Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Call Me 03:17 Tools
Stormchaser 03:23 Tools
Pariah 05:18 Tools
Hold The Line [Toto] 03:48 Tools
Better Man 04:32 Tools
Paradise 04:12 Tools
Fire Of Time 06:34 Tools
The Power Within 05:13 Tools
Call me [blondie] 03:17 Tools
A Rise To Power 07:05 Tools
The Art of War 05:44 Tools
Insanity's Fall 01:08 Tools
Against the Wind 04:29 Tools
Steelheart 05:43 Tools
Gallipoli 06:45 Tools
Life Is A Lie 01:21 Tools
Netherlife (Black Roses Die) 06:52 Tools
Resurrection 04:55 Tools
The Final Chapter 10:40 Tools
Lost In The Light 07:38 Tools
Tarranno del Mar 08:17 Tools
One Step Beyond 04:28 Tools
Time to Die 05:27 Tools
The Other Side 05:41 Tools
The Hunger 05:53 Tools
Curse Of The Pharaohs 06:05 Tools
Where Madness Hides 04:36 Tools
Surface Tension 05:39 Tools
Under the Cross 07:47 Tools
Life Is Black 03:45 Tools
I Am Death 05:30 Tools
Traumatised 05:33 Tools
Death From Above 00:53 Tools
Epilogue 01:05 Tools
Call Me (Blondie Cover) 00:00 Tools
No Way Out 03:21 Tools
Hold The Line (Toto) 03:48 Tools
Call Me (Blondie) 03:17 Tools
Don't Leave Me 04:34 Tools
Wake Up 04:32 Tools
Fight 03:32 Tools
The Legend of Huma 07:33 Tools
The Prophecy 00:00 Tools
Wasted Years (Iron maiden) 00:00 Tools
Severed Ties 05:09 Tools
Wasted Years (Bonus) 04:48 Tools
Hold The Line 03:48 Tools
Wasted Years 00:00 Tools
A Rise To Power (Reprise) 00:00 Tools
Judgement Day 05:01 Tools
Playing to Win 03:11 Tools
Queen Of The Reich 00:00 Tools
Judgment Day 04:44 Tools
Queen Of The Reich (Bonus) 00:00 Tools
Waiting for an Alibi 03:38 Tools
Hold The Line [Toto Cover] 00:00 Tools
Call Me [Blondie Cover] 03:18 Tools
Slave Of Love 04:55 Tools
Wasted Years [Iron Maiden Cover] 04:50 Tools
Wild Child [W.A.S.P. Cover] 04:54 Tools
Hold the Line (Toto Cover) 00:00 Tools
One Shot At Life 05:16 Tools
Somewhere In Time [Iron Maiden Cover] 07:22 Tools
Wild Child (Wasp) 04:52 Tools
Dungeon 06:37 Tools
Caught Somewhere In Time (Iron Maiden) 07:20 Tools
The Prophecy [Instrumental] 00:00 Tools
The Prophecy (Intro) 02:21 Tools
Vodka Frenzy 04:09 Tools
Let It Go 03:16 Tools
Don't Leave Me (bonus track) 04:35 Tools
These Times 05:00 Tools
The Duel 03:57 Tools
Lies 04:09 Tools
The Hero 05:24 Tools
From Under A Rock 03:54 Tools
Waiting For An Alibi [Thin Lizzy] 03:41 Tools
Dungeon - Call Me [Blondie] 03:17 Tools
Reflections 04:42 Tools
Changing Moods (Bonus Track) 07:30 Tools
'Til the Living End 03:42 Tools
Legend Of Huma 06:33 Tools
Queen Of The Ryche [Queensrÿche Cover] 04:07 Tools
Wild Child 00:00 Tools
Witches Pyramid 05:18 Tools
Caught Somewhere In Time 07:20 Tools
Permanent Wish 04:09 Tools
The Hero (Bonus Track) 04:42 Tools
Eternal Contract 04:02 Tools
Screen Queen 04:17 Tools
Witches Brew 03:34 Tools
Time Passed Away 03:57 Tools
Infernal Regions 05:28 Tools
Queen of Sin 03:35 Tools
Smash Palace 03:24 Tools
Playing To Win* (bonus) 03:11 Tools
Til the Living End (Bonus Track) 03:42 Tools
A Rise to Power (Reprise) [Instrumental] 00:00 Tools
The Promise 04:50 Tools
Nocturne 03:35 Tools
Broken Simphony 03:39 Tools
Season Of The Witch 04:02 Tools
Insanitie´s Fall 04:53 Tools
Waiting For An Alibi* (bonus) 03:41 Tools
