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畫沙 04:30 Tools
雨後天空 03:42 Tools
很旅行的愛情 04:08 Tools
I'm Sorry 03:45 Tools
唱首歌因為思念 04:27 Tools
熱氣球 04:36 Tools
你不愛我了 03:53 Tools
Yu Hou Tian Kong 03:53 Tools
Chang Shou Ge Yin Wei Si Nian 03:53 Tools
那年我們一起許願 03:06 Tools
陷阱 03:55 Tools
Re Qi Qiu 03:06 Tools
舞帶威脅 03:06 Tools
Ni Bu Ai Wo Liao 03:55 Tools
HUA SHA 04:34 Tools
Hen Lu Xing De Ai Qing 04:34 Tools
把傷心打碎 04:48 Tools
Come On 02:59 Tools
Brand New Day 03:56 Tools
刺蝟的擁抱 03:23 Tools
Wu Dai Wei Xie 02:59 Tools
笨魚 03:16 Tools
愛危險 03:40 Tools
Ben Yu 03:40 Tools
終於勇敢了 03:40 Tools
笨魚曲 03:23 Tools
我想要迷路 03:36 Tools
釋懷 04:27 Tools
聽我說 00:35 Tools
朋友 04:32 Tools
Fly Tonight 02:53 Tools
傻傻地 02:53 Tools
Bad Boy 02:53 Tools
Xian Jing 02:53 Tools
為愛戰鬥 03:39 Tools
Come To Mami 04:21 Tools
That's Alright 03:39 Tools
畫沙 (feat. 周杰倫) 04:29 Tools
塵埃 04:21 Tools
畫沙 (袁詠琳 + 周杰倫) 04:21 Tools
Sha Sha Di 03:40 Tools
愛是黑白 03:39 Tools
Do You See Me? (OT: YU HOU TIAN KONG) 03:39 Tools
有模有樣 03:39 Tools
Ai Wei Xian 03:39 Tools
美麗 03:39 Tools
心底 04:29 Tools
小寶貝 04:36 Tools
終於勇敢了(2019美國棉年度代言曲) 04:36 Tools
Hen Lu Xing De Ai Qing (Very Traveling Love) 03:39 Tools
安排 03:42 Tools
瑰寶 04:36 Tools
Re Qi Qiu (Hot-Air Balloon) 03:39 Tools
Ba Shang Xin Da Sui 04:36 Tools
梨落 04:29 Tools
Chang Shou Ge Yin Wei Si Nian (Sing A Song Because Of Longing For) 04:36 Tools
Ni Bu Ao Wo Le (You Don't Love Me Anymore) 04:36 Tools
唱首歌因爲思念 04:36 Tools
Na Nian Wo Men Yi Qi Xu Yuan (That Year When We Were Wishing Together) 04:36 Tools
半熟戀人 03:29 Tools
I’m sorry 03:49 Tools
Wu Dai Wei Xie (Dancing That Brings Threat) 03:49 Tools
Chen Ai 04:21 Tools
你想娶我嗎 03:40 Tools
Do You See Me? 03:40 Tools
Ben Yu Qu (Stupid Fish Song) 03:29 Tools
Wo Xiang Yao Mi Lu 03:40 Tools
Shi Huai 03:40 Tools
Yu Hou Tian Kong (The Sky After The Rain) 03:40 Tools
只好倔強 04:29 Tools
Ci Wei De Yong Bao 03:40 Tools
PENG YOU 03:40 Tools
袁詠琳 - 很旅行的愛情 04:15 Tools
TING WO SHUO 04:15 Tools
熱汽球 04:40 Tools
An Pai 04:40 Tools
Gui Bao 04:23 Tools
Trap 04:23 Tools
Fighting For Love 04:29 Tools
畫沙 (周杰倫合唱) 04:23 Tools
唱首歌因为思念 04:29 Tools
BAN SHU LIAN REN 04:29 Tools
画沙 04:29 Tools
陷阱 (Xian Jing) [Trap] 04:29 Tools
Ni Bu Ai Wo Le (You Don't Love Me Anymore) 04:29 Tools
爱危险 03:40 Tools
怎麼了 (Feat.周杰倫) 04:33 Tools
把伤心打碎 04:33 Tools
Xian Jing (Trap) 04:29 Tools
Ai Shi Hei Bai 03:12 Tools
Hua Sha (Sand Painting) (feat. Jay Chou) 04:29 Tools
我愛我自己 04:33 Tools
01.陷阱 03:55 Tools
畫沙 Feat. 周杰倫 04:33 Tools
畫沙 (袁詠琳/周杰倫) 04:33 Tools
畫沙 (ft. 周杰倫) 04:29 Tools
唱首歌因?思念 04:33 Tools
春梅 04:33 Tools
Love Danger 04:33 Tools
畫沙(周杰倫合唱) 04:33 Tools
那年我们一起许愿 (Na Nian Wo Men Yi Qi Xu Yuan) [That Year When We Were Wishing Together] 03:12 Tools
唱首歌因为思念 (Chang Shou Ge Yin Wei Si Nian) [Sing A Song Because Of Longing For] 03:12 Tools
You Mo You Yang 03:40 Tools
释怀 04:33 Tools
07.Come On 04:33 Tools
朋友 (Peng You) [Friend] 04:33 Tools
Sad Break 04:33 Tools
你不爱我了 03:59 Tools
那年我们一起许愿 03:05 Tools
热气球 03:05 Tools
舞带威胁 03:12 Tools
Wei Ai Zhan Dou 03:12 Tools
Sand Painting 03:12 Tools
爱危险 (Ai Wei Xian) [Love Danger] 03:12 Tools
刺猬的擁抱 03:12 Tools
傻傻地 (Sha Sha Di) [Foolishly] 03:12 Tools
Listen To Me (feat. Nicky Lee) 03:12 Tools
04.把傷心打碎 03:12 Tools
Friend 03:12 Tools
02.愛危險 03:12 Tools
03.聽我說 03:40 Tools
06.Brand New Day 03:40 Tools
我想要迷路 (Wo Xiang Yao Mi Lu) [I Want To Get Lost] 03:40 Tools
08.釋懷 03:40 Tools
把伤心打碎 (Ba Shang Xin Da Sui) [Shatter Grief] 03:40 Tools
聽我說 (feat. 李玖哲) 03:40 Tools
听我说 (Ting Wo Shuo) [Listen To Me] 03:40 Tools
10.朋友 03:40 Tools
释怀 (Shi Huai) [Relieved] 03:40 Tools
很旅行的爱情 03:40 Tools
Is the love of travel 03:40 Tools
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Cindy Yen (Traditional: 袁詠琳, Pinyin: Yuán Yǒng Lín), is an up-and-coming Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter whose musical styles vary from R&B, soul, pop, and classical, to rock, acoustic folk, dance and hip-hop. She was born November 14, 1986 in Houston, Texas, US. She started learning piano from the age of 4, which sparked a dream in her to become a singer. However, her mother did not support her dream and wanted Cindy to have a more 'stable' career instead. She started learning the violin at 10 and then told her mother than she wanted to learn at least 10 different instruments. After her parents divorced when she was 12, Cindy stated that 'Piano became her best friend,' and she once even stated during an interview that "without piano, there is no me. Piano is my other half, what makes me complete. Everything