Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Anyway 04:37 Tools
Sadness Season 04:24 Tools
Feel a Little Better 03:12 Tools
Evening Mantra 03:47 Tools
Well Done 05:32 Tools
Stop Looking Around 03:34 Tools
Right Here 04:18 Tools
Sad Memories 05:54 Tools
Hope 04:26 Tools
Get Happy 05:20 Tools
Where Is My Home 03:42 Tools
Way Out 04:14 Tools
Sadness Season (Get Happy 2012) 04:24 Tools
Anyway (Get Happy 2012) 04:37 Tools
Well Done (Get Happy 2012) 05:32 Tools
Paranoid Master 04:26 Tools
Feel A Little Better (Get Happy 2012) 03:12 Tools
Right Here (Get Happy 2012) 04:18 Tools
Зачемгород 03:47 Tools
You get happy, then you die 04:29 Tools
Get Happy (Get Happy 2012) 05:20 Tools
Evening Mantra (Get Happy 2012) 03:47 Tools
I feel a little better (acoustic) 03:18 Tools
Фрагменты 06:57 Tools
Stop Looking Around (Get Happy 2012) 03:34 Tools
You are right here 06:57 Tools
You're right here 06:57 Tools
Are you sure ? 04:19 Tools
Прогулка с собакой 06:57 Tools
It's not wrong 04:43 Tools
Anyway (Kvartira44records) 04:33 Tools
Sadness Season (The Penelopes Remix) 05:38 Tools
Пещера 04:14 Tools
Way Out (Get Happy 2012) 04:14 Tools
Сэм Беккет 00:00 Tools
Endorphin (demo) 00:00 Tools
Forest (rus) 03:49 Tools
Where Is My Home (GET HAPPY 2012) 03:42 Tools
Are you sure ? (air version) 04:19 Tools
Sadness Seasons 03:16 Tools
where is my home? 02:13 Tools
forest 00:00 Tools
Forest (eng) 03:50 Tools
sex on fire (kings of leon cover) 03:51 Tools
Прогулка с собакой 03:16 Tools
Are you sure? 04:21 Tools
I feel a little better 03:16 Tools
you get happy 04:29 Tools
You Right Here 06:59 Tools
forest14engmaster 03:50 Tools
Taste Of Betrayal 00:00 Tools
Anyway (OST "Околофутбола") 04:37 Tools
Well Done (live на Маяке) 00:00 Tools
Paint me 03:06 Tools
I fell a little better 03:19 Tools
You make me happy 00:00 Tools
forest14master 03:49 Tools
Broadcast (ENG live на Маяке) 00:00 Tools
You Get Happy Then You Die 04:29 Tools
Hope (live на Маяке) 02:54 Tools
We Will Rise (official video live) 00:00 Tools
Way out of here (old vers) 04:18 Tools
Stop Looking Around (OST "Городские птички") 00:00 Tools
Broadcast (RUS live) 00:00 Tools
Concert trailer track 02:10 Tools
Forest(rus) rusrock (zaycev.net) 02:10 Tools
холодно 02:19 Tools
Sadness Season (zaycev.net) 04:25 Tools
Broadcast 04:13 Tools
Are You Sure? (air version) 04:19 Tools
it s not wrong (squat cafe 10 09 10) 04:24 Tools
Endorphin (live на Маяке) 03:48 Tools
Feel A Little Better (zaycev.net) 04:24 Tools
Anyway (OST 'Околофутбола') 00:00 Tools
i saw miracle in your eyes 00:00 Tools
Forest (RUS live на Маяке) 03:51 Tools
I Dont Need (Live 16 tons) 02:34 Tools
Taste Of Betrayal (Ost Холодно) 00:00 Tools
paranoid 04:27 Tools
endorfin 04:49 Tools
mother with no s..n (live 12.09.13) 00:00 Tools
Anyway (live на Маяке) 04:08 Tools
Get Happy (live на Маяке) 04:49 Tools
Hope (zaycev.net) 04:49 Tools
Well Done (Get Happy'12) 05:32 Tools
We Will Rise 00:00 Tools
It's Not Wrong (live на Маяке) 06:12 Tools
Well Done (zaycev.net) 03:46 Tools
I feel a little better [acoustic] 03:18 Tools
weloveyouwinona 03:18 Tools
Feel little better 03:18 Tools
Sex On Fire (Kings Of Leon cover, live в Казани) 00:00 Tools
Sadness Season (live на Маяке) 04:00 Tools
Stop Looking Around(OST Корабль 2 сезон) 04:00 Tools
I Don't Need 02:34 Tools
Sex On Fire 02:34 Tools
i don`t need 00:00 Tools
Can (live) 05:20 Tools
Forest(rus) rusrock 05:20 Tools
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Complicated relations with the new members of the band and regular thoughts about the gathering new music material were the main reasons of creating a new project by Ivan Malezhik (ex-leader of Light and Day) – Weloveyouwinona. Remained in the influence of such artists as Jeff Buckley, Radiohead and Bob Dylan, and also dealing with his personal author’s sense, Ivan Malezhik continues to write solo material in English, paying special attention to the lyrical aspect of the songs, which - in distinction from a lot of contemporary bands - is full of heartfelt motifs and, at times, some caustic or sarcastic notes of self-irony. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.