Dirty Looks

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Let Go 03:13 Tools
Oh Ruby 04:08 Tools
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of you 03:17 Tools
Lie to Me 03:03 Tools
Tokyo 03:18 Tools
Cool From the Wire 03:35 Tools
12 O'Clock High 03:58 Tools
It's Not the Way You Rock 03:48 Tools
Put a Spell On You 03:26 Tools
They Got Me Covered 03:13 Tools
Get Off 03:19 Tools
Accept Me 02:12 Tools
It's a Bitch 03:20 Tools
You Can't Love Me 02:44 Tools
Wastin' My Time 03:32 Tools
Love Crimes 03:38 Tools
You're Too Old 02:51 Tools
No Brains Child 03:53 Tools
Get It Right 04:26 Tools
Nobody Rides for Free 03:09 Tools
Doesn't Count the Juice 03:09 Tools
Take a Life 03:09 Tools
Disappearing 03:34 Tools
Through Your Eyes 03:33 Tools
If The World Stopped Spinning 03:20 Tools
Stick Around 04:07 Tools
See You in the Morning 03:18 Tools
Blue Tequila 03:41 Tools
Let's Go 03:16 Tools
Bring Me Down 02:55 Tools
Go Away 04:19 Tools
Drop That Tan 05:18 Tools
Turn of the Screw (Who's Screwing You) 03:55 Tools
Over Me 03:42 Tools
2nd Chance (didn't take it) 03:16 Tools
The Last Forever 04:27 Tools
She's a Rocker 03:09 Tools
You Can't Take Me 02:47 Tools
Five Easy Pieces 03:52 Tools
C'mon Frenchie 03:19 Tools
Take What Ya Get 04:21 Tools
L.A. Anna 03:58 Tools
Hot Flash Jelly Roll 03:18 Tools
Love Screams 03:30 Tools
Wake The Sky 03:43 Tools
Only Tomorrow 03:57 Tools
Always a Loser 04:38 Tools
Let It Rain 03:27 Tools
Slammin' to the Big Beat 03:31 Tools
Liquid Crush 03:17 Tools
Back To Marselles 03:10 Tools
Violence In Blue 04:04 Tools
Have Some Balls 03:09 Tools
A Million Miles 03:29 Tools
Getting Over 03:35 Tools
I Am that I Am 03:04 Tools
Fast Ride 02:59 Tools
California Free Ride 03:12 Tools
Gas House Sally 03:28 Tools
On Your Back 03:41 Tools
Falling Down 04:54 Tools
Wide Glide 03:00 Tools
Every Mother's Child 04:28 Tools
Hard In The Middle 03:53 Tools
Let Me Go 03:44 Tools
Not Enough 03:34 Tools
Crazy, Crazy 03:37 Tools
One Bad Leg 03:39 Tools
Fool For You 03:21 Tools
This Way 04:01 Tools
Undercover 03:52 Tools
Dead Movie Star 04:16 Tools
Look In The Mirror 03:19 Tools
Point Of View 03:51 Tools
Loveless 04:02 Tools
Cardiac Arrest 04:28 Tools
Get Back 02:37 Tools
Thin Red Line 03:01 Tools
Burning Rain 04:14 Tools
Trip the Light 03:13 Tools
Give It Back (Thru Your Head) 02:59 Tools
Blue Light 03:26 Tools
Forever 04:34 Tools
Sugar Pie 03:36 Tools
Steppin' Stone 03:30 Tools
Slave in the Machine 04:13 Tools
Speed Queen 03:25 Tools
Wild Child 02:36 Tools
Get Ready 03:43 Tools
I Love You 03:06 Tools
Everything's Gonna Be Alright 09:33 Tools
The Hole 04:11 Tools
In Black & White 02:51 Tools
Dude, Where's The Money 03:19 Tools
Come To My Party 03:09 Tools
Special 04:30 Tools
Told You So 03:16 Tools
Only Child 03:11 Tools
Brass Bed 03:33 Tools
Under My Skin 03:14 Tools
Daddy's Gone 02:42 Tools
Strong Man 03:56 Tools
Only Friend 04:53 Tools
Chewing on the Bit 04:32 Tools
My Shallow Grave 04:05 Tools
Love Train 03:45 Tools
Murder for Money 04:08 Tools
You're Mine 04:54 Tools
You've Got It 02:53 Tools
You Can't Take It Back 02:59 Tools
Hello It's Me 04:06 Tools
Too Bad 03:18 Tools
The Rotten Kind 04:05 Tools
Getting Even 03:15 Tools
Fade Away 03:20 Tools
Droperidol 03:05 Tools
A Better Way 04:16 Tools
Better off Dead 03:49 Tools
YMI 02:57 Tools
