Acumen Nation

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Elective Surgical Strike 04:34 Tools
Parasite Mine 03:48 Tools
Just a Bastard 04:29 Tools
Fanglorious 04:57 Tools
Hatchet Harry 04:16 Tools
200 Bodies Per Minute 05:05 Tools
No Imagination 06:17 Tools
Sirvix 05:05 Tools
Remedial Math 04:37 Tools
Holy Terror 05:26 Tools
Margasuck 03:06 Tools
Day Care 03:34 Tools
Liquid Hater 04:32 Tools
Idle Lysergic Corpse 06:44 Tools
Black Son Hole 04:21 Tools
Gun Lover 04:12 Tools
Bliss 03:14 Tools
Penultimatum 07:57 Tools
Monster Zero 01:55 Tools
C-Cection 05:43 Tools
Rally and Sustain 05:43 Tools
Acumen Trepanation 10:37 Tools
Dirty Fighter 03:28 Tools
Demasculator 05:16 Tools
Recaster 04:14 Tools
Caustic Perimeter 05:21 Tools
The Blind Pig 03:13 Tools
Tools In The Blood Shed 06:34 Tools
Branch Davidian Style 02:53 Tools
Tone Deaf 06:32 Tools
Haliburton Rape Trial 03:36 Tools
Ventilator 05:59 Tools
Revelations Per Minute 04:55 Tools
Heavens to Murgatroid 05:30 Tools
Jesus Loves You 04:09 Tools
The Juice Of Rotted Fruit 04:25 Tools
Message From The Grave 04:58 Tools
P.O.D.O.A. 03:23 Tools
Polhemic 06:58 Tools
Destroyasaurus 05:44 Tools
Unkind 03:38 Tools
No Arms No Legs 04:02 Tools
The Paralysis Is Real 04:41 Tools
Ready To Die 04:49 Tools
Knowing This... 05:03 Tools
Cowboy God 04:21 Tools
Never The Bride 03:21 Tools
Wrath of Calixto 07:39 Tools
Bandroid 04:35 Tools
Monthra 02:45 Tools
Queener 04:23 Tools
Cancerine 03:11 Tools
Eville 05:18 Tools
Noarmsnolegs 05:13 Tools
Matador 06:22 Tools
Spill Throat 06:45 Tools
F.W.M. 04:38 Tools
Coming Down 04:49 Tools
My Lifes Last Breath 03:42 Tools
Pistol Whip Me (Back into Your Arms) 04:07 Tools
Bleed For You 04:47 Tools
Stone Farm 06:00 Tools
Metard 08:29 Tools
Anchorite 03:24 Tools
Candy Prowled 04:57 Tools
Fuckface 05:36 Tools
Fuck Yer Brains Out 07:05 Tools
Ugly on the Inside 04:47 Tools
If You Were 03:48 Tools
Father in the Wall 04:56 Tools
Mister Sandman I Am 03:45 Tools
Remasculated 07:59 Tools
The Funny Thing Is... 05:10 Tools
Punkass 02:25 Tools
The Downshined 08:28 Tools
Chameleon Skin 09:20 Tools
Sutures 08:29 Tools
You Deal With This 06:13 Tools
Capsule 07:42 Tools
Elective Surgical Strike (Cracknation Mix) 04:42 Tools
My Life Last Breath 03:41 Tools
Nothing Changes 04:34 Tools
Finalize Transmission 03:31 Tools
Djentrify 04:08 Tools
Crazy Stalked Eyes 08:13 Tools
Waiting To Drown 05:08 Tools
Ultraviolent 04:31 Tools
Bender 03:56 Tools
Mike (thyroid mix) 04:35 Tools
Comfort 03:13 Tools
Dreamheart/Crush'd 09:01 Tools
Coming Down (DJ? Acucrack) 06:32 Tools
Hazmat 01:34 Tools
The Words 03:48 Tools
Gun Lover (remix) 04:47 Tools
The Star You Are 03:20 Tools
Just a Bastard (Christ Analogue) 03:52 Tools
Matador (remix) 06:16 Tools
Bleed for You (Verbal mix) 06:05 Tools
Just a Bastard (DJ? Acucrack) 06:16 Tools
Monster Zero vs. Earth (Lance Grabmiller) 05:20 Tools
Madmaker 03:49 Tools