Call Me(Remix) 03:16 Tools
Severed Ties (acoustic version) 05:10 Tools
A Rise To Power - Reprise (Hidden Bonus Track - "Queen Of The Ryche" by Queensryche) 07:05 Tools
Thunderous Call From The Bowels Of The Earth 04:34 Tools
Intro - Holocaust 01:38 Tools
Wasted Years (Iron Maiden Cover) 04:48 Tools
Total Infernal Chaos 03:22 Tools
Caught Somewhere in Time (Iron Maiden Cover) 07:19 Tools
Queen of the Reich (Queensryche) 04:24 Tools
Netherlife 06:51 Tools
Welcome To Hell 03:35 Tools
Insanitieґs Fall 03:33 Tools
Birthday In Prison 03:45 Tools
Merciful Self Mayhem 03:29 Tools
Devastation 01:15 Tools
State Of Coma 02:37 Tools
Queen Of The Forest 03:33 Tools
Call Me (orig.Blondie) 03:16 Tools
In The Air 02:14 Tools
Wild Child (W.A.S.P. Cover) 04:51 Tools
Don't Leave Me (Bonus) 04:35 Tools
Wasted Years(Bonus) 04:51 Tools
Changing Moods (Bonus) 03:35 Tools
Traitors Gate 03:48 Tools
Resurrection (Re-Recorded) 04:48 Tools
Innocent Evil 03:48 Tools
Seasons Of The Witch 03:47 Tools
Til the Living End (Bonus Trac 04:51 Tools
Paradise (Re-Recorded) 03:49 Tools
Insanity's Fall (Video-Mix Version) 04:36 Tools
Insanity's Fall Video Mix Vers 03:47 Tools
[Funeral District Part2] Wreck 04:48 Tools
Waiting For An Alibi (Thin Lizzy Cover) 03:39 Tools
Stand Or Fall 03:25 Tools
Netherlife(Black Roses Die) 04:48 Tools
Planet Earth 03:49 Tools
Dungeon- Stormchaser 03:49 Tools
Queen Of The Reich (Queensryche Cover) 04:06 Tools
Starship 03:13 Tools
Traumatized 04:22 Tools
playing to win (little river band cover) 04:36 Tools
*Bonus Track* Don't Leave Me 04:35 Tools
Insanitie's Fall 04:53 Tools
Queen Of The Ryche [Queensrяche Cover] 04:35 Tools
Panda 04:22 Tools
Playing To Win (bonus) 00:58 Tools
*Bonus Track* Changing Moods 04:53 Tools
Purifying Fire 04:05 Tools
Infernal Reign 05:25 Tools
The Hero (bonus) 05:25 Tools
Orkpack 04:22 Tools
Waiting For An Alibi (bonus) 04:22 Tools
Spectral Blitz 01:59 Tools
No Way Out (Remix) 03:48 Tools
Wasted Years (Cover) 04:48 Tools
The Legend Of Huma (Live) 03:13 Tools
Wasted Years* 04:48 Tools
I Am Death [Live] 04:48 Tools
A Rise To Power - Reprise (Hidden Bonus Track - 'Queen Of The Ryche' by Queen... 03:48 Tools
Til The Living End (bonus) 04:48 Tools
Paradise [Live] 04:48 Tools
Nocturne (radio edit) 03:48 Tools
Resurrection [Live] 04:48 Tools
Hold The Line (orig.Toto) 03:48 Tools
No Light 02:21 Tools
Severed Ties [Acoustic Version][*] 03:48 Tools
The Birth: The Trauma Begins 04:05 Tools
Insanity's Fall [Live] 03:48 Tools
Nocturne (Extended club mix) 06:06 Tools
Lost in the Light [Live] 03:48 Tools
'Til the Living End [*] 03:42 Tools
The Hero [*] 02:54 Tools
Insanity's Fall Video Mix Version 03:42 Tools
Terrano Del Mar 08:16 Tools
Festival 05:04 Tools
Queen Of The Ryche [Queensr˙che Cover] 04:07 Tools
Storm Chaser 04:07 Tools
Queen Of The Reich* 04:07 Tools
Queen of The Ryche 04:08 Tools
The Power Within (Edit) 05:04 Tools
Unholy Speed Attack 04:05 Tools
Resurrection (Live) 05:04 Tools
Traumatised [Live] 05:04 Tools
I Am the Highway 05:04 Tools
Rituals Of Death 05:04 Tools
Call Me(Blondie) 05:04 Tools
Rene LaVice 00:00 Tools
I Am Death (Live) 06:06 Tools
Wild Child (Wasp Cover) 00:00 Tools