Last Cigarette 03:18 Tools
Dead, White & Blue 03:12 Tools
Lamb's Breath 04:48 Tools
Quite So High 03:27 Tools
Oh Ruby (Live) 05:10 Tools
Cool From The Wire (Live) 05:10 Tools
Killing Time 03:47 Tools
Raining In The Sun 03:27 Tools
Rosario's Ashes 03:03 Tools
Anesthesia 04:11 Tools
Got A Ticket 05:03 Tools
Living Alone 03:00 Tools
Feelings of Dread 03:51 Tools
Can't Take My Eyes (Off Of You) 03:18 Tools
Turn Of The Screw 00:00 Tools
Anyway You Want 04:04 Tools
Last Crack 03:21 Tools
Jaw Breaker 03:33 Tools
Hit List 02:06 Tools
I Want More 02:57 Tools
Carrie 03:40 Tools
Animal 03:19 Tools
Fang And The Love Pig 02:30 Tools
Encore 05:06 Tools
Do We Need It 02:50 Tools
It's Not the Way 03:49 Tools
Turn It Up 02:30 Tools
Trick Of The Moon 03:19 Tools
Spirit In The Sky (Norman Greenbaum Cover) 03:41 Tools
Something In You 04:03 Tools
Kiss of Death 02:30 Tools
Born Again 03:56 Tools
Rite Of Way 03:06 Tools
Open Wide 04:24 Tools
Tailin' Love 02:34 Tools
New White Naked 03:08 Tools
Catholic Radio 03:19 Tools
Clear Thought 01:37 Tools
Hold Tight 04:18 Tools
Shake That Thing 03:30 Tools
Oh, Ruby 03:51 Tools
Automatic Pilot 03:20 Tools
Therapeutic Drinking 03:09 Tools
Time Is Up 02:38 Tools
Deceit 02:50 Tools
Half As Much 03:59 Tools
It Was 02:05 Tools
Too Much For Granted 04:12 Tools
My Time 05:26 Tools
Happy Together (The Turtles Cover) 04:08 Tools
Trip The Light (Fantastic Love) 03:10 Tools
She's On Top 04:48 Tools
Eye In The Sky 03:41 Tools
Fuck You, I Want More 02:55 Tools
Tell Me 03:48 Tools
Skin/Bones 04:08 Tools
Marty 02:55 Tools
Down Payment Blues 06:22 Tools
Daybreak 02:55 Tools
The Girl 04:48 Tools
Boston 03:33 Tools
Shake 03:30 Tools
Not the Way You Rock 03:32 Tools
Cool From The Wire (LP Version) 03:34 Tools
Spirit In The Sky 03:41 Tools
This Way (Live) 04:07 Tools
Fuck You... I Want More 02:55 Tools
Nobody Rides For Free (Live) 03:17 Tools
Fuck You - I Want More 02:55 Tools
Havana 03:35 Tools
Down Payment Blues (ACDC Cover) 06:22 Tools
Happy Together 04:08 Tools
Not The Way You Rock (Live) 03:47 Tools
They Got Me Covered (Including Intro) 04:51 Tools
Oh Ruby (LP Version) 04:08 Tools
Down Payment Blues (AC/DC Cover) 06:24 Tools
Tokyo (LP Version) 03:09 Tools
Love Comes in Spurts 02:59 Tools
Stepping Stone 03:10 Tools
Get It Right (LP Version) 04:27 Tools
Give It Back 02:59 Tools
Nevermore 02:02 Tools
Any Way You Want 04:05 Tools
This Way (Live) (Never Before Released Version) 04:05 Tools
And I Do (Bonus Track) 03:26 Tools
They Got Me Covered - Including Intro 02:59 Tools
Work In Progress 02:21 Tools
No Brains Child (LP Version) 03:53 Tools
Put A Spell On You (LP Version) 03:28 Tools
Oh Ruby *[Requested by loafy666]* 01:00 Tools
Hidden Track 03:22 Tools
F..k You, I Want More 02:55 Tools
Wastin' My Time (LP Version) 02:55 Tools
Smell the Gasoline 01:20 Tools
Church Street 01:29 Tools
dead rip 02:10 Tools
Tailin' You 04:00 Tools
Nobody Rides For Free - Live 03:26 Tools
thiefs 01:25 Tools
OH RUBY! 00:30 Tools
Get Off (LP Version) 03:28 Tools
New White Naked (Bonus Track) 03:28 Tools
It's A Bitch (LP Version) 04:00 Tools
They Got Me Covered (Live - Son Of Stiff Tour) 03:28 Tools
It´s Not The Way You Rock 03:28 Tools
And I Do 03:40 Tools
Narcissist 02:12 Tools
Love Comes In Spurts (Live - Son Of Stiff Tour) 04:00 Tools
Heisenberg 02:02 Tools
