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Thus a Viking Dies 04:54 Tools
Bound For Valhalla 05:06 Tools
Viking Pride 04:29 Tools
Born Of Thunder 03:28 Tools
Sword In Hand 05:09 Tools
The Immortals of Thule 03:30 Tools
Into Battle 05:17 Tools
Battlecry 04:08 Tools
The Oath 04:09 Tools
The First Battle of Moytirra 04:55 Tools
The Malevolent 05:22 Tools
Eagle's Blood 05:01 Tools
Defenders On The Wall 06:07 Tools
High Up In The Sky 05:17 Tools
The Swords Of King Harald III 04:21 Tools
Glory Stainless Victories 06:21 Tools
Sol Invictus 04:35 Tools
Blood-Red Axes 04:19 Tools
Ride to Tannenberg 05:11 Tools
Sons Of Europa 05:47 Tools
In The Realm Of Manannan 03:36 Tools
The Capitulation of Vercingetorix 05:16 Tools
Hunter In The Wild 04:34 Tools
The Celestial Giants 03:12 Tools
Dreaming in Hyperborea 05:41 Tools
The Celestial Host 04:48 Tools
The Second Battle of Moytirra 04:33 Tools
Ancient Forest Of Elves 03:35 Tools
The Oath Of Runes 04:17 Tools
Invoking The Sidhe 04:22 Tools
Pale Prince On A Moonlit Shore 04:40 Tools
The Hour Of Wrath 04:41 Tools
The Capitulation Of Vercingetorix I 03:27 Tools
The Fierce Kiss Of Death 04:05 Tools
Honored Are The Fallen 03:42 Tools
Winter Night 04:13 Tools
The Lone Warrior 04:13 Tools
The Capitulation Of Vercingetorix II 05:22 Tools
Hannebu Rising 04:24 Tools
The Emperor's Words 04:12 Tools
Deafen Clamor 03:55 Tools
Muli Mariani 03:55 Tools
The Tenth Legion 04:12 Tools
The Fall Of Magog 03:54 Tools
Soldier Of Rome 04:01 Tools
Sword of Kings 04:13 Tools
Spartans 04:47 Tools
The Arrival 04:04 Tools
Apophis 04:14 Tools
Under The Wings Of Aquilla 04:24 Tools
One Stood at the Gate 04:17 Tools
El Cid the Champion 04:31 Tools
Dragonslayer 03:53 Tools
Werewolves in the Woods 04:35 Tools
Encountering the Underworld 04:22 Tools
The Passing of the Elder 03:46 Tools
The Passing of a Caesar 05:14 Tools
Sword of the Vandea 03:54 Tools
The Fall Of The Magog 03:54 Tools
Under The Wings Of Aquila 04:24 Tools
El. Cid The Champion 04:31 Tools
The Malevolence 04:31 Tools
One Stood at the Gates 04:16 Tools
Werewolves in the Wood 04:35 Tools
Sword of King Harlad III with vocals 04:16 Tools
Eagle’s Blood 05:01 Tools
The Capitualtion of Vercingeto 05:15 Tools
Dragonslayer (2012) 05:15 Tools
Battle Of The Milvian Bridge - Battle Of Salamis (4:46) 05:15 Tools
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Folkodia were formed in the Autumn of 2007. The act is manned by musicians from highly distiguinshed veterans of the metal scene. Folkodia plays viking/folk metal in the vein of Folkearth. Antarctica as country means to say there is not one country of origin, it is an international project. 12 musicians from 9 different countries (Greece, Switzerland, Lithuania, USA, France, Ireland, Argentina, England, Italy) participate in Folkodia, notably musicians from Folkearth, Cruachan, Excelsis (Che), Sunuthar, Minhyriath, Frekkr, Hildr Valkyrie, Dol Amroth, Giltine's Gintaras, and other bands and projects. Folkodia released their debut album "Odes of the Past" in June, 2008 Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.