Amit Erez

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Endings Get An Early Start 04:13 Tools
Clever And Strong 03:25 Tools
Heart Away 04:17 Tools
Postcard 04:07 Tools
Black Light 03:28 Tools
Two Suns 03:56 Tools
Alarming Sounds 04:49 Tools
Cinnamon Scattered Along Your Shoulders 03:58 Tools
Falling Trees 04:06 Tools
animal heart 04:26 Tools
Pretty Things 03:07 Tools
Holy Things 01:40 Tools
Appollio 04:10 Tools
KILL IT 03:40 Tools
Oh my god 04:01 Tools
Fortuna 03:21 Tools
Winston Girl 03:29 Tools
Night Side 04:15 Tools
Coming Down 04:00 Tools
Whales Dance For Me 04:00 Tools
The Water Received 04:55 Tools
Love again 03:20 Tools
Secret Cards 04:34 Tools
Come Get Your Love 03:28 Tools
Highways 03:38 Tools
Last Night When I Tried To Sleep I Felt The Ocean With My Fingertips 07:14 Tools
Paper Cuts 09:10 Tools
My Will 03:00 Tools
Evening Sun 00:00 Tools
Pretty Lady Of Circumstances 00:00 Tools
Life So Clever 00:00 Tools
Only One With Me 00:00 Tools
She's A Wave 00:00 Tools
Shoot You Down 00:00 Tools
Masquerade 00:00 Tools
Cloudbusting 02:59 Tools
Mid-September 04:17 Tools
Last Night When I Tried To Sleep, I Felt The Ocean With My Fingertips 07:15 Tools
Please 00:00 Tools
Blue Moon (big star cover) 01:49 Tools
Angeles (Elliott Smith cover) 01:49 Tools
Whenever The Sun Comes 04:12 Tools
Ending Get An Early Start 04:14 Tools
Trains 04:14 Tools
Coyote (Joni Mitchell cover) 04:14 Tools
Martha My Dear (beatles cover) - live 6.2.07 @ Barby 02:25 Tools
These Days (Nico cover) 03:29 Tools
12. Animal Heart 03:29 Tools
בטח היה זה חלום מסוכן וגדול 00:00 Tools
Clever & Strong - live 6.2.07 @ Barby 03:34 Tools
Afterlife 03:34 Tools
Stop being, Play dead 00:00 Tools
the white widow does it better 00:00 Tools
Not About Us 04:04 Tools
Everything Reminds Me Of Her 02:31 Tools
Something Has Happened 00:00 Tools
Blue Moon 01:49 Tools
Such A Child 00:00 Tools
Everything's Right 00:00 Tools
Falling Trees (Live in the Jah Pan) 04:14 Tools
Vogue (Madonna Cover) 04:14 Tools
Kind Of Dance 04:03 Tools
אמצע ספטמבר 03:09 Tools
Two Suns - live 6.2.07 @ Barby 03:45 Tools
My Will (Minimal Compact cover) 03:02 Tools
Elegy 00:00 Tools
Son 00:00 Tools
Highschool Intelligence 00:00 Tools
Cloudbusting (Kate Bush cover) 00:00 Tools
כמו תאונה 00:00 Tools
Golden Brown (The Stranglers cover) 03:09 Tools
Something Has Happened (hidden track) 03:09 Tools
Last Night When I Tried To Sleep, I Felt The Ocean With My Fingertips 03:09 Tools
Martha My Dear 03:09 Tools
Rakavot (Trains) 03:09 Tools
Falling Trees - 128 03:09 Tools
Trains / ?? 00:00 Tools
בין הדממה להגיון 03:17 Tools
Everything Reminds Me Of Her (Elliott Smith Cover) 03:17 Tools
Pstcard 03:17 Tools
Red Limousine 03:17 Tools
Cmo Te'una 03:17 Tools
The Biggest Lie (Elliot Smith) 02:42 Tools
Cinnamon Scattered Along Your 03:17 Tools
listen to me 00:00 Tools
Killing Light 00:00 Tools
02.Amit Erez - Blue Moon 01:50 Tools
Words As Stones 01:50 Tools
Secret Sea 01:50 Tools
winston girl 2 01:50 Tools
Im Lo Titni Ahavatech 01:50 Tools
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With a rich repertoire behind him of countless shows around Israel, collaborations with the finest local musicians, and four releases –Amit Erez is considered as one of the most respected musicians in Israel - as a writer, singer and a guitar player. Amit's first recordings were made at home and compiled in an album called Wish I Could Make It A Story, which was self-released by him. Shortly after, Amit went to spend a year in Rotterdam for studies, and upon his return he joined the indie-rock band Eatliz as a guitar player. Amit's first, nationwide distributed release, was an acoustic, intimate EP called Black Light (2006, Earsay Records) which won the hearts of many radio editors and listeners, and helped him establish himself as the leading figure of the English-singing Israeli singer/songwriters circle. In 2007 Amit signed with Anova Music, who released Amit's second, eponymous album (his first full length) in November that year. The album was the result of a fruitful collaboration with a rock band, and provided two hit singles - Clever and Strong and Postcard. The later, was released with an accompanied videoclip and also won the Vox Populi prize of the Independent Music Awards, while stirring awareness of Amit's music throughout the world. In 2008, Amit played a full band show at the Livorno Lovewave Festival in Italy, on a stage headlined by The Chemical Brothers, and later on that year he was chosen to play at the Popkomm conference. April 2009 saw his first international release – Summer Conquered by Rain. The album is a compilation of songs from his two previous albums, and was only available digitally. Amit's new album of completely brand new material, titled Last Night When I Tried to Sleep I Felt The Ocean With My Fingertips, was released on June 1st, 2009 in Israel only. Today, erez is the lead singer in the band The Secret Sea. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.