Gag Meet 02:02 Tools
The Girl (Live) 02:02 Tools
Shoot Shoot 02:02 Tools
Trick of the Moon (Bonus Track) 02:02 Tools
The Girl (Live - Son Of Stiff Tour) 02:02 Tools
Cinema 02:02 Tools
Bon Voyage 02:02 Tools
Heisenberg [Single] 02:02 Tools
Not the Way You Rock - Live 03:48 Tools
Dude, Where\'s The Money 03:17 Tools
Let There Be Rock 06:08 Tools
909 03:26 Tools
Love Comes In Spurts (Live) 03:26 Tools
King Snake 03:26 Tools
Dot By Dot 03:26 Tools
Trip The Light (Live) 03:22 Tools
New White Naked (bonus) 02:12 Tools
It's Gonna Be Alright (Live At Warner Theater 2008) 09:35 Tools
Covered 04:44 Tools
Cool From the Wire - Live 03:48 Tools
Trip The Light (Fantastic Love 04:05 Tools
Stepping Stone (Live - Son Of Stiff) 01:20 Tools
Slammin To The Big Beat 03:32 Tools
They Got Me Covered (Live) 03:32 Tools
Why? 01:20 Tools
Let There Be Rock (Live At Warner Theater 2008) 03:32 Tools
Howl (Today) 03:32 Tools
Oh! Ruby 02:12 Tools
Can't Take My Eyes Of You 03:22 Tools
Untitled 01:37 Tools
Let There Be Rock (Live) 01:56 Tools
Living In Black & White 00:59 Tools
Heisenberg [vk.com/post_hc] 02:12 Tools
Let´s Go 11:06 Tools
Waiting For You 02:12 Tools
Turn Of The Screw (Who's Screwing Y 00:30 Tools
1.100 Pipers 11:06 Tools
Trick Of The Moon (bonus) 01:37 Tools
You Can't Love Me [1980] 03:22 Tools
Turn Of The Screw(Who's Screwing You) 03:48 Tools
Clear Thoughts 01:56 Tools
Let Go! 01:56 Tools
C'mon Frenchie *[Requested by loafy666]* 11:06 Tools
Catholic Radio [Single] 11:06 Tools
Its A Bitch 01:46 Tools
6.Jane 02:05 Tools
Oh, Ruby - Live 00:59 Tools
2. Theifs 01:46 Tools
3. Church Street 01:46 Tools
Trip The Light (Hidden Track) 01:56 Tools
The Last Forever (1991) 01:56 Tools
Narcissist - Bonus Track 03:22 Tools
Blue Tequila *[Requested by loafy666]* 01:00 Tools
Steppin' Stone (Live) 06:08 Tools
Howl 06:08 Tools
Its Not the Way You Rock 06:08 Tools
It's Not The Way You Rock (LP Version) 03:48 Tools
100 pipers 00:59 Tools
5. DIRTY LOOKS Work in Progress 00:59 Tools
Cool From The Wire (LP Version) 03:32 Tools
6.DIRTY LOOKS Your Eyes are BlueMy Eyes Are Hazel 01:46 Tools
Your Eyes Are Blue My Eyes Are Hazel 01:56 Tools
Only Tomorrow (1991) 01:56 Tools
Smell The Gas - Bonus Track 01:56 Tools
I Put A Spell On You 01:56 Tools
5. Dead Rip 01:56 Tools
Nevermore - Bonus Track 01:56 Tools
Tuning 01:56 Tools
Narcissist (Bonus Track) 01:56 Tools
Nobody Rides for Free *[Requested by eXiLe]* 01:00 Tools
Crowd 01:00 Tools
Nobody Rides for Free *[Requested by loafy666]* 01:00 Tools
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There is more than one artist named Dirty Looks 1. 80s / Present Hard Rock/Metal Band 2. A late 70s/early 80s new wave/power pop trio from Staten Island 3. A punk pop band from New York with ex-members of Bent Outta Shape 1) From the ashes of Erie, Pennsylvania cover-band Crossfire, Danish-born vocalist/guitarist Henrik Ostergaard and fellow Crossfire band-mate and bassist Jimmy Chartley traveled to San Francisco to form Dirty Looks in 1984. Fellow Crossfire bandmate Boyd Baker would join them a year later. While in California and upon their return home to PA, the group had a revolving door membership, yet managed to release an EP and three independent (and hard to find) albums before Atlantic records came calling. For their major label debut Dirty