The Paralysis is Real (Studio Remix) 04:53 Tools
Recaster (Deadliner Remix) 05:17 Tools
Stealth Under Fire 02:52 Tools
the worms 03:49 Tools
Fuckyerbrainsout (Acucrack Remix) 05:09 Tools
Bust a Jastard (Mance Labgriller) 03:54 Tools
The Wreck of Us 04:23 Tools
Queener (remix) 06:24 Tools
Cyberkinetic 05:43 Tools
Gun Lover (Original Version Remastered) 05:48 Tools
Apartment 213 04:38 Tools
Bleed for You (Studio Remix) 04:40 Tools
Revelations per Minute (Lost Mix) 03:42 Tools
Liquid Hater (bonus version) 06:37 Tools
Just a Bastard (Dave Suycott) 05:11 Tools
If You Were (Acucrack remix) 07:17 Tools
Razor Maid 06:34 Tools
Bastard Vs Monster Zero (Grabmiller Remix With Vocal) 04:40 Tools
If You Were (radio edit) 03:48 Tools
Fuckface (Original Demo Version Remastered) 05:29 Tools
Bleed for You (radio edit) 05:37 Tools
Margasuck (Dave Suycott) 03:24 Tools
If You Weren't So Goddamn Stupid... 04:02 Tools
Noarmsnolegs (Original Version Remastered) 04:46 Tools
Ventilator (Verbal mix) 05:59 Tools
Mangle-A 05:03 Tools
DJentrify (Original Demo Version Remastered) 04:24 Tools
Queener (FCR Remix With Lost Vocals) 05:37 Tools
Just a Bastard (16 Volt) 03:49 Tools
Carthage Six 05:19 Tools
Razormaid 00:00 Tools
Queener (Robotkids Acuhack mix) 05:03 Tools
Gun Lover 1998 (Acucrack remix) 06:01 Tools
Body Parts 04:02 Tools
Knowing This How Can You 05:02 Tools
Encoding Sequence 01:52 Tools
Train to Hell 04:37 Tools
Monster Zero vs. Mothra (Dean Garcia) 05:34 Tools
Mike (remix) 04:54 Tools
Eating A Mushroom Cloud 06:21 Tools
Liquid Hater (DJ? Acucrack Remix Edit) 05:37 Tools
Excorcize The Anger 05:54 Tools
Parasite Mine (ILC) 06:04 Tools
Gaspra 02:39 Tools
Parasite Mine (Leechbitch Remix by the Iron Lung Corp.) 06:03 Tools
Octavia 04:04 Tools
Noarms Nolegs 00:00 Tools
Revelations Per Minute (Fun Blast mix) 01:52 Tools
Queener (Untitled Mix) 02:58 Tools
Crippling The Machine 05:29 Tools
Faintly Tainted Soul 04:42 Tools
Cut a Swath 03:09 Tools
Power Transfer 03:40 Tools
Liquid Hater (DJ? Acucrack) 05:38 Tools
Slowdogs 02:37 Tools
Melancholy Madness 04:48 Tools
The Drowning 03:40 Tools
Dirty Fighter (The Aggression) 05:47 Tools
Urban Wilding 02:50 Tools
Parasite Mine (Remix By Cyanotic) 05:20 Tools
Revelations Per Minute (Revolution Pollution mix) 05:25 Tools
The Radiant One 03:47 Tools
Release Me 03:43 Tools
Liquid Hater (Version) 06:37 Tools
Ultimaker 03:00 Tools
The Wreck Of Us (Guest Vox - Eric Powell) 04:23 Tools
Mr Sandman I Am 05:18 Tools
Whisper to a Scream (Lawsuits Are Fun Version 1.2) 04:09 Tools
Catastrophic Moon 05:02 Tools
Prison Without Walls 04:11 Tools
Whisper To A Scream 00:00 Tools
Untitled 00:00 Tools
Youthinasia 08:35 Tools
Wartime 05:22 Tools
Just A Bastard (16 Volt Beatdown Mix) 03:48 Tools
Deadmaker 03:29 Tools
Recaster (Ceoxime) 04:21 Tools
Dreamheart / Crush'd 09:00 Tools
Positron 04:03 Tools
Chemikaze 04:48 Tools
A Sudden Fever 04:32 Tools
