Flanders and Swann

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
The Gnu Song 13:35 Tools
The Hippopotamus Song 02:52 Tools
A Transport Of Delight 05:29 Tools
A Song of the Weather 02:02 Tools
Ill Wind 05:01 Tools
Song of Reproduction 07:31 Tools
First and Second Law 02:56 Tools
A Song of Patriotic Prejudice 02:51 Tools
The Reluctant Cannibal 03:59 Tools
Misalliance 03:57 Tools
Design For Living 03:54 Tools
Greensleeves 07:06 Tools
Madeira M'Dear 02:56 Tools
the gas man cometh 02:04 Tools
Sounding Brass 03:21 Tools
Slow Train 05:26 Tools
All Gall 03:53 Tools
Horoscope 01:10 Tools
Too Many Cookers 03:12 Tools
In The Bath 02:34 Tools
Hippo Encore 01:16 Tools
By Air 06:17 Tools
Vanessa 03:55 Tools
Tried By The Centre Court 04:07 Tools
Kokoraki 05:05 Tools
Songs for Our Time (Philological Waltz; Satellite Moon; A Happy Song) 05:38 Tools
The Youth of the Heart 04:17 Tools
Bedstead Men 03:16 Tools
Friendly Duet 02:20 Tools
Je Suis Le Tenebreux 02:27 Tools
In the Desert 03:45 Tools
The Sloth 03:13 Tools
The Armadillo 03:49 Tools
Built Up Area 03:22 Tools
The Rhinoceros 02:36 Tools
Dead Ducks 00:34 Tools
The Chameleon 00:55 Tools
The Spider 02:22 Tools
The Gas-Man Cometh 06:44 Tools
Los Olividados 06:38 Tools
Eine kleine Nachtmusik Cha Cha Cha 00:31 Tools
20 Tons of TNT 02:30 Tools
The Elephant 02:42 Tools
The Wompom 05:52 Tools
The Sea Horse 01:31 Tools
Sea Fever 03:55 Tools
The Hundred Song 01:09 Tools
The Ostrich 02:55 Tools
The Wild Boar 02:22 Tools
Songs For Our Time 05:39 Tools
The Warthog (the Hog Beneath the Skin) 04:14 Tools
The War of 14-18 02:15 Tools
p**p*B****B**D****** 06:20 Tools
Food for Thought 03:55 Tools
Twice Shy 04:12 Tools
Paris 04:05 Tools
Bed 03:19 Tools
Threesome - Duck Billed Platypus / The Hummingbird / The Portugese Man O' War 01:05 Tools
Je Suis Les Ténébreux 02:27 Tools
The Whale (Mopy Dick) 03:28 Tools
The Whale 03:25 Tools
Commomwealth Fair 03:25 Tools
Madeira, M'Dear 05:20 Tools
The Warthog 04:10 Tools
Commonwealth Fair 04:06 Tools
Madiera M'Dear 03:52 Tools
Gnu Song 02:48 Tools
Act One: Introduction 02:48 Tools
Twosome - Kang And Jag (Kangaroo Tango And Jaguar) 02:48 Tools
Act Two: Introduction 00:45 Tools
Twosome: Kang And Jag (Kangaroo Tango/Jaguar) 01:57 Tools
A Gnu 03:09 Tools
Twosome - Kang and Jag 01:57 Tools
Hippopotamus 02:54 Tools
Songs for Our Time (Philological Waltz / Satellite Moon / A Happy Song) 03:09 Tools
Hippopotamus Song 03:09 Tools
The Hippopotamus song (Mud) 02:47 Tools
Je Suis Le Ténébreux 02:17 Tools
Encore: The Wompon 02:47 Tools
The Gnu 02:46 Tools
Thermodynamics 02:17 Tools
A Transport of Delight (London Omnibus) 02:51 Tools
Hippopotamus Song (Mud Mud) 02:52 Tools
The Sea-Horse 01:25 Tools
Encore: The Wompom 02:58 Tools
In The Bath (From 'At The Drop Of A Hat') 01:25 Tools
Hippopotamus Song (Mud Mud Glorious Mud) 02:52 Tools
The Gnu Song - New Master 02:04 Tools
The Gnu Song - 2003 Remastered Version 02:55 Tools
Design For Living - New Master 02:55 Tools
A Song Of The Weather - New Master 02:55 Tools
Twosome: Kang and Jag (Kangaroo Tango / Jaguar) 02:51 Tools
Song Of Reproduction - New Master 01:05 Tools
Threesome: the Duck-Billed Platypus / The Humming Bird / The Portugese Man-O-War 02:51 Tools
Madeira, M’Dear? 02:04 Tools
Satellite Moon: A Happy Song - New Master 02:55 Tools
The Hippopotamus Song (Mud Mud) 02:51 Tools
Youth of the Heart 02:52 Tools
The Slow Train 03:11 Tools
Je Suis Le Tenebreux - New Master 02:55 Tools
Omnibus 02:51 Tools
The Reluctant Cannibal - New Master 02:01 Tools
Kokoraki – A Greek Song 00:17 Tools
The Gas Man Cometh (live) 06:44 Tools
Los Olvidados 02:51 Tools
The Hippopotamus Song (Remastered) 02:04 Tools
Twosome - Kang & Jag (Kangaroo Tango and Jaguar) 02:04 Tools
Madeira M'Dear? - New Master 02:01 Tools
Kokoraki - New Master 00:17 Tools
The Hippopotamus Song - [Digitally Re-Mastered 2011] 02:55 Tools
Misalliance - New Master 02:01 Tools