insanity´s fall 06:06 Tools
Traumarised 04:22 Tools
The Power Within [Edit] 05:04 Tools
The Legend of a Huma [Live] 04:22 Tools
St. Gervasio Highway 04:05 Tools
Resurrection Rerecorded 06:06 Tools
Waiting For An Alibi (Bonus Track) 06:06 Tools
A Rise To Power (reprise) - Queen Of The Reich 06:06 Tools
Screams Of The Tormented 05:04 Tools
The Hero (Queen Cover) 02:58 Tools
Paradise(Re-rec) 06:06 Tools
Wasted Years (orig.Iron Maiden) 06:06 Tools
A Rise To Power(Reprise) 05:04 Tools
Paradise Rerecorded 05:04 Tools
(Funeral District Part II) Wreck 05:04 Tools
Call Me Remix (Blondie Cover) 05:04 Tools
She 04:05 Tools
Queen Of The Reich(Bonus) 04:05 Tools
Playing To Win (Bonus Track) 05:04 Tools
Paradise (Live) 01:59 Tools
Teardrops In The Rain 05:04 Tools
Noisia Radio S02e12 05:04 Tools
The Legend Of Human 02:21 Tools
Lost In The Light (Live) 05:04 Tools
Playing To Win [Little River Band] 05:04 Tools
Traumatised (Live) 02:21 Tools
Nocturne (Trance mix) 02:21 Tools
No Way Out (Re-Mix) 05:04 Tools
Queen Of The Reich [Queensryche cover] 04:05 Tools
Resurrection(Re-rec) 04:05 Tools
A Rise To Power - Reprise 04:05 Tools
Welcome To Hell (Venom cover) 01:59 Tools
04 01:59 Tools
The Prophesy 02:21 Tools
Waiting For An Alibi (Thin Lizzy) 02:21 Tools
Resurrection(Re-Recorded) 02:21 Tools
04 - Dungeon - Wasted Years (Iron Maiden) 02:21 Tools
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There are five bands named Dungeon: a Heavy Metal band from the USA; a Power Metal band from Sydney, Australia; a Thrash Metal band from Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil; a black metal band from Italy; and a Darkwave dúo from Guadalajara, México. Dungeon's (Australia) 16 year long history began in August 1989, in the outback town of Broken Hill, the home of Mad Max. What started as humble jam session in a high school hall eventually turned into a world-class, international touring machine and one of the biggest Australian heavy metal bands of all time. Formed by singer and guitarist 'Lord' Tim, Dungeon relocated to Sydney in 1992 and eventually singed a world-wide publishing deal with BMG Australia which led to the release of the Changing Moods demo EP (featuring drumming virtuoso Virgil Donati). The EP gained the attention of Japanese label TDK-Core Records who convinced the band to release the Changing Moods songs, plus other demo material exactly as it was under the name of Demolition. Although the band was unsure of this idea, the album eventually sold over 6,000 copies within the first six weeks and established a solid fan base in Japan. Dungeon, whose lineup now consisted of Lord Tim, Dale Corney (guitars), Justin 'Juz' Sayers (bass) and Steve 'Stevo' Moore (drums), began to take the Australian metal scene by storm with their high-energy, technical shows. The band's first official album, Resurrection, was recorded which further raised Dungeon's profile and along with new bassist Brendon 'Dakk' McDonald, Dungeon embarked on tours with Yngwie Malmsteen and Nevermore, as well as at festival appearances such as Metal Warriors Metalfest, Bloodlust and Australia's largest metal event, Metal For The Brain (where they subsequently appeared every year since then, headlining in 2003). With the release of their ground-breaking 2002 release, A Rise To Power, Dungeon went from strength to strength with national tours with Edguy, Doro and Destruction, and another change of guitarist with Stuart Marshall taking over from Dale Corney. 