Planetary Waste 07:11 Tools
FLGU!RBB12ASTARD (Defragmentation) 02:33 Tools
Rally and Sustain (Bushwhacker Mix) 04:09 Tools
Parasite Mine (Remix By Scuba Steve) 04:28 Tools
The Wreck Of Us (Guest Vox: Eric Powell) 04:23 Tools
Mike (original version) 05:00 Tools
Recaster (Ceoxime Remix by hEADaCHe) 04:21 Tools
Unkind (Oscillator Mix by Chris Randall) 03:41 Tools
Momentus 05:08 Tools
Frozen Shallow 04:41 Tools
Unkind (Eyeamgod Mix by Mark Lacorte) 05:52 Tools
Unbound Saga Theme (remix) 06:10 Tools
Djentrify (Copyright Mix) 04:09 Tools
Pretty Like a Pornstar (ILC Track, Lost Remix) 05:00 Tools
Oh Cynthia 05:37 Tools
Bela Lugosi's Dead 04:01 Tools
Unbound Saga Theme - remix 06:10 Tools
Liquid Hater (acucrack remix) 06:06 Tools
Unkind (Eyeamgod mix) 05:51 Tools
Margasuck (Original) 01:29 Tools
Initialize Transmission / Matador 06:24 Tools
Unkind (Oscillator mix) 03:41 Tools
Cowboy God (Previously Unreleased) 04:48 Tools
Life’s Last Breath (Acucrack Remix.Guest Vox: Lucia) 03:07 Tools
Parasite Mine (Leechbitch Remix By Iron Lung Corp) 06:04 Tools
Dirty Fighter (Lincoln's Low Blow Mix by The Aggression) 00:00 Tools
Semester of Hate 03:56 Tools
Liquid Hater - Dj? Acucrack Remix Edit 05:38 Tools
Life's Last Breath (Acucrack Remix) 03:07 Tools
Tone Deaf (Original) 03:18 Tools
Gun Lover '94 / Ultraviolent 09:18 Tools
Life´s Last Breath (Acucrack Rmx Guest Vox - Lucia) 03:07 Tools
Punter 05:57 Tools
Coming Down - Dj? Acucrack Batgrabber Remix 03:07 Tools
Pretty Like A Porno Star (Ilc Track, Lost Remix) 05:53 Tools
Monster Zero Vs. Mothra 00:00 Tools
Monster Zero vs. Earth 05:22 Tools
Coming Down (DJ? Acucrack Batgrabber Remix) 06:30 Tools
Mike 05:00 Tools
Stone Farm (demo) 05:48 Tools
Bust a Jastard 03:55 Tools
Bonus Track 06:38 Tools
[untitled] 06:49 Tools
Black 05:57 Tools
Gun Lover - Original Version Remastered 05:48 Tools
Life's Last Breath 00:00 Tools
Monster Zero vs Mothra (Bastardized Remix by Dean Garcia) 05:34 Tools
Recaster (Meaner Then God Mix) 05:00 Tools
FLGU!RBB12astard (Defrag Remix by BastardsinDefragmentation) 02:33 Tools
Coming Down (Album Version, Previously released on NFTRU 3) 04:48 Tools
Lifeґs Last Breath (Acucrack Rmx Guest Vox - Lucia) 03:07 Tools
Monster Zero vs. Mothra (Basterdized Remix by Dean Garcia) 05:48 Tools
Recaster - Deadliner Remix 05:18 Tools
Revelations Per Minute - Fun Blast Mix 06:13 Tools
Haliburton rape Trial - Anticore 03:34 Tools
Mike - (Thyroid Mix) 04:36 Tools
Matador - (Remix) 06:18 Tools
Whisper To A Scream - Lawsuits Are Fun Version 1.2 04:11 Tools
Branch 06:38 Tools
Mike - (Remix) 04:55 Tools
Tone Deaf (S4 Version) 06:29 Tools
Unkind - Oscillator Mix 03:42 Tools
Gun Lover - (Remix) 04:49 Tools
Margasuck (S4 Version) 02:53 Tools
Queener - Robotkids Acuhack Mix 05:04 Tools
Unkind - Eyeamgod Mix 05:53 Tools
Dirty Fighter (Lincoln's Low Blow Mix by the Agression) 05:46 Tools
Margasuck - S4 Version 02:54 Tools