I bury inside my heart I let out when I play.' She attended Bellaire High School near Houston, TX and in 2004, went on to study and graduated from The University of Texas at Austin. When Cindy was 17, she begged her mother to accompany her to meet different record companies in Taiwan. Although she was immediately offered record contracts, her mother still did not allow her to pursue her dreams as a singer. She remained adamant that Cindy should finish college first before starting a career in the music industry. Therefore, Cindy agreed to go to college and temporarily pushed her childhood dream aside to fulfill her mother's wishes. While attending college, Cindy participated in many talent shows and music organizations, and even auditioned for the hit show "American Idol," in which she was rejected twice by Paula, Randy, and Simon. Never discouraged, she began training herself in singing, songwriting, and dancing, in hopes that she can be fully prepared if she was ever again offered a recording contract. In 2008, she won the title of Miss Chinatown Houston 2008 and continued to win the national title of Miss Chinatown USA 2009. After graduating from college with double degrees in Music - Piano Performance and Broadcast Journalism in 2008, Cindy's mother finally agreed to let her do what she had always wanted to do, and in Fall 2008, Cindy moved to Taiwan with her self-made demo in pursuit of her dreams in becoming a recording artist. During the first few days, she met many record companies but was repeatedly rejected by all. They told her that her music was too "Western" and not suitable for the Asian market. They also said her style of singing wasn't suitable for the Chinese language, because it was too R&B and soul. But Cindy wouldn't give up on her dream. Finally, Cindy found a company that was willing to give her music a chance, and became the first artist ever to sign to famous Taiwanese popstar Jay Chou's company, JVR Music, in February 2009. She later stated in an intervew that Yang Jun Rong, the person whe has managed Jay Chou from the beginning, told her that she was the first person he had signed on since he started managing Jay Chou. She also admitted that she did not know who Jay Chou was before signing with JVR music (She had heard of him, but later did a Google search and was very surprised with the results). Within eight months of signing, Cindy released her debut single, "Sand Painting," a duet sung with Jay Chou and composed/produced by Cindy herself. It was notably the first time Jay has ever sung a song not written by himself, demonstrating the immense support and confidence that Jay had in Cindy's music. "Sand Painting" became an instant hit and was the number one downloaded ringtone in Taiwan. It reached the top on many Asian billboards and at KTV. Cindy’s debut album was listed under Top 10 on the G-Music charts and Rose Records for 5 consecutive weeks, and was the number one listened to album on Taiwan’s KKBox Charts for 4 consecutive weeks. "Sand Painting" went on to place as one of China's most popular top ten hit songs of 2010, as ranked in China's 2010 Mandarin Web Original Composition Pop Music Charts. Her debut album earned her the title of "the smiling new female voice of classical & pop music." Her sweet & beautiful appearance earned her compliments such as "Patty Hou’s side view," "Jolin Tsai’s mouth," "Jessie Chiang’s figure" & "Alice Tseng’s temperament." Cindy released her second album, '2 Be Different', on 29th September, 2011. Like the first album, Cindy wrote and produced all ten songs on her album, except this time, Cindy shed her previous "smiling, girl-next-door" image and shocked the world with her new, sexy electronic dance single "陷阱" ("Trap") instead. The sexy music video caused many media and public viewers to compare her with Jolin Tsai, and many netizens even commented that Cindy could be the next "dancing diva of Asia." Her second album successfully gained her the new title "唱跳創作新女生", or "singing, dancing, composing new female artist." Cindy emphasized in her interview with Singapore's Razor TV that her new album aims to empower women and give them inner strength, whether through her electronic dance music or soulful R&B ballads. With her album slogan, "Don't be afraid to be different," Cindy's new image focuses on natural, inner beauty, and emphasizes the strength of "being yourself." Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.