Flight 409

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
The Steet, The Sound 03:34 Tools
Operator 03:34 Tools
This Is War 02:24 Tools
This Disaster 03:29 Tools
Don't Stop Believin' 04:10 Tools
Hollywood 00:00 Tools
Beauty In A Car Crash 00:00 Tools
Angel 00:00 Tools
The Golden State 00:00 Tools
Before You Go 00:00 Tools
Call For Freedom 00:00 Tools
Broken Glass And Heart Attacks 00:00 Tools
Beauty In A Car Crash (Acoustic) 00:00 Tools
Hello Again 00:00 Tools
Saves The Day 00:00 Tools
Broken Hearts And Open Scars 00:00 Tools
Starry Night And Fist Fights 00:00 Tools
When You Catch Fire 00:00 Tools
So Go Ahead And Hang Yourself For Attention 00:00 Tools
The Beginning 00:00 Tools
If These Walls Could Talk 00:00 Tools
Turn Up The Sound 00:00 Tools
Make Up Glass and Heart Attacks 00:00 Tools
In Slow Motion 00:00 Tools
From A Friend 00:00 Tools
Signed Your Girlfriend 00:00 Tools
Starry Nights and Fist Fights 00:00 Tools
Turn Up The Sound! 00:00 Tools
Don't Stop Believin' (Journey Cover) 00:00 Tools
Uniform to Conform 00:00 Tools
Beauty In A Car Crash(Acoustic) 00:00 Tools
Broken Glass 00:00 Tools
Nasty 00:00 Tools
Don't Stop Believin' (Journey) 00:00 Tools
Beauty in a Car Crash [Acoustic] 00:00 Tools
Unk Track 00:00 Tools
Second Story Window 00:00 Tools
Don't Stop Believin' (Cover) 00:00 Tools
Scary Nights and Fists Fights 00:00 Tools
Beauty in a car crash (acroustic) 00:00 Tools
Teenage Roulette 00:00 Tools
Makeup Glass and Heart Attacks 00:00 Tools
Broken Hearts And Open 00:00 Tools
Flight 409 - Operator 00:00 Tools
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Flight 409 formed in 2005 and quickly became a fixture in the Fresno music scene. From rocking out on cardboard guitars to nation-wide tours with bands like Saosin, Poison The Well, and The Used, this group has proven that they are a force to be reckoned with. Eager and ambitious, they wasted no time recording a demo, playing at high schools, and passing out CD's. Almost immediately they were headlining in front crowds of over 300 people. Their drive and dedication landed them several dates on Vans Warped Tour and Taste of Chaos tour. In 2007, after spending over a year in the studio, Flight 409 released the full length album, "We Don't Dance" featuring the hit single, "Operator" on the independent label Something In The Water, U.S., and Radtone Records, Japan. The record has received much praise from fans and promoters alike for their catchy crowd-pleasing melodies, hard hitting guitars, unique instrumentation, and solid drumming; coupled with their energetic heart-felt live performances, Flight 409 should not be missed. The band consists of Andy Thornton (vocals), Justin Wiley (guitar), Todd Low (drums), Kyle Baker (guitar), Shaffer Young (bass), and Rick Mejia (keyboard). Flight 409 has come a long way in only a few years. With a bright future ahead, they are always finding new ways to promote themselves and further their careers as respected musicians and fascinating performers. Look out for Flight 409 as they head to your town this summer. You can find more information on Flight 409 at myspace.com/flight409 played their last show sadly in may of 09 rip flight 409 (2005-2009) Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.