DJ Spinn

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
All My Teklife 04:05 Tools
2020 03:02 Tools
Fall Back 03:01 Tools
Dubby 03:01 Tools
Dubby (feat. DJ Rashad & Danny Brown) 03:01 Tools
Crazy 'n' Deranged 03:25 Tools
LOL 04:00 Tools
I Really Feel 03:13 Tools
U Don't Need 03:26 Tools
Dey Comin' 03:39 Tools
Man I Do It 03:37 Tools
She Turnt Up 01:30 Tools
Studio 03:14 Tools
Bounce N Break Yo Back 02:38 Tools
4 A $5 Bag 01:30 Tools
Off That Loud 01:30 Tools
Make Me Hot 01:30 Tools
Thots 01:30 Tools
The Future Is Now 02:38 Tools
Burn That Kush 02:38 Tools
Broken Hearted 01:30 Tools
Don't Shoot 04:10 Tools
Jazz 4 Ya Azz 02:37 Tools
Studio (A Night Off) [DJ Paypal Edit] 02:37 Tools
Throw It Back (feat. Taso & Mimosa) 02:37 Tools
What You Need 05:41 Tools
Feelin' You 05:13 Tools
Opioids 05:13 Tools
Dubby ft DJ Rashad & Danny Brown 05:13 Tools
Throw It Back 05:13 Tools
Bob It Low 03:46 Tools
Let Me Baby 03:11 Tools
Juke U On The Wall 04:36 Tools
Traxxx 03:30 Tools
Bob That Back 02:59 Tools
Space Juke 02:54 Tools
We Get High - Original Mix 03:30 Tools
Throw It Back ft Taso & Mimosa 03:30 Tools
Deep 03:46 Tools
Blessing 02:39 Tools
Bounce Back 04:01 Tools
Mercy 03:45 Tools
Down Low 03:49 Tools
Gotta get bust down 03:26 Tools
Horn Chemist 04:36 Tools
She Goin' 04:03 Tools
Shawty Off Tha Chain 05:50 Tools
Breezy 03:24 Tools
Good Good Shit 03:24 Tools
Dumb High 02:19 Tools
Exhibit G 02:00 Tools
Homicide 03:37 Tools
Kush Pack Loud 03:14 Tools
It's Goin' Down 03:01 Tools
Dick Rider Anthem 03:01 Tools
Knock A Patch Out 03:01 Tools
Make Her Hot 03:01 Tools
Warp Speed 04:40 Tools
Bust Down 08:50 Tools
Crunk In Yo System 02:52 Tools
She Off A Yap 05:10 Tools
Dance Floor Packed 03:12 Tools
Don't Get Boxed Out 03:01 Tools
Drop 03:30 Tools
Do My Dance 04:53 Tools
Over There (Getting' It) 03:58 Tools
That Booty 03:45 Tools
Freekin' You 00:30 Tools
Thots (Bonus Track) 02:48 Tools
Get Buck With It 04:03 Tools
Box Me In (remix) 02:48 Tools
U Ain't Really Bout Dat Life 02:48 Tools
All I Feel 02:41 Tools
4 Tha Ghetto 03:38 Tools
2020.0 05:39 Tools
U Ain’t Really Bout Dat Life 05:39 Tools
Daydreamin (Juktronik) 03:03 Tools
Dubby (feat Danny Brown & DJ Rashad) 04:29 Tools
Feelin You 03:10 Tools
Box Me In - Remix 04:01 Tools
On Deck 04:01 Tools
Halloween 04:01 Tools
Like It's Hot 03:31 Tools
They Say 03:24 Tools
Transported 04:29 Tools
Knuck If You Buck 02:37 Tools
Hold on Tight 03:01 Tools
I'm High 02:24 Tools
2020 (Dj Poleno Moskwa Edit) 03:01 Tools
Times Up 03:15 Tools
Freekin You 04:12 Tools
Lane Change 02:57 Tools
Sky Way 02:57 Tools
TOG WP TS TRAK 02:37 Tools
I Wurk Hard 02:24 Tools
Take A Taxi 03:43 Tools
Blue Magic 02:55 Tools
Girl Bust Down 04:38 Tools
Just Blaze 03:10 Tools
Keep On Jukin' 02:51 Tools
Sky Way (feat. DJ Manny) 02:51 Tools
I Love You 03:55 Tools
Mario Revenge 04:01 Tools
If U ain't Jukin 04:14 Tools
Laffy Taffy 02:25 Tools
Put Yo Money Where Yo Mouth Is 03:10 Tools
U Funny 03:02 Tools
Yeah Duh 03:10 Tools
Dey Comin 01:30 Tools
How I Feel 03:01 Tools
Come Back Home 02:24 Tools
Da Trap 02:36 Tools
Crazy N 03:26 Tools
Turn My Shit Up 03:25 Tools
What U Workin Wit 02:13 Tools
Hustle & Juke 02:24 Tools
Off Da Flo 03:38 Tools
If U Ain't Jukin' 01:00 Tools
Not Enuff 03:25 Tools
Husltin' 03:48 Tools
Hood Pianist 03:15 Tools
U Should Be Ashamed 04:07 Tools
Full Set - Pitchfork Music Festival 2014 04:07 Tools
Pain 02:50 Tools
U Scared 03:38 Tools
Knuck If You Buck - Instrumental 03:04 Tools
DJ SPINN - Am I Wrong 03:04 Tools
real pimpin' 03:25 Tools
Dubby (feat. Danny Brown) 04:37 Tools
