Daniel Striped Tiger

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slalom 03:42 Tools
rough cut 00:00 Tools
Good Luck in Surgery 00:00 Tools
soft bells 00:00 Tools
your birthday (cake) 00:00 Tools
Fire Broke the Windows 00:00 Tools
The Untuned Piano in the Assembly Hall 00:00 Tools
little things we've collected and treasure so much 00:00 Tools
neverending countdowns 00:00 Tools
Stop Where You Are! 00:00 Tools
Defense Mechanism 00:00 Tools
Shadow in the Snow 00:00 Tools
Oh, But It Never Quite Reaches You 00:00 Tools
The Great Bust on Antarctica 00:00 Tools
Self-Help 00:00 Tools
Flags and Capital Cities 00:00 Tools
Where I Lived and What I Lived For 00:00 Tools
Dawn Flared Into 00:00 Tools
Property Lust 00:00 Tools
Never In A Million Years 00:00 Tools
Ancient Future 00:00 Tools
Summit 00:00 Tools
Disconnection 00:00 Tools
and now walk away knowing that four kids care about you 00:00 Tools
Passed Out On Passion 00:00 Tools
Latchkey 02:52 Tools
our most selfish past-time 00:00 Tools
The Quickest Wit I Can Think Of 00:00 Tools
People You Don't Know 00:00 Tools
No Reverse 00:00 Tools
Wait Outside 00:00 Tools
Dusk Broke Out As 00:00 Tools
Room In The Dark 00:00 Tools
Miss A Go 00:00 Tools
The Midday Heat 00:00 Tools
beeves and elthake (born into this) 00:00 Tools
Traceroute 00:00 Tools
The Desert Burden 00:00 Tools
Off White 00:00 Tools
Instruction Piece 00:00 Tools
Was It? 00:00 Tools
Goldwood 00:00 Tools
nonstop 00:00 Tools
Beeves & Elthake (Born Into This) 00:00 Tools
Pedestrian 00:00 Tools
Sex in the Sixties 00:00 Tools
Untying Knots 00:00 Tools
An Errand to Run 00:00 Tools
Passed Out 00:00 Tools
Think About Carbs (Live At The Dead Air) 00:00 Tools
Passed Out On Passion (Live At The Dead Air) 00:00 Tools
Dawn Flared Into (Live At The Dead Air) 00:00 Tools
Think About Carbs 00:00 Tools
An Errand To Run & Untying Knots 00:00 Tools
Running an Errand 00:00 Tools
DANIEL STRIPED TIGER - sex in the sixties 00:00 Tools
First Kite 00:00 Tools
Rendezvous 00:00 Tools
Ancient Future / Rendezvous 00:00 Tools
Wall Outside / Room In The Dark 00:00 Tools
Instruction Piece / Goldwood 00:00 Tools
Ancient Future/Rendezvous 00:00 Tools
passed out on passion (live at dead air) 00:00 Tools
think about carbs (live at dead air) 00:00 Tools
dawn flared into (live at dead air) 00:00 Tools
Wall Outside/Room In The Dark 00:00 Tools
Instruction Piece/Goldwood 00:00 Tools
little things we've collected 00:00 Tools
Was It 00:00 Tools
09 - Think About Carbs 00:00 Tools
Dust Broke Out As 00:00 Tools
Track 02 00:00 Tools
Dawn Flared Into/The Midday Heat 00:00 Tools
oh, but it never quite reaches 00:00 Tools
It Was 00:00 Tools
The Unturned Piano in the Assembly Hall 00:00 Tools
the untuned piano in the assem 00:00 Tools
Track 01 00:00 Tools
Track 03 00:00 Tools
and now walk away knowing that 00:00 Tools
Oh, But It Never Quite Reaches You. 00:00 Tools
The Untnued Piano In the Assembly Hall 00:00 Tools
02 - Defense mechanism 00:00 Tools
The Desert Burden [Hardcore 2009] [musicore.net] 00:00 Tools
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Daniel Striped Tiger are a punk band from Boston, Massachusetts. Formed in October 2003, DST started with the motivation of participating in a DIY punk scene that its members grew up in. DST is influenced by much of the early '90s emo/post-hardcore scene (Dischord, Gravity), as well as bands such as Orchid, Wolves, 400 Years, etc. After a handful of shows and time spent writing, the band headed to Dead Air Studios in Amherst, MA to record a 10 song, self-released demo. This release of harsh noisy punk was handmade and distributed. Later in 2004, the first 7", "The Desert Bird" was recorded. This was released by Dan Madden, who subsequently joined the band on drums shortly thereafter. These four songs focused more on rhythm and dynamics than the previous demo. After the recording of "The Desert Bird", the band ventured on their first East Coast tour with La Mi Vida Violenta, a six-person noise/dance/jazz explosion. With the onset of Dan on drums, the band began writing material for their first full-length album, "Condition". This time period marked one of progress and evolution for the band, and much of their songs took on new directions in structure and sound. As with their past releases, the band returned to Dead Air Studios and spent a significant time working with Will Killingsworth. Recording had become an organic experience for DST, where many songs were either completed or transformed in the studio. Horns, extra percussion, and other auxiliary instrumentation was used throughout the album. This, along with angular guitar riffs and stop-start time changes earmarked the album as being more jazzy or noise induced than previous efforts. "Condition" was released in 2005 on CD/LP by Alone Records. The release of "Condition" set the band out on a tour with Bravo Fucking Bravo, who had also recently released their album "II" on Alone Records. In the next year, DST released two songs on a split 7" with They And The Children, whom they also toured with. The songs on this split featured Rory Hall on saxophone, who would also perform with DST live at various shows. During this time, two films featuring DST were also created. The first was a documentary about the North Shore DIY scene, titled "If You Want, You Can". The second was a collaboration with friends in a Harvard film class. This project resulted in a short film showcasing the performances and happenings of DST as friends, and as a band. In the first month of 2007, an evening of live performance was documented and released on a 4-way split 11". "Live at Dead Air" consisted of songs performed for an in-studio audience of friends by DST, Ampere, Death To Tyrants, and Wasteland. This record was released by Clean Plate and limited to 330 copies. The bands 2007 full-length, "Capital Cities" featured a more refined-sound and streamlined song structures. Elements of heavy-punk, indie rock, and layered soundscapes were present. This was released by Clean Plate. In support of the album, DST did a full US tour playing a string of shows in the south with Ampere and Daïtro. Eric Gagne, of Death To Tyrants, who had also previously played live sax at times filled in on guitar for a string of this tour. In 2008, DST recorded two new songs for a split 7" with Sinaloa. This record was in support of a European tour, and was a split-release by Clean Plate (US) and Narshardaa (EU). DST is currently writing new material to be released on various splits in 2009. Discography: Daniel Striped Tiger CDEP (2004) The Desert Bird 7" EP (2004) Baking In The Sun Tour Cassette (2005) Condition LP (2005) They And The Children/Daniel Striped Tiger split 7" (2006) Live At Dead Air Split 11" (w/ Ampere, Wasteland, Death To Tyrants) (2006) Capital Cities LP(2007) Daniel Striped Tiger/Sinaloa split 7" (2008) Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.