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Wind 07:17 Tools
Ballade Auf Den Tod 07:17 Tools
Berge 07:18 Tools
Der Blick wird leer 07:18 Tools
Meer 07:15 Tools
Am Sterbebett Der Zeit 05:28 Tools
Verehrung 06:59 Tools
Feuer 08:27 Tools
Scherben 06:45 Tools
Versprochen... 06:45 Tools
Am Ende Stirbst Du Allein 08:41 Tools
Verachtung 06:45 Tools
Aus der Ferne Teil I (ewige Ruhe) 04:25 Tools
Aus der Ferne Teil II (letzter Ausweg) 08:26 Tools
Rückzug in die Innerlichkeit 05:20 Tools
Augenblick 05:20 Tools
Pfad der Endlichkeit 06:42 Tools
Der letzte Marsch 06:10 Tools
Die Wege 06:10 Tools
Du wärst eine schöne Leiche 06:10 Tools
Intro 06:10 Tools
Von Vergänglichkeit und Trost 08:43 Tools
Ein Stück Verzweiflung 08:43 Tools
Weltennacht 08:47 Tools
Atemzug 08:47 Tools
Liebkosung des Eiswinds 08:47 Tools
Zwischen Sommer und Herbst 08:12 Tools
Triebe 10:29 Tools
Aus der Ferne Teil I 04:24 Tools
Aus der Ferne Teil II 08:25 Tools
Wind (Acoustic Bonu Track) 08:41 Tools
Wind (Acoustic Bonus Track) 05:28 Tools
Ruckzug in die Innerlichkeit 05:29 Tools
Todbringer 06:03 Tools
Wind (acoustic bonustrack) 08:25 Tools
You Can't Walk All Over Me 06:03 Tools
Beyond is anything 06:44 Tools
Rьckzug In Die Innerlichkeit 05:19 Tools
1_Well of course I'm lonely 07:08 Tools
Wind (acoustic version) 06:00 Tools
heroin 20:26 Tools
Von Vergдnglichkeit Und Trost 08:33 Tools
I Close The Door 06:29 Tools
Staring at the sky (I am) 06:00 Tools
Enough is enough 07:37 Tools
Telephone healing 07:19 Tools
The trio finale method 08:11 Tools
Teapot instructions (secret) 01:51 Tools
Ten Years a Second 05:44 Tools
The little suicide book (a passage) 16:56 Tools
Sleepsoup 14:38 Tools
In the future (we will all be famous) 06:22 Tools
Aus der Ferne, Teil II: Letzter Ausweg 05:17 Tools
Loves Dikes 06:28 Tools
Kut met peren 20:00 Tools
The memos of Judas 06:52 Tools
Aus der Ferne Teil 1 (ewige Ruhe) 04:24 Tools
Aus der Ferne, Teil I: Ewige Ruhe 06:45 Tools
Marking hands and feet 20:00 Tools
The capsule 02:52 Tools
Pax Christi 07:50 Tools
A lie worth a million 05:17 Tools
Christ for 15 days 09:03 Tools
Wind (Acoustic) 09:03 Tools
Die Welt brennt und ich lieg hier nur 09:03 Tools
A son without a father, a father without a son 06:45 Tools
The A 16:38 Tools
No talent for living 24:24 Tools
Aus der Ferne Teil 2 (dein Ausweg) 08:25 Tools
Hell is the other and the other is me 08:02 Tools
In life there is nothing I fear more than death 06:46 Tools
Von Verganglichkeit und Trost 08:41 Tools
The ABC 27:08 Tools
Am I a Coward When I Fear Death? 08:05 Tools
the lieutenant's suicide 07:25 Tools
denying time 07:52 Tools
bitter lemons 05:48 Tools
Our Disagreements 06:09 Tools
Ellende 06:59 Tools
Aus der Ferne Teil 2 (letzter Ausweg) 08:25 Tools
Du warst eine schone Leiche 08:25 Tools
the delegation from nowhere 06:58 Tools
<t> = -2 (Think Bucky, Think) 05:57 Tools
Summer Child 06:03 Tools
Ein Stuck Verzweiflung 06:03 Tools
Natto 14:27 Tools
<t> = -9 (Paper People) 06:12 Tools
The b 26:06 Tools
The soft moon 00:00 Tools
<T> = 0 (she sleeps naked) 07:53 Tools
<t> = -3 (Eigen Value) 05:21 Tools
Mini_madness 26:03 Tools
Lost in eternal night 08:25 Tools
Ballade auf den Tod (2016 - New Track) 05:43 Tools
Weltennacht (Full EP) 06:59 Tools
The proof is in the pudding 05:21 Tools
Death 05:43 Tools
Ein Stueck Verzweiflung 05:43 Tools
Verehrung | Talheim Records 00:00 Tools
<T> = +5 (on the stairs remember?) 05:43 Tools
