesn't Time Fly 03:24 Tools
Dead Crazy 03:37 Tools
Rock n Roll 02:28 Tools
Don't Like 02:33 Tools
F# 02:50 Tools
Clowns 01:54 Tools
Gee 03:04 Tools
Southside Johnny 02:17 Tools
I Wanna Ride 04:28 Tools
Billy 02:36 Tools
Shovel 02:40 Tools
I Wonder What's The Matter With Papa's Little Angel Child 03:59 Tools
Melody Line 03:07 Tools
You Don't Know My Mind 02:09 Tools
Mother 02:04 Tools
Don't Tell Me 02:12 Tools
Fractured 02:43 Tools
More Than Love 01:57 Tools
George 02:52 Tools
Motorbike Girl 02:27 Tools
Nobody's Fault but Mine 06:29 Tools
Shoeshine Shuffle 02:41 Tools
Nice 01:58 Tools
Love Me 02:05 Tools
Small Talk 02:34 Tools
Baby Baby 02:00 Tools
Curtains 04:25 Tools
Long Haul 03:09 Tools
Hero 01:48 Tools
Gun 'Em Down 01:51 Tools
Dog 02:34 Tools
Wagon 02:42 Tools
Fun Fun Fun 01:51 Tools
Vigilante Man 03:08 Tools
If You Can't 01:41 Tools
You 02:16 Tools
Hear Me Calling 02:20 Tools
Ever Again 03:06 Tools
Relax Your Mind 03:09 Tools
Drag Your Dog 02:04 Tools
Play with Fire 02:17 Tools
Possum 02:58 Tools
I Don't Wanna Go Out 01:50 Tools
Paint It Black 03:13 Tools
H.D. 01:21 Tools
I'll Be Rested 03:00 Tools
G-Slap 03:07 Tools
Highway 02:23 Tools
Street Fighting Man 01:52 Tools
Loudmouth 01:22 Tools
Confused Blues 04:22 Tools
We've Gotta Get Out of This Place 01:57 Tools
Pure Religion 03:11 Tools
Pumping a Line 03:22 Tools
Ann 02:07 Tools
Meter 02:05 Tools
Plymouth Car Is A Limousine 01:28 Tools
Last Time 00:00 Tools
Trouble 02:13 Tools
Safari 01:00 Tools
Social Suction 02:11 Tools
Valve Frank 02:19 Tools
Arse 03:48 Tools
Lightning's Girl 02:45 Tools
Rumble 02:52 Tools
Sad, Lonely and Blue 01:55 Tools
flatiron 02:04 Tools
ann (au go go mix) 02:06 Tools
Buffalo Bob 01:49 Tools
Take the Buick 01:46 Tools
Any Good Thing 03:58 Tools
Wonder What's the Matter With Papa's Little Angel Child 03:58 Tools
Thought 03:58 Tools
Skilled Enuf 01:50 Tools
Box n Burn 01:50 Tools
Gutter Roll 01:50 Tools
Hopeful Blues 01:50 Tools
Fifty Eight 01:50 Tools
Sister 01:50 Tools
You Don't Mind 01:50 Tools
The Last Time 01:50 Tools
Grass 01:50 Tools
Lies 01:50 Tools
Keep Goin 01:50 Tools
Highway Cruisin 04:27 Tools
Shovelhead 04:27 Tools
stick up jack 02:14 Tools
Sad, Lonely & Blue 01:57 Tools
Wanna Ride 04:27 Tools
Lightnings Girl 02:44 Tools
Garbage Scow 01:31 Tools
FASTBACK 02:40 Tools
girlfriend 02:50 Tools
DESERT 02:41 Tools
Tatts Willie 03:01 Tools
F♯ 02:48 Tools
Herb 00:30 Tools
nice (live) 03:09 Tools
DONT LIKE 02:52 Tools
FLY 03:26 Tools
E B D G 01:57 Tools
01 - Feedtime - Ha Ha 02:46 Tools
Mandead/Desert I 02:51 Tools
HA!HA! 02:48 Tools
Zacchary's Song 00:30 Tools
Possums 03:09 Tools
Ha! Ha! 02:47 Tools
life 04:10 Tools
I Don't Care About You 01:26 Tools
Mandead 02:17 Tools
05 - Feedtime - Doesn't Time Fly 03:25 Tools
06 - Feedtime - Dead Crazy 03:37 Tools
02 - Feedtime - Fastbuck 02:39 Tools
03 - Feedtime - All Down 03:14 Tools
04 - Feedtime - Mandead-Searching The Desert 02:50 Tools
mandead/desert II 03:33 Tools
07 - Feedtime - Don't Like 02:36 Tools
08 - Feedtime - F# 02:50 Tools
09 - Feedtime - Clowns 02:50 Tools
10 - Feedtime - Gee 03:04 Tools
13 - Feedtime - I Wanna Ride 03:04 Tools
Anne 02:07 Tools
11 - Feedtime - Southside Johnny 02:17 Tools
We Gotta Get Out of This Place 02:07 Tools
Out of this Place 01:59 Tools
Black 03:13 Tools
Curtain 04:25 Tools
