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Lay Dee at Dee 04:40 Tools
Coolie's 00:00 Tools
The West Shores of Quarff 00:00 Tools
Gordon the Golfer 00:00 Tools
Bethany's Waltz 00:00 Tools
Tom's Return 00:00 Tools
A Thousand Miles Away 00:00 Tools
The Quarff Lasses 00:00 Tools
Sun, Moon and Stars 00:00 Tools
Repeal the Poll Tax 00:00 Tools
Unst Bridal March 00:00 Tools
Coolies: Coolies Reel/Miss Lyall/Paddy Fahy's 00:00 Tools
Tom's Return/In the Gun Room/Humours of Ballylaughlin' 00:00 Tools
Song For Paul 00:00 Tools
Monday Morning 00:00 Tools
Tom's Lost The Keys; Father Jack Walsh; The Merry Old Woman 00:00 Tools
The Water Is Wide 00:00 Tools
Tom's Lost The Keys 00:00 Tools
Lay Dee at Dee/Sleep Soond Ida Moarmin'/Robbie Paterson's/Da ... 00:00 Tools
Bunjie's Dilemma 00:00 Tools
The One Inch Trowel 00:00 Tools
Bungie's Dilema; Trip To Sauchiehall Street; McFadden's Reel; The Auld Fiddler 00:00 Tools
Lexie Mcaskill; Hogtie's Reel; Keep It Up; 00:00 Tools
Duns Dings Aa 00:00 Tools
Milltimber Jig; Glasgow Gaelic Club; River Bend 00:00 Tools
Milltimber Jig 00:00 Tools
Repeal the Poll Tax/Auld Wheel/Hjeltefjord 00:00 Tools
The One Inch Trowel; In Memory Of Mike Whittal 00:00 Tools
Troy's Wedding; Double Rise; The Lark 00:00 Tools
Lexie McAskill 00:00 Tools
Dunne Dings Aa; Courtney's Favourite; Dinky Dorian; Cairngorm Brooch 00:00 Tools
Guzzle Together 00:00 Tools
Brenda Stubbert's Reel 00:00 Tools
Brenda Stubbert's Reel; The Silver Spire 00:00 Tools
Lady Montague 00:00 Tools
/Gordon the Golfer/Celtic Steps [Untitled Track] 00:00 Tools
Guzzle Together; Sheep Shanks; Boy Fae Da Bid; Da Boxie 00:00 Tools
The Quarff Lasses/Beth's Tune/The 2nd of May/Bobby Crowe of ... 00:00 Tools
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Filska is a high energy, traditional band from the Shetland Islands. Their music is built around traditional fiddle tunes. 'Filska' means 'high spirited' in the local language of the Shetland Islands. Band members include: Jenna Reid; fiddle, vocals & accordion, Bethany Reid; fiddle, vocals & piano, Gemma Wilson; fiddle & vocals and Andrew Tulloch; guitar & vocals. Jenna, Bethany and Gemma grew up on the Shetland Islands, and began playing together at local events an early age. They were frequent prizewinners in the Young Fiddler of the Year Competition, an annual event in the islands. They released their first album, 'Harvest Home' in 1995, and performed on the Scottish television series, 'Ceol na fidhle' recorded live in Coo Cathedral, Aberdeenshire, Scottland. They made their second album, 'Time and Tide' in 1998. This album was recorded by Shetland guitarist/singer, and recording engineer Andrew Tulloch. He became a member of Filska after they finished their second album. Their new release ' Thousand Miles Away' includes several of their own compositions. They have performed in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, and the United States where they represented Scotland at the Millennium Celebrations held in Disney's Epcot Centre, Florida. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.