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Flowers Everywhere 04:07 Tools
Troubled and Done 03:44 Tools
Edita V 02:51 Tools
I Can't Compete 02:49 Tools
Zebra Print 02:01 Tools
Dressed In Black 03:00 Tools
Black Swan 03:59 Tools
Let You Have It 02:46 Tools
Georganne 04:43 Tools
Violent Girls 03:00 Tools
Cave 02:37 Tools
01 Track Edita V 02:48 Tools
Slow Return 03:36 Tools
Kids In America 03:18 Tools
Chess 02:35 Tools
Cookout 02:41 Tools
Mob-Life Instrumental 03:16 Tools
Sarasota 01:34 Tools
EV 529 03:35 Tools
Kelvin Hosken 01:35 Tools
VG 529 01:26 Tools
W 529 01:30 Tools
17 02:18 Tools
Eating Dinner In the Dining Room 03:26 Tools
Balkans - Violent Girls 03:00 Tools
The One 00:35 Tools
Lady Killer 01:28 Tools
Horn Intro / Vocals 01:45 Tools
Dressed in Black. 00:30 Tools
Wool Coats 00:30 Tools
Are 00:30 Tools
Oh Dear 00:30 Tools
GIRL BESTIE 01:59 Tools
DDDDDD 00:43 Tools
I Cant Compete 02:49 Tools
Leopard Print 02:14 Tools
Intro 02:14 Tools
When Harry Met Saully 02:14 Tools
Girlworld 02:14 Tools
Mister 04:36 Tools
Neverland (dB's cover) 02:55 Tools
Bill Spills 00:30 Tools
Intro Future 00:42 Tools
C++ 02:49 Tools
Its All The Time 00:42 Tools
MCMLXXXIX 00:42 Tools
So Tired And So Sick 00:42 Tools
MY MACHINE 00:42 Tools
Twist And Shout 02:35 Tools
Try To Have It 01:05 Tools
Troubled & Done 00:30 Tools
C Plus Plus 01:42 Tools
A.P. 00:34 Tools
Chamber 00:34 Tools
Ciento Cinco Punto Tres 00:34 Tools
Dat TTTech 00:34 Tools
balkans 00:34 Tools
F3 04:02 Tools
Intro To Outro 04:02 Tools
True Stories 04:02 Tools
Sweet Tucker 04:02 Tools
03 Track Zebra Print 02:07 Tools
09 Track Georganne 04:43 Tools
Georgeanne 04:47 Tools
05 Track Black Swan 03:59 Tools
Evita V 03:59 Tools
10 Track Violent Girls 02:07 Tools
06 Track Troubled and Done 03:44 Tools
Act I: Balkans 03:44 Tools
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The Balkans were formed in 2008 in the suburbs of Atlanta by Frankie Broyles, Woodbury Shortridge, Stanley Vergilis, and Brett Miller. At the time of formation the members were still in high school, yet they quickly began opening for bands such as King Khan, Jay Reatard, Times New Viking, and Atlas Sound. These early shows were noted for their youthful, frantic energy and also for taking place in clubs that they otherwise would have been too young to get into. To date the band have released three 7-inch singles through local labels and embarked on several east coast tours which have earned them a considerable amount of blog press from publishers such as Vice, Nu Rave Brainwave, and Creative Loafing. The first single featured an instrumental punk jam (C++) with an atmospheric, shoegazer B-side (F3). It was self-released on home-made vinyl. The Balkans got picked up by Double Phantom Records in 2009, an Atlanta boutique record label that also works with The Selmanaires, Carnivores, and the N.E.C. They released two 7-inch singles on Double Phantom, one entitled Zebra Print and the most recent, Georganne. These releases won a variety of critical acclaim from Creative Loafing, one of which was rated the #1 Atlanta Release of 2009 (a list which included bands such as Deerhunter and the Black Lips), alongside a critic vote of Best New Music act for the same year. The Balkans track Violent Girls, along with songs from other up-and-coming Atlanta bands such as Zoroaster and The Coathangers, was also featured on an Atlanta vinyl compilation released in 2009 by Criminal Records and Creative Loafing. According to their blog and and Balkans plan to release a new single and debut LP in the US and UK in the spring of 2011. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.