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Mörgen 00:00 Tools
Hanike's Nightingale Dance ~Kurokumo no Kaze~ [prelude] 00:00 Tools
Starless Night (acustic version - demo-song) 00:00 Tools
New Suggestion (soft mix version) 00:00 Tools
Scarborough angemessen 00:00 Tools
LETZTE ROSE ~für Scarlet~ (Hanike's slow version) 00:00 Tools
Dogobass Song (original mix) 00:00 Tools
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「Trap's.Net」 is the solo project of Hanike, the former vocalist of Visual kei band L'Assembly (also know as Nightmare Creatures before), together with the japanese guitarrist Ayanosuke-sama, her boyfriend and former L'Assembly too, who left the project later. Hanike is an young brazillian singer and composer. Lover of japanese music and culture. She can sing in various languages as japanese, german, english...etc. Almost all her songs have an obscure atmosphere and a nostalgic story behind it. What can be easily noticed in her L'Assembly's songs. She is from a family of artists: her father is the composer and musician Nonato do Brasil; her brother is the Maestro, singer and multi instrumentalist Fabricio Miyakawa; and her mother is the plastic artist Cleo. When Hanike started 「Trap's.Net」 project, she was thinking to create a series of [Acoustic Versions] to some japanese rock songs. As Hanike was composing for and together of a Russian friend, Дмитрий Комаров, and with the idea of use a music programmer, she decided to change all focus of 「Trap's.Net」 to higher level: to create an "Internet Band", with musicians living in different (and far!) places, "assembling" the songs. The result of this are great songs, created by the competence and trust between all the members of the band, and that will be release in the web-based mini-album [[i]Assembly Engine Megalomania]. 「Trap's.Net」 counts with the suport of some great musicians, as Hanike's brother Fabricio Miyakawa; the guitarrist kAoRu, from the j-rock band CRISTALLIS; and her friend, the composer and bassist Mikku Rajakangas (also know as ☆tetsuya☆), from Finland. The music quality is guaranteed by the Russian young music programmer and synthetizer Forest (Комаров Дмитрий), who is close friend of Hanike since long date. The official members of 「Trap's.Net」 are: ° Hanike-sama (vocalist / lyricist / bassist - former L'Assembly) ° Dmitriy "Forest" Komarov (music programmer / synth) ° kAoRu * (solo guitarrist / arrangements) ° Donnie B. (guitarrist) ° Mace Vidal (violinist) *former guitarrist and leader of the band CRISTALLIS Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.