Greensleeves - New Master 02:01 Tools
The Hippopotamus Song - New Master [2013] 04:06 Tools
The Gasman Cometh 02:04 Tools
Je suis les Tenebreux 02:04 Tools
French horn 02:04 Tools
Threesome - Duck Billed Platypus / The Humming Bird / The Portugese Man-o'-War 01:05 Tools
The War of 1418 01:05 Tools
Kokoraki; Madeira, M'Dear 02:04 Tools
Threesome - Duck Billed Platypus / The Hummingbird / The Portuguese Man-O'- War 01:05 Tools
The Hippopotamus Song (Mud)1960 01:05 Tools
A Song Of The Weather; Design For Living 02:04 Tools
The Gnu Song - 2003 Digital Remaster 02:55 Tools
Song of the Weather 03:07 Tools
Ill Wind (Mozart) 02:55 Tools
Introduction 02:55 Tools
Tonga Maiden 02:55 Tools
Kangaroo Tango 02:55 Tools
The Duck-Billed Platypus 00:17 Tools
The Gnu Song (2003 Digital Remaster) 00:17 Tools
The Armadilo 00:17 Tools
Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud 04:06 Tools
Jaguar 04:06 Tools
There's a Hole in My Budget 02:01 Tools
Pee, Po, Belly, Bum, Drawers 02:01 Tools
The English are Best 02:51 Tools
Threesome - The Duck-Billed Platypus, The Hummingbird, The Portuguese-Man-of-War 02:55 Tools
Threesome - The Duckbilled Platypus / The Humming Bird / The Portuguese Man of War 02:51 Tools
Threesome - Duck-Billed Platypus; Humming Bird; Portuguese Man-of-War 04:07 Tools
Guide To Britten 05:54 Tools
The Hippopotamus Son 02:51 Tools
Pillar To Post 02:58 Tools
Los Olivados 02:58 Tools
Rain on the Plage 05:54 Tools
The Lord Chamberlain's Regulations 02:58 Tools
The Gas Man Cometh (extract) 03:07 Tools
The Gnu Song - 2003 Remaster 03:07 Tools
Have Some Madeira M'Dear 04:07 Tools
The Album 04:07 Tools
RockAll 04:30 Tools
08 The Reluctant Cannibal 04:07 Tools
Whale, The (Mopy Dick) 04:07 Tools
Prehistoric Complaint 03:07 Tools
First and Second Law of Thermodynamics 03:07 Tools
The Wompon 03:07 Tools
excelsior 04:30 Tools
The Seahorse 03:07 Tools
The Hippopotamus Song (Live) 03:07 Tools
17 The Hippopotamus Song 03:07 Tools
The Gas-Man Cometh (Live) 03:07 Tools
Greensleeves (From 'At The Drop of A Hat', Fortune Theatre, 03:07 Tools
Philological Waltz 03:07 Tools
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Cha Cha 00:31 Tools
The Gnu Song (Remastered) 00:31 Tools
The Warthog (The Hog Beneath the Sea) 04:30 Tools
Ill Wind - Mozart Horn Concerto 04:30 Tools
Maderia M'Dear 04:30 Tools
The Song of the Weather 04:30 Tools
Friendly alliance 04:30 Tools
Songs for Our Time (Philigical Waltz: Satellite Moon; a Happy Song) 04:30 Tools
The Humming Bird 04:30 Tools
Gnu 04:30 Tools
Mud Mud Glorious Mud / The Hippopotamus Song 04:30 Tools
Last of the Line 04:30 Tools
The First and Second Law 04:30 Tools
Warthog, The (The Hog Beneath The Skin) 04:30 Tools
Grandma 04:30 Tools
The Gnu Song (Live) 13:35 Tools
Pee Po Belly Bum Drawers 04:30 Tools
Twosome: Kang & Jag (Kangaroo and Jaguar) 04:30 Tools
The Gnu Song - 2003 - Remaster 04:30 Tools
Happy Song 02:33 Tools
Surly Girls 02:33 Tools
Hundred Song 02:33 Tools
Threesome: Duck Billed Platypus/The Humming Bird/The Portuguese Man-O'- 02:33 Tools
The Hippopotamus Song (Mud, Mud) 02:55 Tools
Miss Fraser's Dresses 02:55 Tools
Madeira, M'dear? 02:55 Tools
For The Forces 02:55 Tools
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The British duo, properly known as Michael Flanders & Donald Swann, was composed of the actor and singer Michael Flanders and the composer, pianist and linguist Donald Swann, who collaborated in writing and performing comic songs. Flanders and Swann's songs are characterised by wit, gentle satire, complex rhyming schemes, and memorable choruses. They wrote over eighty comic songs together. Between 1956 and 1967 they performed some of their songs in their long-running two-man revues At the Drop of a Hat and At the Drop of Another Hat. Both revues were recorded in concert, as well as several studio-based tracks. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.