e b g d 01:57 Tools
Sad Lonely & Blue 04:25 Tools
Sad,Lonely and Blue 01:58 Tools
Rock 'n' Roll 02:54 Tools
HD 01:57 Tools
Loud Mouth 01:20 Tools
mandead / desert II 03:33 Tools
mandead / desert I 02:34 Tools
LastTtime 01:54 Tools
Man Dead/Desert I 02:34 Tools
cbgd 01:57 Tools
Sad, Lonely a Blue 01:58 Tools
Lightings Girl 02:46 Tools
Weekend Warrior 02:24 Tools
'Fractured' 02:46 Tools
Small Talk [*] 02:18 Tools
Man Dead---Searching The Desert 02:18 Tools
Street Fightig Man 01:51 Tools
Don't Tell Me [*] 02:18 Tools
Man Dead/Desert II 03:33 Tools
'Rumble' 02:18 Tools
Gun Em Down 01:51 Tools
Never Again 02:51 Tools
'Safari' 01:57 Tools
H. D. 02:34 Tools
Live here on the show 02:34 Tools
Rock'n'roll 02:54 Tools
Don't Tell Me [Live] 02:34 Tools
Sad, Lonely, and Blue 02:34 Tools
Ann [Au Go Go Mix] 02:34 Tools
Possoms 02:23 Tools
Weekend Warriors 02:23 Tools
plymouth car is a limousine [*] 01:34 Tools
safari [*] 00:59 Tools
rumble [*] 02:51 Tools
Small Talk [Live] 02:51 Tools
EBGD 02:23 Tools
i wonder what's the matter wit 02:23 Tools
mandead + searching the desert 02:23 Tools
Flat Iron 02:51 Tools
Rock 'N Roll 02:51 Tools
freedtime - rock n roll 02:51 Tools
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feedtime was an independent punk-rock trio from Sydney, Australia, formed in 1979. The name is spelled with a lowercase f. The members were credited by their first names only: Rick (guitar, vocals), Al (bass), and Tom (drums). feedtime made four albums in the 1980s. Initially they recorded only for Aberrant Records in Australia, but their second through fourth albums were released internationally by the legendary indie label Rough Trade. The second album, Shovel, received the greatest critical acclaim. The last of these four albums, Suction, was produced by Butch Vig. feedtime's sound was loud, primitive, and brutal. The most distinctive musical element is thick, roaring electric guitar, played with a slide, over a thick, chugging rhythm section. Their loud but stripped-down, minimalist approach led them to be compared to the British postpunk band Wire (although feedtime didn't know Wire's music, but feedtime's sound also heavily referenced rural American country and blues. A large influence from classic rock is most easily heard on their covers LP Cooper S on which they covered the Rolling Stones and the Animals in addition to punk forebears like the Ramones and the Stooges. Bruce Griffiths of Aberrant Records describes working with feedtime: "The bands that have given me the most satisfaction to work with... Possibly the most satisfying was feedtime, because they became extremely close friends as a result of working with them, and I guess part of the satisfaction with them was the fact that they achieved recognition; they were licensed to Rough Trade in America, they're now licensed to Vinyl Solution in England and Europe, to Megadisc in the Benelux countries in Europe, so I guess that was satisfying in the way things happened, and a lot of people as a result of my involvement and us working together came to appreciate this band that I thought was really special." feedtime surfaced again in 1996, with a different drummer, for a reunion album Billy (for Amphetamine Reptile). Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.