2003 was a landmark year for Dungeon, who signed a priority deal with heavyweight metal label, Limb Music Products, coinciding with the band's first international tour to Japan's prestigious Club Citta for the Melodic Metal Festival alongside Skylark, Vigilante, Dragonland and Galneryus. The commemorative album, Rising Power, was released for this tour and a DVD and live CD entitled Under The Rising Sun was created from the tour footage. In 2004, Dungeon began recording the follow up album to A Rise To Power entitled One Step Beyond, and also simultaneously re-recording their 1999 debut, Resurrection with the current line-up and modern production values for a proper world-wide release through LMP. During this process, Dungeon embarked on a promo tour through Japan, Europe and the USA and Australian tours with Mayhem, Opeth and Edguy once again. This busy year saw Dungeon's profile raised to one of the biggest metal bands in Australia, but further line-up changes lay ahead. 2005 - Dungeon's 16th year - and it was the biggest and busiest yet, beginning with tours with Nightwish and Angra, the worldwide release of One Step Beyond and Resurrection, and an Australian tour with metal gods, Megadeth. So impressed with Dungeon's performance on this tour, Megadeth main-man Dave Mustaine invited Dungeon to join them on their European tour, which conveniently coincided with Dungeon's own planned tour of Europe and Japan. The tour, which led from Holland to Germany, Serbia, Romania and Greece, with the new line-up of Lord Tim, Stuart Marshall, Glenn Williams and Tim Yatras, was an outstanding success and even included headlining shows in Belgium, Holland's RosRock festival and an appearance at the prestigious Bang Your Head pre-show alongside Metal Church, Chris Caffery and Nasty Savage. Dungeon's journey continued through Canada and then onto Japan for a headlining tour and clinics at The Musicians Institute across the country. Dungeon returned to Australia exhausted but immediately returned to the stage for a tour with Fozzy. The touring stress had taken its toll and the band was about to suffer its final line-up change. Dungeon announced that Stu and Glenn would be leaving the band, and that Lord Tim had chosen to dissolve Dungeon and concentrate on LORD, which was originally a solo side-project, but would now continue on as a full band where Dungeon left off. The final Dungeon album, The Final Chapter, was released in 2006 and concludes the Dungeon story after 16 years and an impressive portfolio. Dungeon (México) [sometimes written Dungeøn, Dungeon.] , born from the 'sector libertad' sessions (2012-2014) in 2015. Dungeon release his first LP called ' Memories of Sài Gòn ' in February 2016, and a live album featuring Manami Matsumae in 2015. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.