Looks consisted of Paul Lidel (guitar), former Harpo-bassist Jack Pyers (bass) and Gene Barnett (drums). The resulting album, Cool From The Wire, found its way onto the Billboard charts while getting substantial air-time on MTV for the video 'Oh Ruby' For the follow-up album, there were conflicts with original producer Beau Hill and the original recordings for Turn Of The Screw were scrapped, but the re-worked album would be the group's most successful release reaching even higher on the Billboard charts. The album of outtakes, Bootlegs was released in 1991, then the group broke up in 1993 following the release of Five Easy Pieces with Ostergaard forming Rumbledog, Lidel hooking up with Dangerous Toys (and later Broken Teeth and Adrenaline Factor, his current project) and bassist Brian Perry resurfacing in Jake E. Lee's Wicked Alliance, and most notable the 2002 resurrection of Industrial Thrash legends Prong. Ostergaard began recording under the Dirty Looks moniker again in 1994 to record Chewing On The Bit album. Then he worked with Rumbledog again, releasing an album in 1995 with bassist Jassen Wilber, drummer Ron Sutton, guitarist Mike Ondrusek and guitarist Mike Smith. Ostergaard put out two releases as Dirty Looks in 1996. With the personnel above minus Ondrusek and adding singer Gabriel Scott Robison, Ostergaard took a back seat in the vocal department and formed the Burning Orange project who released an album before calling it a day in 1996. Since then, Ostergaard has been retired from the music business to focus on family life. According to their Myspace page[2], Dirty Looks have reformed and have released a new album, "Gasoline" in 2007. Two more studio albums have been released since including "Superdeluxe" and "California Free Ride". Both albums were released in 2008. At the end of 2009 Dirty Looks signed with Nashville, Tennessee label FNA Records. In 2010 they re-released three albums. Discography Dirty Looks EP (1984) Dirty Looks (1984) In Your Face (1986) I Want More (1987) Cool From The Wire (1988) Turn Of The Screw (1989) Bootlegs (1991) Five Easy Pieces (1992) Chewing On The Bit (1994) One Bad Leg (1994) Rip It Out! (1996) Slave To The Machine (1996) Gasoline (2007) Superdeluxe (2008) California Free Ride (2008) Slave To The Machine re-issue remastered (2009) The Worst Of Dirty Looks (2009) Dirty Looks + EP re-issue remastered (2010) In Your Face re-issue remastered(2010) I Want More re-issue remastered (2010) I.C.U. (2010) 2) Dirty Looks were formed in the late '70s in Staten Island, NY. Composed of Patrick Barnes (guitar/vocals), Peter Parker (drums/vocals), and Marco Sin (bass/vocals), the trio began playing their hard-rocking power pop at Max's Kansas City and CBGB where they were discovered by Stiff Records' Dave Robinson. Robinson signed them, anticipating they were "the next big thing." After releasing one brilliant single ("Let Go"), a good but unfortunately overlooked debut LP for Stiff, and a mediocre follow-up, the band faded into obscurity. 3) Dirty Looks were a punk pop band from New York with ex members from Bent Outta Shape. They put out a split with Bossy - also containing ex-members from Bent Outta Shape - on Salinas Records and a 7" ep on Iron Pier. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.