crazy 04:37 Tools
'Burn That Kush' 04:37 Tools
DJ SPINN - At All 04:37 Tools
All day VIP 04:37 Tools
Them Changes 04:37 Tools
Let Me F.U. 02:47 Tools
Not E Nuff 03:25 Tools
Knock A Patch OUt (Clean) 03:25 Tools
187 03:38 Tools
Am I Wrong 03:38 Tools
Let me F.U. - Dirty 02:47 Tools
Celebrate 02:58 Tools
Make It Drop 04:37 Tools
This Way 03:45 Tools
Let Me Baby (Feat. DJ Rashad) 03:38 Tools
Horn Chemist (Feat. DJ Rashad & DJ Manny) 03:38 Tools
Throw It Back (feat Taso & Mimosa) 03:25 Tools
Crazy 'N' Derranged 03:25 Tools
Pink Rollz 02:35 Tools
Paul Wall 03:04 Tools
Mercy (feat. DJ Rashad) 03:25 Tools
She's a Bustdown 05:39 Tools
Dance Floor Packed (feat. DJ Manny) 03:04 Tools
Dubby (feat DJ Rashad & Danny Brown) 03:04 Tools
Do My Dance (Feat. DJ Manny) 03:04 Tools
Whoa Lil Mama 03:04 Tools
DJ SPINN - Roll In Piece 03:04 Tools
RA.EX008 DJ Spinn / Chrissy Murderbot - 2010.11.19 03:45 Tools
Off That Loud (feat. DJ Rashad & Danny Brown) 02:49 Tools
Damn Gurl 02:26 Tools
What You Need (feat. DJ Manny) 02:26 Tools
N My Heart 02:49 Tools
DJ SPINN - Them Changes 02:49 Tools
Spinn Saves Da Day 03:04 Tools
All My Teklife (Hyperdub 10.1) 02:49 Tools
Pop, Lock & Juke 05:39 Tools
All Day Nigga 15 02:47 Tools
Over There (Getting' It) (feat. DJ Manny) 02:40 Tools
N My Heart (remix) 02:50 Tools
At All 02:50 Tools
Rashad Spinn -She turnt up 12 snip 02:40 Tools
Let Me F.U. (Dirty) 05:39 Tools
Put yo Mouth on Me 02:49 Tools
Roll In Piece 02:49 Tools
YYYY 03:45 Tools
Bang Out 02:47 Tools
Da Nastier Da Better 01:34 Tools
Come Back Home (Original Mix) 04:49 Tools
Knuck If You Buck (instrumental) 04:49 Tools
Let Me F.U. (Clean) 01:34 Tools
Knock A Patch Out (Dirty) 01:34 Tools
Shake dat Azz 03:24 Tools
Tis 03:24 Tools
N My Heart - Remix 05:41 Tools
N My Heart (Original Mix) 02:48 Tools
Let's Do It 03:38 Tools
Mercy (with DJ Rashad) 03:42 Tools
We Trippy Mane 03:42 Tools
She Bad Snip 01:34 Tools
23/24 02:51 Tools
Overload 02:51 Tools
Flutter 02:51 Tools
She's A Bustdown (Original Mix) 02:48 Tools
Dubby (ft. DJ Rashad & Danny Brown) 03:42 Tools
How I Feel (Original Mix) 03:01 Tools
Keep On Jukin' (Original Mix) 02:51 Tools
Do My Dance (with DJ Manny) 04:53 Tools
Sky Way feat DJ Manny 04:53 Tools
Alrite Daddy 02:25 Tools
I Want It 02:50 Tools
Dont Shoot 02:51 Tools
$$$ or Attention 02:51 Tools
that's pimpin' 05:41 Tools
Horn Chemist (with DJ Rashad & DJ Manny) 04:36 Tools
Blue Magic (Original Mix) 02:54 Tools
Times Up (Original Mix) 03:14 Tools
Let Me Baby (with DJ Rashad) 03:11 Tools
Studio (A Night Off) (DJ Paypal Edit) 03:42 Tools
Dubby feat. DJ Rashad & Danny Brown 02:50 Tools
Take Off 04:07 Tools
Mercy feat. DJ Rashad 03:43 Tools
Lane Change (Original Mix) 02:57 Tools
Some Head 02:28 Tools
Fallback 03:02 Tools
Not Enuff (Original Mix) 03:25 Tools
Dance Floor Packed (with DJ Manny) 03:12 Tools
Hold On Tight (Original Mix) 03:00 Tools
What You Need (with DJ Manny) 05:41 Tools
Digital Intro 05:41 Tools
Get Buck Hoez 05:41 Tools
Nothing But A Rat 05:41 Tools
Box Me In 02:25 Tools
Laffy Taffy - Original Mix 05:41 Tools
Da Nastier da Better - Instrumental 01:34 Tools
Lil Mama Getdown 03:16 Tools
Dubby ft Danny Brown 04:07 Tools
Yeah Duh (Original Mix) 03:09 Tools
They Say (Original Mix) 03:24 Tools
Monterrey 03:24 Tools
Dubby [ft. DJ Rashad & Danny Brown] 02:48 Tools
Juke Something 02:48 Tools
There It Go 02:48 Tools
Lets Go Now 02:48 Tools
Throw It Back (feat. Mimosa & Taso) 02:48 Tools
U Dirty 02:48 Tools
Throw It Back (feat. Taso and Mimosa) 03:00 Tools
Bounce & Break Yo Back 01:34 Tools
