Craig Urquhart

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Along The Seine 04:23 Tools
Contemplation 04:33 Tools
Romance 04:23 Tools
Streamwalker 04:58 Tools
Reunion 04:21 Tools
Forgiveness 04:18 Tools
Secret Spaces 05:22 Tools
Meditation 05:04 Tools
The Wonder of Miracles 04:41 Tools
Lullaby 06:08 Tools
Virginia Mountain Morning 07:11 Tools
Pas De Deux 02:29 Tools
The Awakening 02:00 Tools
The Dalliance of Eagles 03:16 Tools
Thanksgiving 08:22 Tools
Split the Lark: Dickinson 08:22 Tools
Cathedral Pines 04:52 Tools
Venetian Snowfall 05:05 Tools
My Angel 05:38 Tools
Embrace 04:27 Tools
Silver Stream 05:16 Tools
Morning Eagle 04:03 Tools
In the Afternoon 03:12 Tools
Autumn Wind 04:46 Tools
Before the Canvas 06:34 Tools
Summer Waltz 05:15 Tools
Laid Back 07:30 Tools
The Wanderer 03:11 Tools
A Father's Love 05:35 Tools
Low Tide 08:26 Tools
Round and Round 04:31 Tools
In Memorium J.G.. 05:34 Tools
Contentment 04:39 Tools
Impromptu 04:39 Tools
The Garden 04:04 Tools
Rapture 05:09 Tools
Within Memory 05:05 Tools
October Bright Blue 03:20 Tools
The Astronomer 04:39 Tools
Little Lullaby 02:14 Tools
The Dream of Make Believe 04:01 Tools
Flow On 02:14 Tools
First Light 04:39 Tools
In Memorium J.G. 06:22 Tools
Hymn 04:37 Tools
Summer Twilight 04:58 Tools
Jazzed 03:37 Tools
North Star 03:37 Tools
Interlude 06:22 Tools
Old Trees 04:58 Tools
Reverie 06:09 Tools
Fruhling 06:22 Tools
Ghost Canyon 05:02 Tools
Calm Seas 00:30 Tools
Remembrance 04:37 Tools
Fair Wind 02:34 Tools
Prairie Flowers 04:07 Tools
Sandpiper's Dance 05:34 Tools
Radiance 05:02 Tools
Vesper Hymn 07:58 Tools
Gentle Wind 04:21 Tools
Wellfleet Winter 04:06 Tools
In Memoriam J.R. 04:32 Tools
The Dream of Mother Earth 04:21 Tools
Waves 03:37 Tools
Incantation 1 13:17 Tools
O You Whom I Often and Silently Come: Whitman 04:21 Tools
In Memoriam L.S. 03:37 Tools
New Moon 04:06 Tools
Blue Skies 04:06 Tools
Evocation 06:35 Tools
Green Mountain 04:06 Tools
Devotion 04:06 Tools
The Acquisition of Wings 03:54 Tools
The Dream of the Children 06:35 Tools
Nocturne 03:26 Tools
The Prairie 03:26 Tools
Wind Dance 03:26 Tools
Waltz 04:06 Tools
The Prophet 04:07 Tools
Day Dreaming 04:06 Tools
Ocean Song 07:18 Tools
Soliloquy 03:39 Tools
The Homecoming 03:39 Tools
The Dream of the Silent One 03:39 Tools
Poem 04:06 Tools
The Dream of Flight 04:06 Tools
Blues 02:34 Tools
Blues Too 04:06 Tools
Charlie's Blues 02:34 Tools
Grace 04:06 Tools
Streamwalker: Introduction 04:07 Tools
Bread & Roses 03:47 Tools
Strolling 04:06 Tools
Fog Horns 04:06 Tools
Sleeping Rose: Draddy 05:34 Tools
Berceuse 04:06 Tools
In Memoriam S.G. 04:06 Tools
Adrift, a little boat adrift!: Dickinson 04:06 Tools
Elegy 04:06 Tools
Remembering Lenny 00:30 Tools
Incantation 2 04:06 Tools
The Whale's Lament 04:06 Tools
In Memoriam M. M. 04:06 Tools
Night Thoughts 04:06 Tools
Across the Fields...: Hesse 04:06 Tools
It's all I have to bring today -An American Blessing -: Dickinson 04:06 Tools
Incantation 3 04:06 Tools
Morning 05:53 Tools
Here the Frailest Leaves of Me: Whitman 04:06 Tools
In Memoriam G.S. 05:53 Tools
Sometimes with One I Love: Whitman 04:06 Tools
I'll tell you how the Sun rose: Dickinson 04:06 Tools
In Memoriam 05:53 Tools
Epilogue 05:53 Tools
On this wondrous sea: Dickinson 05:53 Tools
Piano: D.H. Lawrence 05:53 Tools
In Memoriam J. R. 05:53 Tools
Far from Love: Dickinson 05:53 Tools
Reunions 00:30 Tools
Honor & Remembrance 05:53 Tools
In Memoriam L.L. 00:30 Tools
In Memoriam R.C. 00:30 Tools
In Memoriam J. S. 05:53 Tools
Among the Multitude: Whitman 05:53 Tools
In Memorium J. G 00:30 Tools
In Memoriam M.M. 00:30 Tools
In Memoriam E.G. 00:30 Tools
