A1 People

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Detroit Style 01:57 Tools
Do It (Metamatics remix) 05:17 Tools
Do It (Metamatics mix) 03:24 Tools
Black Ice 00:00 Tools
Do It Again 06:00 Tools
54 06:00 Tools
Casio Rock 00:00 Tools
The Reason 00:00 Tools
Evel Knievel 00:00 Tools
Freak 00:00 Tools
I Live 00:00 Tools
North Star 00:00 Tools
Other People 00:00 Tools
Crazy Electro Music 00:00 Tools
No One Likes A Smartarse 06:45 Tools
From Detroit 04:54 Tools
Rhythm Machine 00:00 Tools
The Whole Wide World 00:00 Tools
As Above, So Below (Sweetlight Mix) 08:29 Tools
Eager Beaver (You Got The Moves) 03:29 Tools
Drive It 04:29 Tools
Evol Love 06:01 Tools
Crash 06:47 Tools
Love Will Tear Us Apart 03:40 Tools
A1 People 04:09 Tools
Jungle Fever 02:58 Tools
Son Of A Gun 05:34 Tools
Badass 03:52 Tools
Love Arcade 04:32 Tools
Better Believe 04:36 Tools
The Reason (Airwaves Version Radio Edit) 03:36 Tools
Goin' Down 05:16 Tools
Do It 03:24 Tools
Homosapien 05:02 Tools
What Is A1? (Play It Loud) 07:26 Tools
Cat House 06:01 Tools
Detroit Style (Featuring the voice of Heidi) 06:01 Tools
The Reason (Airwaves Version) 00:00 Tools
Freeloader 06:08 Tools
As Above, So Below (Original Mix) 06:08 Tools
Happy Talk 02:01 Tools
As Above So Below (Sweetlight Remix) 02:01 Tools
Cheap Date 05:32 Tools
A1People-DoItAgain 00:00 Tools
Binary (0101001 Version) 00:00 Tools
As Above, So Below (Griffiths & Mangan Dub) 00:00 Tools
Eager Beaver 03:30 Tools
Binary - 0101001 Version 03:43 Tools
God Loves Brixton 04:06 Tools
The Visit 03:43 Tools
Do It Again (Featuring DJ D-Zine) 03:43 Tools
Detrot Style (Featuring The Voice Of Heidi) 03:43 Tools
Goin Down 03:43 Tools
Love Will Tear Us Apart 03:43 Tools
Nil And Zero Intellect 02:01 Tools
Some Kinda Shit 03:43 Tools
Turn It Up 05:18 Tools
Pete Tong 03:43 Tools
Evel Kneivel 05:18 Tools
A1 People-Do It 05:18 Tools
Strawhead 02:01 Tools
Rythm Machine 02:01 Tools
Happy Talk - A1 People 02:01 Tools
detriot style 02:01 Tools
Sixteen Bars 02:01 Tools
God Loves Brixton (Acapella) 02:01 Tools
As Above So Below (Sweetlight 02:01 Tools
A1 People (Full Length Version) 02:01 Tools
Binary - 0101001 02:01 Tools
The Reason (2002) 02:01 Tools
As Above, So Below 02:01 Tools
What Is A1 (Play It Loud) 02:01 Tools
(B2) Black Ice 02:01 Tools
150% 02:01 Tools
Eager Beaver (You Got The Mov 02:01 Tools
Homosapien (Pete Shelley) 02:01 Tools
A1 People - Eager Beaver 02:01 Tools
Eager Beaver You Got The Moves 02:01 Tools
As Above, So Below [Sweetlight Mix] 02:01 Tools
The Reason [Airwaves Version Radio Edit] 03:36 Tools
DetroitStyle 03:36 Tools
A1 People( long version) 03:36 Tools
Eager Beaver (You Got The Move 03:36 Tools
A1 People - Do It Again 03:36 Tools
(A1) Evel Kneivel 03:36 Tools
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A1 People are musicians/producers/ DJs Simeon Bowring (aka Dr D-Lorean) and Tom Crook (Kidwax). They formed the band in 1997 working with many different collaborators and guests on the records and live. They also work as the A1 People production/remix team and DJ sound system, with over 50 remixes and productions under their belts, from Blondie through to underground artists like Black Dog. Coming from electro roots they based their sound around synthesisers, drum machines, guitars and vocal hooks putting the sound in a contemporary context with cutting edge production and technology. They have toured throughout the world and are regarded as the pioneers of the new Future Disco sound, combining elements of electro, house and new wave. They released "Fresh Juice" their debut electro funk album on Hydrogen Dukebox in 1998 and have recently released their third critically acclaimed album "The Yellow Album" . They frequently play live with the full band line up of four musicians and DJ throughout the world. They also run some of the most exciting club nights in London so take a look at the events page for details. Mailing List Join the A1 People mailing list to find out more about the latest news, club nights and special promotions by sending an e-mail to simeon@a1people.com To unsubscribe from mailing list, please email simeon@a1people.com Bookings To book A1 People live or as DJs contact the Haywire booking agency amanda@haywire.co.uk or http://www.haywire.co.uk. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.