Drew Holcomb

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
What Would I Do Without You 00:00 Tools
Fields of Gold 04:28 Tools
Live Forever 04:28 Tools
Electricity 04:28 Tools
Anywhere But Here 04:06 Tools
You and Me 04:06 Tools
Steal My History 04:06 Tools
On The Road Again 04:06 Tools
Last Night 04:06 Tools
Hallelujah 04:01 Tools
Love Anyway 04:01 Tools
Good Light 04:31 Tools
Hung the Moon 02:58 Tools
Another Man's Shoes 02:29 Tools
Good Time Girl 02:29 Tools
I Like to be With Me when I'm With You 03:38 Tools
Rolling Around 03:42 Tools
Long Gone Away 04:24 Tools
I like to be me when I'm with you 03:42 Tools
Sweetness 04:15 Tools
Dancehall Dreamer 02:52 Tools
Daylight 03:00 Tools
Tip of My Tongue 03:00 Tools
Eastbound Wind 02:56 Tools
Rollin Around 03:14 Tools
American Beauty 02:52 Tools
Boy 02:52 Tools
Magnolia Tree 04:06 Tools
Shine Like Lightning 04:06 Tools
Tightrope 04:06 Tools
Mercy 03:55 Tools
Sisters Brothers 03:55 Tools
Fire and Dynamite 04:28 Tools
When You Wish (with ellie bannister) 04:19 Tools
Resurrected 04:49 Tools
Here We Go 04:00 Tools
You'll Always Be My Girl 04:20 Tools
Can't Take It With You 04:00 Tools
Avalanche 04:20 Tools
Heartache Heartbreak 04:20 Tools
Hungry Heart 03:49 Tools
Love Will Bring You Home 04:24 Tools
Heartbreak 04:24 Tools
Ain't Nobody Got It Easy 04:24 Tools
I've Got You 03:44 Tools
When It's All Said and Done 03:59 Tools
City Lights 03:44 Tools
Better Love 04:30 Tools
Last Thing We Do 03:59 Tools
Magnolia 03:44 Tools
The Promised Land 03:34 Tools
When You Wish 03:44 Tools
The Valley 03:34 Tools
Someday 03:59 Tools
Promised Land 03:59 Tools
Jamie 05:05 Tools
When I'm With You 03:34 Tools
Late Night Drama Queen 03:42 Tools
Ressurected 05:05 Tools
I Like to Be With Me When Im With You 05:05 Tools
Baby Tomorrow 03:55 Tools
Hourglass 05:05 Tools
I Love You, I Do 03:30 Tools
Love is Magic 04:31 Tools
Tennessee 03:30 Tools
Rhythm of the Clock 03:59 Tools
Rollin' Around 03:42 Tools
Christmas For You And Me 03:59 Tools
Tomorrow 03:59 Tools
Fire & Dynamite 04:30 Tools
The Wine We Drink 03:59 Tools
Postcard Memories 03:59 Tools
The Morning Song 05:02 Tools
Wild World 05:02 Tools
Fight for Love 03:59 Tools
New Year 03:59 Tools
The Wire 03:59 Tools
Nothing Like A Woman 05:02 Tools
Rooftops 03:59 Tools
California 05:02 Tools
Sometimes 05:02 Tools
Rowdy Heart, Broken Wing 05:02 Tools
Nothing But Trouble 04:29 Tools
A Place To Lay My Head 05:02 Tools
Lonely Anna 05:02 Tools
Mama's Sunshine, Daddy's Rain 05:02 Tools
Your Love 03:59 Tools
Hung the Moon (Uh Huh Song) 05:02 Tools
Black and Blue 05:02 Tools
Merry Christmas Baby 05:02 Tools
Cant Get Enough Of You 05:02 Tools
Yellow Rose Of Santa Fe 05:02 Tools
I Like To Be With Me When I'm You 03:59 Tools
Fly Home in the Morning 05:02 Tools
Live Forever (NBA Promo Version) 04:29 Tools
Miracle 04:29 Tools
Weight of The World 04:29 Tools
Nothing Left 05:02 Tools
Family 05:02 Tools
Folsom Prison Blues 04:29 Tools
The Blues Song 04:29 Tools
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Drew Holcomb (born May 13, 1982) is an American singer and songwriter who grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and now calls East Nashville, Tennessee, his home. His first success was his solo album "Washed in Blue" in 2005. In 2006, he married his longtime friend and singing partner, Ellie Holcomb (nee Bannister), and relocated to her hometown of Nashville. In 2007, along with guitarist Nathan Dugger, bassist Rich Brinsfield, and drummer Jon Radford, they formed the band Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors (the name relating to them all living in the same East Nashville area). Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.