In Memoriam E. G. 00:30 Tools
In Memoriam L. L. 00:30 Tools
In Memoriam J.S. 00:30 Tools
In Memoriam R. C. 00:30 Tools
Streamwalker (Introduction) 00:30 Tools
Before the Canvas ( 00:30 Tools
Within Memory ( 00:30 Tools
Affirmation 00:30 Tools
In the Afternoon ( 00:30 Tools
Rapture ( 00:30 Tools
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The music of composer/pianist Craig Urquhart (pronounced "irk-hart ") is a continuing renewal of faith in beauty and the healing power of music. The year 2008 has brought Urquhart further international recognition. On July 17 the Festival Euro Mediterraneo presented the composer/pianist in a sold out recital at the Mausoleo de Cecilia Metalla in Rome, Italy. This concert was followed up by another sold out recital in Stadthagen, Germany. In December the composer's new work for chorus and orchestra The Moon, My Man and I was premiered by the Halle Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Sir Mark Elder, CBE with soloists Roderick Williams and Rebecca Bottone. This composition was the first movement of a secular Requiem based on the words of poet Jackie Kay, commissioned for World AIDS Day to benefit Mission Malawi. And through out this year Craig has been an on going featured artist on the globally syndicated Essence Radio Program. After his most recent acclaimed recording of songs, Urquhart returned to the solo piano on his newest album SECRET SPACES. As a believer in the healing power of music and nature, this album expands this belief to the more personal emotional level. Each of the compositions reflects an aspect of these beliefs. The title cut Secret Spaces sets the stage for this reflective and contemplative album. The titles Contemplation and Meditation reflect the inner journeys of the heart. Reunion, Romance, Embrace and Forgiveness are all examples of acts of Love between people and also an individual's soul. Cathedral Pines, Along the Seine and Venetian Snowfall call to mind the healing and contemplative power nature wields in our lives. The final cut Virginia Mountain Morning was written at the Virginia Center For The Creative Arts and celebrates the creative power of being surrounded by a nurturing environment. Secret Spaces debuted at #3 on the NAR Broadcasting chart and was nominated for the NAR Lifesyle Award for Best Instrumental Recording- Piano as well as making numerous Top Twenty lists for 2007. His previous album Secret and Divine Signs with tenor Michael Slattery received Five Star ratings from the BBC Music Magazine and FM Classic Music Magazine . Andrew Stewart in FM Classic Music Magazine wrote: "... the songs of Urquhart, with their seamless tonal melodies and rippling keyboard accompaniments ... transport the listener into a state of tranquil contemplation by Slattery's sincere delivery." His album Streamwalker was honored in the Contemporary Instrumental Top Twenty of 2004 by Michael Debbage of Wind and Wire and named one of the Top Ten of 2004 by Solo Piano Publications. Urquhart creates rich melodic landscapes which blossom into dramatic journeys from the heart. Expressing his passion for the environment and drawing upon the influences of music's keyboard masters, Urquhart has become one of modern acoustic piano?s most transcendent voices. He is a master of touch, moving beyond virtuosity and returning the keyboard to its original subtle radiance as an acoustic instrument. His six solo piano albums are conceived as separate journeys, exploring the power of nature and music. He has released six original solo piano CDs: Secret Spaces (2007); Streamwalker (2004); Evocation (2000); Songs Without Words (1990); The Dream of the Ancient Ones (1993); and Epitaphs and Portraits (1994). Urquhart's timeless sound and compositional focus has gradually shifted from academic classical music to a more lyrical personal voice. His music draws upon the influence of such iconic keyboard composers as Chopin, Debussy, Satie and Copland, but Urquhart also considers pop/rock musicians as creative influences. His contemporary voice is both a reflection of our times and a commentary on humanity's need for refuge. Urquhart's love of the piano began at age six, when he began taking piano lessons as a child growing up in Michigan; however he credits Leonard Bernstein?s CBS series The Young People's Concerts with The New York Philharmonic as "literally educating a whole generation of kids about music, including myself." Moving to New York City after receiving his Master?s in Composition from the University of Michigan, Urquhart left some of his music with Bernstein's Manhattan doorman; the Maestro called Urquhart back, and the two became acquainted. In 1985 Urquhart was hired as Bernstein?s musical assistant, and worked for Bernstein until the composer?s death in 1990. He also served for many years as a member of the music faculty at the Harlem School of the Arts, and was actor Tom Hulce's musical coach for the Academy Award winning film Amadeus. He is a member of ASCAP, serves on the Board of Directors of the Lotte Lehmann Foundation, is a Whisperings Artist and is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (The Grammys). Urquhart is also a well-known composer of art songs, including musical settings of poems by Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman. His songs have been performed and recorded by Thomas Hampson, Michael Slattery, Lauren Wagner, and other artists. His new art song album - Secret and Divine Signs with tenor Michael Slattery has received critical acclaim receiving five stars from both the BBC Music Magazine and Classic FM Magazine. Urquhart has been actively involved in a wide array of social and environmental causes over the years, performing at the United Nations for National AIDS Awareness Day and Earth Day, as well as at benefit concerts for such organizations as the Tidewater AIDS Taskforce of Norfolk, Virginia, Momentum AIDS Project in New York and Bread & Roses AIDS hospice in Connecticut. The Turtle?s Dance Company for a memorial concert at the Cathedral St. John the Divine choreographed his "The Wonder of Miracles." His career has taken him around the world; he has been been presented by the Indiana University Foundation, has performed in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, with other Whisperings Artists in York, Pennsylvania, numerous apperances at Klavierhaus in New York City, as well as concerts in Berlin, Germany and Paris, France. In April, 2006, Craig made his inaugural visit to Japan performing six sold-out solo piano recitals in Tokyo, Kobe, and Kawaguchiko, April 4 - 9. In early 2006 Urquhart was named The New Jersey Music Teachers Association (MTA) Commissioned Composer for 2006. Craig was chosen as a fellow at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts (VCCA) in October 2005 and asked to return in December 2006 as well as April 2008. Naming Streamwalker in the Top Ten of 2004 in Solo Piano Publications, reviewer Kathy Parsons stated, "The grace and depth of emotion conveyed in Urquhart's music is a reminder of how profound and colorful the piano can be in all its glory as a solo instrument." Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.