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No Scrubs (feat. Jon Santana) 00:00 Tools
Other Girls 00:00 Tools
This Is Love 00:00 Tools
I'm Good 00:00 Tools
Goddess 00:00 Tools
Wannabe (feat. Jon Santana) 00:00 Tools
Mad About U 00:00 Tools
In the Morning 00:00 Tools
Hush (feat. Almighty Chief) 00:00 Tools
Waste My Time 00:00 Tools
Killin' it (feat. Almighty Chief) 00:00 Tools
Next Ex 00:00 Tools
Hey Hi Hello 04:03 Tools
Goddess (Eau Claire Remix) 00:00 Tools
Wannabe 01:45 Tools
Killin' It (Eau Claire Remix) 00:00 Tools
Tension 01:45 Tools
Nirvana 01:45 Tools
Skanka 04:03 Tools
This Is Love (DSK CHK Remix) 04:03 Tools
Cornnuts and Courvoisier 01:45 Tools
Bring War 04:03 Tools
Rain 04:03 Tools
Sux 04:03 Tools
Another Show 04:03 Tools
Anything 04:03 Tools
Sux (Goldhouse Remix) 04:03 Tools
I Do 04:03 Tools
No Scrubs 04:03 Tools
Hush 04:03 Tools
Killin' It 04:03 Tools
This Is Love - DSK CHK Remix 04:03 Tools
Next Ex - Instant Karma Remix 04:03 Tools
Much To Them 04:03 Tools
All I Want for Christmas Is You 04:03 Tools
Ride 04:03 Tools
Paranoize - Akov Remix 04:03 Tools
Overtake (Raise Spirit Remix) 04:03 Tools
Reasons To Survive 04:03 Tools
Old You 04:03 Tools
Poetry in Motion 04:03 Tools
Security 04:03 Tools
Counterbalance 04:03 Tools
Oh No - Blaine Stranger Remix 03:52 Tools
Another Shot 04:03 Tools
Easy Livin' (feat. Mr Beale) 04:03 Tools
CALLING YOU 04:03 Tools
Overtake (Raise Spirit rmx) 04:03 Tools
This Is Love - Remix 04:03 Tools
Brainwashed 04:03 Tools
This Is Love (Beatwalker Remix) 04:03 Tools
1000 Miles 04:03 Tools
Other Girls (ROOM8 Remix) 04:03 Tools
Oh No 04:03 Tools
Anything (ft. High Maintenance) 04:03 Tools
Russian Roulette 04:03 Tools
We Set Fire 04:03 Tools
Overtake feat. Adriana Hamilton - Raise Spirit Remix 04:03 Tools
Acid 04:03 Tools
Aurora 04:03 Tools
Rhino 04:03 Tools
Skanka (feat. Benny L) 04:03 Tools
BEAR FIGHT 04:03 Tools
Acore 04:03 Tools
Architects 04:03 Tools
6 AM 04:03 Tools
Reasons To Survive (feat. Dexcell) 04:03 Tools
Cause a Riot 04:03 Tools
Much To Them (Feat. Current Value) 04:03 Tools
Poetry in Motion (feat. Madface) 04:03 Tools
Oh No (Blaine Stranger Remix) 04:03 Tools
Emergency 04:03 Tools
BLACK OPS 04:42 Tools
Gemini 04:03 Tools
Bring War (Feat. Shimon & Trimer) 04:03 Tools
Brainwashed (Feat. Nymfo & ZeroZero) 04:03 Tools
1000 Miles (feat. NCT) 04:03 Tools
Rhino (Feat. BassBrothers) 04:42 Tools
Anything (Feat. High Maintenance) 04:03 Tools
Overcome 04:03 Tools
Congo 04:42 Tools
Security (feat. Gydra & Jess) 04:03 Tools
Paranoize 04:03 Tools
Mercy 04:03 Tools
Congo (feat. L 33 & Future Kid) 04:03 Tools
Architects (Feat. Alibi) 04:03 Tools
Acid (feat. Kolt) 04:03 Tools
Gemini (Feat. Malaky) 04:42 Tools
Aurora (feat. Muffler) 04:42 Tools
Anything [feat. High Maintenance] 04:03 Tools
Pirate Beats (Feat. Saxxon) 04:03 Tools
Overtake feat. Adriana Hamilton - Livewire Remix 04:42 Tools
Next Ex (Instant Karma Remix) 04:03 Tools
Much To Them [feat. Current Value] 04:42 Tools
Reasons To Survive [feat. Dexcell] 04:42 Tools
Pirate Beats 04:42 Tools
Fight Became Violent 04:03 Tools
Collateral Damage 04:03 Tools
Rhythms of Life 04:42 Tools
Civilian Liaison (feat. Daniel-San) 04:42 Tools
Infected 04:42 Tools
Rhino [feat. BassBrothers] 04:03 Tools
Brainwashed (ft. Nymfo & ZeroZero) 03:23 Tools
Skanka [feat. Benny L] 04:42 Tools
Architects [feat. Alibi] 04:42 Tools
1000 Miles [feat. NCT] 04:42 Tools
6 AM - Maztek Remix 04:42 Tools
Society Ho S (Part 1) 04:03 Tools
Far from Paradise 03:23 Tools
Mad About U (Crvvcks Remix) 04:42 Tools
Gemini [feat. Malaky] 04:42 Tools
Security [feat. Gydra & Jess] 04:42 Tools
Aurora [feat. Muffler] 04:42 Tools
Monster 04:42 Tools
Streets Run Red 04:52 Tools
Society Ho's Pt 2 04:03 Tools
Paranoize (Akov Remix) 04:42 Tools