Lifes Last Breath (f/ Lucia of KMFDM) 03:07 Tools
Monster Zero Vs. Mothra (Bastardized Remix by Dean Garcia) 05:34 Tools
[Untitled Track] 06:37 Tools
Revelations Per Minute - Revolution Pollution Mix 05:27 Tools
Black Son Hole - Anticore 00:00 Tools
Tone Deaf - S4 Version 06:31 Tools
[bonus] 06:13 Tools
Life's Last Breath - Acucrack Remix 03:08 Tools
Queener - Untitled Mix 02:59 Tools
The Blind Pig - Anticore 03:06 Tools
Flguirbb12astard (Defrag Remix by The Bastards in Defragmentation) 06:13 Tools
XNOYBIS 04:40 Tools
The Paralysis is Real - Studio Remix 04:53 Tools
Whisper to a Scream (Lawsuits Are Fun Version 1.2 by DJ? Acucrack) 05:53 Tools
Liquid Hater [Remix] 04:53 Tools
Fuckyerbrainsout - Acucrack Remix 05:09 Tools
Mr. Sandman I Am 05:20 Tools
DJ Entrify ( Mix) 04:11 Tools
Bastard vs. Monster Zero - Grabmiller Remix w/vocal 04:41 Tools
Queener - (Remix) 06:26 Tools
Initialize Transmission / Mata 05:27 Tools
Gun Lover 1998 06:02 Tools
Whisper to a Scream (version 1.2) 05:27 Tools
Insurgent Collective 03:21 Tools
The Wreck of Us (f/ Eric Powell of 16Volt) 04:23 Tools
Gun Lover ['98 Remix] 00:00 Tools
Life's Last Breath (Acucrack Remix.Guest Vox: Lucia) 04:40 Tools
Bleed for You - Studio Remix 04:40 Tools
Flgu! rbb12astard (Defragmentation) 04:40 Tools
DJ Entrify 04:09 Tools
Stone Farm - demo 05:22 Tools
Djentrify (© Mix) 04:40 Tools
comfort. 00:00 Tools
C-Section 04:56 Tools
Liquid Hater - DJ Acucrack Remix Edit 04:49 Tools
Pretty Like A Porn Star (Lost Remix) 05:53 Tools
Hidden Track 06:48 Tools
Gun Lover (Demo) 03:38 Tools
Noarmsnolegs - Original Version Remastered 04:47 Tools
Blood For You 06:05 Tools
Coming Down (Album Version) 06:05 Tools
Unkind (lp version) 06:05 Tools
Djentrify [mix] 06:05 Tools
Ender 03:05 Tools
Crush'd 03:15 Tools
Revelations per Minute - Lost Mix 03:42 Tools
Bastard vs. Monster Zero 04:46 Tools
initialize transmission/matador 06:24 Tools
Parasite Mine - Deadliner RMX 04:30 Tools
Parasite Mine - Cyanotic RMX 05:21 Tools
bleed for you (demo) 04:39 Tools
Fuckface - Original Demo Version Remastered 05:30 Tools
Pretty Like a Porn Star (ILC Track Lost Remix) 03:15 Tools
Unkind (Oscillator Mix by Chri 03:15 Tools
Revelations Per Minute (Fun Bl 03:15 Tools
Queener (Original Demo Version Remastered) 05:36 Tools
Bella Lugosi`s Dead 04:01 Tools
Liquid Hater (Remix) 04:01 Tools
Djentrify [© Mix] 04:09 Tools
Branch Dividian Style 06:26 Tools
Stone Farm (live) 04:52 Tools
DJentrify - Original Demo Version Remastered 04:24 Tools
Queener - FCR remix w/Lost Vocals 05:37 Tools
Join In The Murderous Chant 05:48 Tools
Flgu!rbb 12astard (Defrag Remix) 02:33 Tools
queener (FCR mix) 05:36 Tools
Gun Lover (Remastered Original) 04:24 Tools
Knowing This. 05:02 Tools
Just A _ (Acucrack Remix) 05:48 Tools
The Funny Thing Is 00:00 Tools
Flguirbb12astard 01:30 Tools
Parasite Mine (Cyanotic Remix) 00:00 Tools
fuckface (demo) 05:29 Tools
