David Sandström

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Here's For Summer 02:14 Tools
The Fatville Treaty 03:54 Tools
Sunday Coffee 02:53 Tools
Move Along 03:56 Tools
Gather Round 03:32 Tools
How the story feels 03:37 Tools
A Greater Sum 03:42 Tools
Get On With Your Life 03:10 Tools
Puppet Arms 03:48 Tools
Leni Leni 03:55 Tools
Cocaine in Your Cola 03:20 Tools
Buckle Up 02:32 Tools
Shakey Heart 00:00 Tools
Let the Song Begin 00:00 Tools
The Crotch Of Saturday Night 02:27 Tools
Counting the Ties 00:00 Tools
Cockroaches 00:00 Tools
Kill Your Boyfriend 00:00 Tools
Fröjden Eder Med Bävan 00:00 Tools
The Sixties 00:00 Tools
Rock In Motion 00:00 Tools
1968 13:52 Tools
TJ Queen 00:00 Tools
Apropå det här med att finnas till 04:33 Tools
När hjärtat svider 05:53 Tools
Stämning 04:18 Tools
Crotch Of The Saturday Night 02:27 Tools
Degernäs 07:45 Tools
Bockle Up 02:32 Tools
Oväsen 01:39 Tools
Det du vill mest 10:53 Tools
Kurragömma 13:36 Tools
You Can't Prepare Your Pianos for This, There's No Grammar, There's Just Us 00:00 Tools
You Can´t Prepare Your Pianos For This, There´s No Gramma, There´s Just Us 00:00 Tools
Precursor 00:00 Tools
Detour 00:00 Tools
The Colour of His Shoes 00:00 Tools
The Fires of This Town 00:00 Tools
Jack 00:00 Tools
The boxers son 04:17 Tools
Falträsk 00:00 Tools
Gods and Punks 00:00 Tools
Shroud 00:00 Tools
Endnotes 00:00 Tools
Promise 00:00 Tools
i hate cool 00:00 Tools
Born To Stay 00:00 Tools
You're the one 00:00 Tools
Shoot Up 00:00 Tools
The 60's 00:00 Tools
Stämmning II 00:00 Tools
Zillion Digits 00:00 Tools
You Can't 00:00 Tools
(Mellansnack) 00:00 Tools
The Fatville Treaty (live) 04:45 Tools
David Sandström - Crotch Of The Saturday Night 02:25 Tools
Shaky Heart (live) 02:25 Tools
Fetch Your Invectives 02:25 Tools
The Crotch Of The Saturday Night (live) 02:25 Tools
You Can't Prepare Your Pianos 02:25 Tools
How The Story Feels (live) 02:25 Tools
Kill Your Boyfriend (live) 02:25 Tools
A Greater Sum (live) 02:25 Tools
Bockle Up (live) 02:25 Tools
Here´s For Summer (live) 02:25 Tools
David Sandström - Cocaine In Your Cola 02:25 Tools
Cockroaches Station 01:48 Tools
Gods And Punks (live) 02:25 Tools
Here´s For Summer 02:25 Tools
David Sandström - Sunday Coffee 02:49 Tools
Cocaine In Your Cola (live acoustic, feat. Frida Hyvönen) 02:49 Tools
Apropå Det Här Med Att Finnas 02:49 Tools
Shakery heart 02:49 Tools
Not a Good Boy 02:27 Tools
Apropå det här med att finnas till 03:18 Tools
Cocaine In Your Colo 03:18 Tools
brev 03:18 Tools
You Can't Prepare Your Pianos for This, There's No Grammar, There's Just Us Find out 04:36 Tools
You can't prepare your pianos for this, there's no grammr, there's just us 03:18 Tools
Lisa Lisa 04:06 Tools
Mortal Man Is A Broomstick 01:50 Tools
These Are The Days 00:00 Tools
Songs That Maybe Won't Be Forgotten 02:49 Tools
Stämning 02:49 Tools
Sunday coffe 02:49 Tools
05 - När hjärtat svider 02:49 Tools
Happy Home 05:23 Tools
02 - Stämning 05:23 Tools
Listen 04:22 Tools
Tearing Through The Decades 06:53 Tools
När hjärtat svider 06:53 Tools
Degernäs 06:53 Tools
Too Late, But Still 03:56 Tools
Allstar Team 03:45 Tools
Stop Talk 04:53 Tools
03 - 1968 04:53 Tools
Oväsen 04:53 Tools
Dead Alive 01:48 Tools
The FatvilleTreaty 01:48 Tools
08 - Kurragömma 01:48 Tools
The Zigzag Years 03:14 Tools
Thou Shalt Get Lost 05:23 Tools
Göran William Frii 04:45 Tools
04 - Degernäs 04:45 Tools
The sixties never actually happened 04:45 Tools
The God Thing 01:31 Tools
06 - Oväsen 01:31 Tools
Rock The Motion 01:31 Tools
07 - Det Du Vill Mest 01:31 Tools
Apropĺ Det Här Med Att Finnas Till 01:31 Tools
Kurragömma 01:31 Tools
Kill Yr boyfriend 01:31 Tools
Jesus etc 04:36 Tools
You Are the One 01:31 Tools
04 - Let the Song Begin 04:36 Tools
04 Let the song begin 04:36 Tools
Kurrgömma 04:36 Tools
05 - Counting the Ties 04:36 Tools
05 Counting the ties 04:36 Tools
david_sandstrom_-_leni_leni 04:36 Tools
The Boxer's Son 04:36 Tools
You can´t prepare your pianos for this, there´s no grammar, there´s just us 04:36 Tools
4 04:36 Tools
Too Late But Still (Unplugged) 04:36 Tools
Lisa, Lisa 04:36 Tools
cocaine in you cola 04:36 Tools
07 Rock in motion 04:36 Tools
11 The sixties 04:36 Tools
5 04:36 Tools
Track-01 04:36 Tools
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David Sandström was the drummer for the punk/hardcore groups known as Refused from Umeå, Sweden. After Refused broke up David and the other members worked on a project entitled TEXT and released one album. Then David went on to do solo work. His first release was called Om det inte händer nåt innan imorgon så kommer jag was released in 2000. "Om det.." is about David's grandfather, and was sung in Swedish. David's second album, The Dominant Need of the Needy Soul is to Be Needed was released in 2004 where he worked with Frida Hyvönen. His third album is Go Down and was released in May of 2005 under the name David Sandström Overdrive. The band now consists of David Sandström, Oskar Sandlund, Lars Eriksson and Frida Selander The first album in its entirety is available for download on David's old website. The website is in Swedish but the songs are under the section "Musik". http://www.demonbox.com/david/ - old site, where Om Det is for download http://www.myspace.com/davidsandstromoverdrive - Official Myspace http://www.myspace.com/davidsandstrom - fan run, but he seems to have a connection to David. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.