Bottomless Pit

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
The Cardinal Movements 04:20 Tools
Dogtag 03:31 Tools
Dead Man's Blues 04:20 Tools
Repossession 03:13 Tools
Leave the Light On 05:47 Tools
Human Out of Me 05:22 Tools
Winterwind 06:58 Tools
Greenery 03:49 Tools
38 Souls 04:38 Tools
Sevens Sing 06:55 Tools
Rhinelander 02:32 Tools
Summerwind 04:14 Tools
Late 03:20 Tools
Dixon 02:03 Tools
Kiss Them All 04:56 Tools
Is It a Ditch 02:35 Tools
Fleece 05:30 Tools
Q.E.D. 03:12 Tools
Null Set 04:09 Tools
Fish Eyes 02:32 Tools
Red Pen 06:58 Tools
Incurable Feeling 03:14 Tools
Sacred Trench 03:09 Tools
Bare Feet 02:15 Tools
Pitch 05:16 Tools
Horse Trading 02:58 Tools
Full of Life 03:36 Tools
Felt a Little Left 06:05 Tools
Angry Swan 03:44 Tools
Bottomless Pit - Dead Man's Blues 06:05 Tools
Bottomless Pit - 38 Souls 04:39 Tools
The Big Game is Every Night 04:39 Tools
State I'm In 03:15 Tools
The Colchis Eagles 03:15 Tools
Winterwind (Fast) 04:41 Tools
Bottomless Pit - Null Set 04:41 Tools
Winter Wind 06:56 Tools
Death Grips ( without 8080808) 06:56 Tools
Qed 03:12 Tools
Summer Wind 04:15 Tools
"Fleece" 04:15 Tools
"38 Souls" 04:15 Tools
13 Stories High 04:15 Tools
I'm Alive 04:15 Tools
This Is The Angry Part 2 01:22 Tools
Bottomless Pit - Fish Eyes 01:22 Tools
Dog Tag 01:22 Tools
Stream 01:22 Tools
King Dude 01:22 Tools
Bottomless Pit - Dead Man's Bl 01:22 Tools
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Bottomless Pit was formed in the fall of 2005 by erstwhile Silkworm members Tim Midgett and Andy Cohen. Their longtime friends Chris Manfrin (Seam) and Brian Orchard (.22) complete the quartet. 2007 finds the group playing "their blues" - soulful, emotionally intense, and often transcendent postpunk that is as inviting as it is bracing. "Hammer of the Gods" is the first Bottomless Pit album. It is the first release from New Jersey's Comedy Minus One records. It was released November 6, 2007. It was followed by the "Congress" EP and albums "Blood Under the Bridge" and "Shade Perennial". On July 24th 2014 Tim Midyett announced the band was going on indefinite hiatus VIA their Facebook page. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.