Off da Flo, Part 2 01:34 Tools
synthshot 03:00 Tools
All My Teklife [Hyperdub] 02:25 Tools
Let Me Baby feat. DJ Rashad 03:12 Tools
Horn Chemist feat. DJ Rashad & DJ Manny 04:36 Tools
Dubby (Feat. DJ Rashad, Danny Brown) 04:36 Tools
A Bay Bay 02:50 Tools
We Get High 02:50 Tools
Beat It Raw 02:50 Tools
Crazy N Deranged 03:00 Tools
Fu@k Wit Me 03:00 Tools
Let Me FU (dirty mix) 03:00 Tools
We Get High (Original Mix) 05:41 Tools
Dj Mag Mix 39:41 Tools
You Blow My Mind, Baby (radio rip) 01:34 Tools
Bang Out (feat. C-Bit) 01:34 Tools
Go Crazy 05:41 Tools
Pimp Slap 01:34 Tools
Mario Advanced 01:34 Tools
Lose It 04:07 Tools
Hit Da Bitch Featuring Katt Williams 04:07 Tools
Let Me Baby (ft. DJ Rashad) 03:11 Tools
Horn Chemist (ft. DJ Rashad & DJ Manny) 04:36 Tools
Dj Spinn Intro 04:36 Tools
What You Need feat. DJ Manny 05:42 Tools
WHAT DAT (BOOTY DO) 05:42 Tools
Sound Forge 05:42 Tools
Spinn - If U Ain't Jukin' 04:15 Tools
Over There (Getting' It) (with DJ Manny) 04:15 Tools
Da Nastier Da Better (instrumental) 04:15 Tools
Reverse It 04:15 Tools
What You Need (ft. DJ Manny) 05:41 Tools
Juke A Lator - Remix 05:41 Tools
Let Me FU (clean mix) 05:41 Tools
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Coming up from nothing to something is a hell of an accomplishment, that's why when it comes to DJ SPINN that feat is highly attainable. Starting out at the early age of 14, SPINN already had his mind set on future goals when it came to music. Whether writing, dj'ing, dancing or producing SPINN always stayed on top of his game. In 1997 while dancing with Chicago's infamous "House-O-Matics", Spinn gained a honorable rep dj'ing for one of Chicago's number 1 dance groups. Also in the same year obtained dj gigs for the biggest teen parties in Chicago including: Club Cavilini's in Harvey, Dolton Expo, Markham Roller Rink, The Rink on 87th and numerous house parties and school events. So by 1998, SPINN had a following that loved the style of house tracks he and long time buddy DJ RASHAD were creating so SPINN got an opportunity to drop one of his house tracks(Bout It Bout It Mix) to vinyl(aka a 12" record) with Ray Barney's "Dance Mania Records" on a DJ THADZ album and co-produced(Kick That Shit Off) on the same album. SPINN was also featured("Muthafuka" a Paul Johnson Remake) on Chi-Town's cult house mix "Bang Bang Bang, Skeet Skeet Skeet" album which also featured DJ RASHAD(Child Abuse Track). Gaining more production credits on local mixtapes and dj credit at the parties it was only a matter of time before SPINN & RASHAD got their chance to grace Chicago's number 1 dance music distributor but in late 1999, early 2000 "Dance Mania Records" had stopped distribution of the 20 years plus company which was responsible for blowing up dj's & producers like Traxman, DJ Funk, Jammin Gerald, Paul Johnson, DJ Deeon, DJ Milton, DJ Slugo, DJ Nephets, DJ PJ & DJ Gantman to name a few. Since 2000 Chicago's house scene has evolved into what is now know as "JUKE MUSIC" and the "JUKE" movement is growing day by day, city by city and at the front of the line are DJ SPINN, DJ RASHAD, DJ Clent, GANT-MAN & DJ Nephets bringing the style & flavor of the ol'school mixed with the energy & emotion of the new school. You can tune into Power92.3 to check out our latest tracks and check out our web-sites and purchase our cd's. So all you guys out there that think "house music" is dead think twice because these guys got now, you'll see what's next. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.