Pretty Like a Pornstar - ILC Track, Lost Remix 05:54 Tools
if you weren't so damn stupid 05:54 Tools
Unkind (Eyeamgod Mix by Mark L 05:54 Tools
cowboy GOD (prev. unreleased) 05:54 Tools
Pretty Like a Pornstar (ILC Track Lost remix) 05:53 Tools
Fuckface (Remastered Demo Version) 05:21 Tools
Fuckface (live) 06:48 Tools
Queener (live) 01:30 Tools
Monster Zero Vs. Earth (Lance 00:00 Tools
Monster Zero vs. Mothra (Dean 05:34 Tools
Revelations Per Minute (Revolu 05:29 Tools
Recaster [Ceoxime] 04:21 Tools
Dirty Fighter (Lincoln's Low Blow Mix - The Aggression) 06:26 Tools
Just a Bastard [Christ Analogue] 03:53 Tools
Pretty Like a Pornstar 06:32 Tools
the paralysis is real (demo) 04:52 Tools
Whisper To A Scream [Lawsuits are Fun Version] 04:10 Tools
If You Were [Radio Edit] 03:21 Tools
DJ Entrify (Mix) 04:08 Tools
Life's Last Breath (Acucrack remix) (feat. Guest Vocals: Lucia) 03:09 Tools
The Wreck of Us (feat. Guest Vocals: Eric Powell) 04:25 Tools
Just A Bastard (Christ Analogu 00:00 Tools
Rally & Sustain 03:09 Tools
Bleed for You [Studio Remix] 04:40 Tools
Acumen Nation / Fuckface 04:47 Tools
Revelations Per Minute (lp version) 04:47 Tools
Live Hidden Track 06:48 Tools
Djentrify (Remastered Demo Version) 06:48 Tools
Margasuck (Lounge Remix - Dave Suycott) 06:48 Tools
pretty like a pornstar (lost mix) 05:53 Tools
Parasite Mine [Cyanotic Remix] 05:20 Tools
Monster Zero Vs. Mothra - Basterdized Remix By Dean Garcia 05:34 Tools
Whisper to a Scream (Lawsuits 05:34 Tools
Parasite Mine (Leechbitch Remix - Iron Lung Corp) 05:34 Tools
Gun Lover [Original Version Remastered] 05:48 Tools
Rally & Sustain (Bushwhacker Mix) 05:20 Tools
If You Weren't So Goddamn Stupid 05:20 Tools
Unkind [Oscillator Mix] 03:41 Tools
Monster Zero vs. Earth (Lance Grabmiller Remix) 05:22 Tools
Revelations Per Minute [Fun Blast Mix] 06:13 Tools
life's last breath (dj? acucrack mix) 03:07 Tools
Queener (Booty Banger Mix) 04:48 Tools
Just A Bastard - 16 Volt Beatdown Mix By Eric Powell 06:13 Tools
noarmsnolegs (demo) 04:46 Tools
Revelations Per Minute [Revolution Pollution Mix] 05:26 Tools
Bust A Jastard (Mance Labgrill 04:24 Tools
The Blind Pig [Explicit] 03:12 Tools
Queener (Acoustic) 06:48 Tools
FLGU!RBB12ASTARD (Defragmentat 02:32 Tools
Gun Lover 1998 (Acucrack Remix 06:48 Tools
Just A Bastard - Eternity Mix By Dj? Acucrack 06:48 Tools
Dirty Fighter - Lincoln's Low Blow Mix By The Agression 06:48 Tools
Matador (Thug Mix) 06:16 Tools
Pistolwhip 00:00 Tools
Just a Bastard (Dave Suycott Remix) 05:12 Tools
NoarmsNolegs (Remastered Original) 00:00 Tools
Margasuch 04:24 Tools
Flgu! rbb12astard 00:00 Tools
Gun Lover [Remix] 04:48 Tools
Coming Down (Batgrabber Mix) 06:32 Tools
Gun Lover (live) 01:30 Tools
Flgu!Rbb12astard (Defrag Remix - The Bastards In Defragmentation) 01:30 Tools
Tone Def 01:30 Tools
Bastard vs. Monster Zero (Grabmiller Remix) 04:46 Tools
DJentrify (@ Mix) 04:09 Tools