Brainwashed [feat. Nymfo & ZeroZero] 04:42 Tools
Poetry In Motion [feat. Madface] 04:42 Tools
Bring War [feat. Shimon & Trimer] 03:19 Tools
Congo [feat. L 33 & Future Kid] 04:42 Tools
Life Styles Of A Billionaire (feat. Machinecode) 04:42 Tools
Society Ho S (Part 2) 04:42 Tools
Bossa 04:42 Tools
society ho's (part 1) 04:42 Tools
Acid [feat. Kolt] 04:42 Tools
Real Dogs 04:42 Tools
Demon Inside 03:19 Tools
Cappa - Goddess (Eau Claire Remix) 04:42 Tools
Shake You Booty 04:42 Tools
Pictures 04:52 Tools
Rhythms of Life (Benny L Remix) 03:19 Tools
Ready For Action - Jamie Bostron Remix 03:19 Tools
Hush (Super Duper Remix) 04:42 Tools
Sleeping With a Ghost 04:42 Tools
Skanka (ft. Benny L) 03:23 Tools
Panic 03:23 Tools
Reasons To Survive (feat Dexcell) 03:23 Tools
Don't Shrimp 04:52 Tools
Changes - Mutated Forms & MC Coppa 03:52 Tools
Pirate Beats [feat. Saxxon] 03:23 Tools
Hush (VINYLTHIEF Remix) 03:23 Tools
What's Your Problem? 03:19 Tools
Sweet Lady 03:52 Tools
Overtake (Livewire Remix) 03:52 Tools
Sunday Dub 03:23 Tools
6 AM (Maztek Remix) 03:23 Tools
Overtake (feat. Adriana Hamilton) (Raise Spirit Remix) 03:19 Tools
Different Man 03:19 Tools
Panic - Samy Nicks Remix 03:19 Tools
Overtake feat. Adriana Hamilton (Livewire Remix) 03:23 Tools
Poppin - L-Plus feat. MC Coppa 03:23 Tools
Another Shot (Luv Lite Massive Remix) 03:23 Tools
I Got It 03:23 Tools
Outside The Lines (feat. Vanyo) 03:23 Tools
Rhythms of Life - Benny L Remix 03:23 Tools
How Could You Do it Again 03:19 Tools
Don't Go 03:19 Tools
Killin It 03:19 Tools
Killin\' It (Eau Claire Remix) 03:19 Tools
Much To Them (ft. Current Value) 03:19 Tools
Overtake feat. Adriana Hamilton - Callide & Intraspekt Remix 03:19 Tools
Panic (Samy Nicks Remix) 03:19 Tools
Aurora ft Muffler 03:19 Tools
Give It All Up for Love 03:19 Tools
Maffia - Mutated Forms & MC Coppa 03:19 Tools
BlockParty (ag trio remix) - Just Banks & Coppa 03:19 Tools
They Know Dat 03:19 Tools
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Not one to limit his sound, Marvin Hay aka CAppa/MC CAppa has peformed acorss over 26 Countries World Wide, all across Europe and as far as China, Mayalisa, Singapore, Russia, Siberia as a live performer and MC/Vocalist. Hosting sets and performing across an impressive range of musical genres with the likes of Peter Kruder, Richard Dormeister, Felix da House Cat, Tiefschwarz, Stereotyp, J da Flex, Roni Size, Marcus Intalex, Aphrodite, Adam F, The Q-Orchestra, 7Samuari & many more. Highlights of his live performance carear include, perfoming with Stereotyp @ Giles Petersons Worldwide Fesitival in Singpore, Opening for Missy Elliot in Kuala lumper, Maylasia @ Genting Theme Park in front of 10,000 people, headling the underground electronica arena at Pepsi Sizget w/Stereotyp and also hosting the Nokia Trends event at the Prestigious Vienna Concert House, also performing at the opening the flagship G-Star store in Vienna and being invitied as a special international guest at Budapest Slam Poetry exhibition at the Budapest KultureHouse venue. His recorded works have regularly recieved national airplay in over 6 countries across europe & with releases on respected labels such as Kruder & Dorfmiesters G-Stone, Francios K´s Wave Music, Bob Sinclair´s Yellow Productions, Freestyle Records (w/Q-Orchestra), Parov Steller´s Etage Noir, plus up-coming material on Berlin techno legend Len Faki´s Figure Label & Peter Presta´s Apple Jaxx Recordings in New York, and featuring on a host of compilation releases on Sony BMG Germany, Warner Dance/Sony Music, Universal Austria, Universal TV & T-Mobile Electronic beats Compilation, Coppa´s recordings have always found a good home to be released. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.