Versprochen... (Instrumental) 05:43 Tools
<T> = -1 (mathematica, mathematicians don't wear ties) 05:39 Tools
<T> = +2 (the question is) 05:40 Tools
Zwischen Sommer und Herbst (New Track - 2014) 06:59 Tools
bitter lemons (extract) 07:27 Tools
Scherben - (2016 - New Track) 06:59 Tools
Am I a coward when I fear death 08:05 Tools
Ti con zero 05:40 Tools
Heaven or Las Vegas 00:00 Tools
Heroin [excerpt] 08:25 Tools
Von Vergنnglichkeit Und Trost 08:33 Tools
Priscilla 00:00 Tools
Todbringer [Full Album] 00:00 Tools
<T> = -4 (i love the way she calls me idiot) 03:33 Tools
Am I a coward when I fear deat 00:00 Tools
Damage 3 07:27 Tools
Damage 1 08:33 Tools
Damage 8 07:27 Tools
Damage 5 07:27 Tools
Damage 6 07:27 Tools
Umarmung des Eiswinds 07:27 Tools
Lebensnehmer 07:27 Tools
Rckzug In Die Innerlichkeit 06:59 Tools
<T> = +4 (the world in black 7 white) 07:27 Tools
Damage 7 04:48 Tools
Damage 2 03:56 Tools
Damage 4 13:29 Tools
No holiday without a funeral 05:46 Tools
Make It Stop 06:59 Tools
Damaged Beyond Repair 06:59 Tools
Ballade auf den Tod (2016) 06:59 Tools
RÑŒckzug In Die Innerlichkeit 06:59 Tools
Teaser 2016 06:59 Tools
Nogong 00:00 Tools
dream butcher dream 00:00 Tools
<T> = +4 (The World In Black & White) 00:00 Tools
<T> = -4 (I Love The Way She Calls Me 'Idiot') 00:00 Tools
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1) Ellende is a two-member black metal band from Graz, Styria. Austria. The band consists of Lukas Gosch (also in Aphotic Excess) who does vocals and is also the main instrumentalist, and Anne who mainly contributes violin and viola. They have released an EP on Bandcamp named "Rückzug in die Innerlichkeit" in 2012 and a selftitled full-length via Talheim Records in 2013. A follow up EP called Weltennacht was released in 2014. According to the band's official website, ellende is derived from a Middle High German word meaning "unclaimed wilderness", "misery" and describing the uneasy feeling of uncertainty of the emptiness and distance within onself. This Middle High German expression "ellende" can also mean "foreign country", "exil" or "solitude." http://www.ellende.at https://www.facebook.com/ellende.official http://ellende.bandcamp.com/ 2) A lot has been said about Ellende: that they are a collection of people from around the world who communicate with each other and exchange music. A Belgian in Tokyo, a South African in London, an American in Paris. But who really knows? It seems that Ellende's studio, The Plantation, in Capetown had incredible equipment: ARP, Moogs, Korgs, Yamahas, Oberheims. And terabytes of sounds, sent over the years by hundreds of collaborators from around the world. Ellende.net is currently off-site, as someone, (one of the collaborators?) burned The Plantation down. Everything gone, save some of the earlier releases now made available for free to download. Is the end of The Plantation the end of Ellende? Will the misery continue? Is the end near? Who knows, and who cares? Wim Bontjes the deceased chief creative officer of Ellende once wrote: "Can you plan your life, day after day, in such great detail, that after 10 years one might say: enough is enough, and as the National Planning Bureau knows: the plans are always the best, so good in fact that you can forget about the implementation. No need to feel dissapointed later on, as we have dreamed about it now and here." Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.