Parasite Mine - Leechbitch Remix By The Iron Lung Corp. 06:02 Tools
Queener (FCR Remix) 04:24 Tools
If You Werent So Goddam Stupid 04:03 Tools
Liquid Hater (Acucrack Remix Edit) 06:38 Tools
Coming Down (DJ Acucrack) 06:32 Tools
Elective Surgical Strike 1 06:38 Tools
The Paralysis is Real (live) 04:24 Tools
FuckFace [Original Demo Version Remastered] 05:29 Tools
Bleed for You (live) 04:24 Tools
Bastard vs. Monster Zero [Grabmiller Remix w/Vocal] 05:29 Tools
Gun Lover 1998 (Acucrack Mix) 06:03 Tools
Recelations Per Minute (fun blast mix) 02:32 Tools
Just a B****** 04:53 Tools
Matador [Remix] 06:17 Tools
Monster Zero vs. Mothra (Bastardized Remix) 06:17 Tools
Parasite Mine (Leechbitch Remix) 06:05 Tools
djentirfy (demo) 04:24 Tools
Elective Surgical Strike (live) 03:14 Tools
Parasite Mine (live) 03:14 Tools
Bliss [Explicit] 03:14 Tools
Just a Bastard (Fatherless Mix) 03:54 Tools
DJentrify [Original Demo Version Remastered] 04:24 Tools
My Lifes Last Breath (live) 04:46 Tools
Just A Bastard (Eternity Mix By Dj Acucrack) 04:24 Tools
Ultra Violent [*] 04:24 Tools
Just A Bastard - Christ Analogue Fatherless Mix 04:24 Tools
Gun Lover (original version re 04:24 Tools
Life's Last Breath (Acucrack Rmx Guest Vox - Lucia) 03:07 Tools
Funny Thing Is... 03:07 Tools
Dirty Fighter (Lincoln's Low Blow Mix) 04:11 Tools
Bust A Jastard (Mance Labgriller Merix) 06:17 Tools
Just a Bastard (Eternity Mix) 06:31 Tools
Black Sun Hole 05:12 Tools
Unbound Saga Theme 04:22 Tools
Parasite Mine [Scuba Steve Remix] 05:12 Tools
Djentrify (live) 06:32 Tools
bastard vs monster zero (grabmiller mix) 05:12 Tools
Day Care [Explicit] 06:32 Tools
Anchorite (live) 04:46 Tools
Ventilator (live) 06:17 Tools
NoArmsNoLegs [Original Version Remastered] 04:46 Tools
Monster Zero Vs. Earth - Remix By Lance Grabmiller 04:46 Tools
FLGU!RBB12ASTARD (Defrag Remix by the bastards in Defragmentation) 04:46 Tools
Djentify 04:11 Tools
Margasuck (Lounge Remix) 06:17 Tools
Elective Surgical Strike (Remix) 06:17 Tools
Recaster (Ceoxime Remix) 04:22 Tools
Revelations per Minute [Lost Remix] 03:41 Tools
F**k Yer Brains Out 03:41 Tools
Just A Bastard (Eternity Mix By Dj Acucrack) 06:17 Tools
Acumen Nation - Branch Davidian Style 02:53 Tools
Anticore 02:53 Tools
Liquid Hater [Bonus Version] 02:53 Tools
Eville (live) 04:22 Tools
Revelations per Minute [Lost Mix] 02:53 Tools
Parasite Mine (Iron Lung Corp) 02:53 Tools
C-Section (live) 04:22 Tools
Flgurbb12astard (Defragmentation) 06:17 Tools
Life´s Last Breath (Acucrack Remix) 02:53 Tools
(Unlisted) 06:17 Tools
Ender (live) 03:54 Tools
Margasuck - Lounge Remix By Dave Suycott 06:17 Tools
Bust A Jastard - Merix By Mance Labgriller 06:17 Tools
Recaster - Ceoxime Remix By Headache 06:17 Tools
Dreamheartcrush'd 06:17 Tools
Liquid Hater (Dj Acucrack Remix Edit) 06:17 Tools
Matador [Thug Mix] 06:17 Tools
The Wreck of Us (feat. Eric Powell) 06:17 Tools
fwm 06:31 Tools
Coming Down (DJ? Acucrack Remix) 06:31 Tools
Xnoybix 06:31 Tools
****yerbrainsout 04:22 Tools
Construction Time 04:22 Tools
Nocturnia 04:22 Tools
Just a Bastard [Dj? Acucrack] 04:22 Tools
Cancerine (live) 04:22 Tools
Liquid Hater [Acucrack Remix] 04:22 Tools
Queener [FCR Remix w/Lost Vocals] 04:22 Tools
Recaster (live) 04:22 Tools
Margasuck (live) 04:22 Tools
Untitled Track 03:54 Tools
Pretty Like A Porno Star (Lost Remix) 03:54 Tools
F.W.M 03:54 Tools
Parasite Mine (Cyanotic rmx) 03:54 Tools
Just A Bastard - Remix By Dave Suycott 03:54 Tools
Flguirbb12astard - Defrag Remix By The Bastards In Defragmentation 03:54 Tools
Life's Last Breath (Acucrack RMX, Guest Vox: Lucia) 03:54 Tools
noarmsnolaegs 03:54 Tools
Cowbow God 03:54 Tools
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Formed in 1988 as Acumen by Jason Novak (Acumen Nation, DJ? Acucrack) and Jamie Duffy (Acumen Nation, DJ? Acucrack) (originally as a four-piece with Jason's brother Ethan Novak as drummer), the band released several cassette demos before self-releasing the CD demo "Transmissions from Eville" in 1994. Although the glory days of the Industrial music scene in Chicago had faded by this point, through constant touring and sheer hard work on a number of different projects the duo have since established themselves as favorites in the US underground scene. In 1997, the band were forced to change their name due to a legal dispute with a Bluegrass band also called Acumen. Duffy and Novak split their project into two halves - the drum and bass influenced DJ? Acucrack, and the more traditional rock format of Acumen Nation. Discography Transmissions from Eville (Demo) (as Acumen; 1994; Robot Records), (as Acumen; 1994; Fifth Colvmn Records) Territory=Universe (as Acumen; 1996; Fifth Colvmn) Unkind (Unkind + Revelations Per Minute) (EP) (1997; Conscience Records) More Human Heart (1997; Conscience) If You Were (If You Were / Bleed for You) (EP) (1998; Conscience) Transmissions from Eville (Remastered) (1998; Conscience) Territory=Universe (Territory = Universe) (Universe) (Remastered) (1998; Conscience) Strike 4 (EP) (2000) Live Farewell 2001 (2001) The 5ifth Column (Fifth Column) (5th Column) (The Fifth Column) (2002; Invisible Records) Coming Down: The Bastard Remix Album (Coming Down (The Bastard Remix Album)) (Coming Down) (2002; Invisible) Lord of the Cynics (2003; Cracknation Records) Artifacts: 1990-1993 Volume 1 (Artifacts: 1990 - 1993 - Volume 1) (2004; Cracknation Records) Acumen Nation Live at Double Door 08/06/2004 (Cracknation Records) What the Fuck (What the F**k) (2005; Cracknation Records) Anticore (2006; Cracknation Records) Psycho the Rapist (2007; Cracknation Records) Unbound Saga: Official Game Soundtrack (23, November 2010; Cracknation Records) See also Cracknation Records, Cracknation Records Official Site Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.