For Love Not Lisa

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Slip Slide Melting 05:47 Tools
Kill Whitey 02:59 Tools
Had A Lover 03:35 Tools
Who Am I 06:26 Tools
Avoided 05:08 Tools
Coming Into Focus 02:39 Tools
Nothing But The Heavy 04:24 Tools
Good Intentions 03:42 Tools
Daydream 04:13 Tools
Seasick 03:52 Tools
Snowball Fight 01:30 Tools
Play 02:48 Tools
Set Apart 03:03 Tools
Triple A 03:56 Tools
Some Afternoon Glitch 03:58 Tools
New Few 04:34 Tools
Myself Me 04:15 Tools
Softhand 03:45 Tools
Lucifer For Now 06:07 Tools
Daring To Pick Up 04:06 Tools
Hallowed Be 05:12 Tools
Fathers and Sons 04:20 Tools
Simple Line Of Decline 02:45 Tools
Traces 03:39 Tools
Travis Hoffman 07:04 Tools
More Than A Girl 04:02 Tools
Icon 06:56 Tools
Stirred Up Dressed 05:10 Tools
Swallow 05:20 Tools
Mother's Faith 07:24 Tools
Just A Phase 03:36 Tools
Misery 06:23 Tools
Merge 13:19 Tools
Slip Side Melting 00:00 Tools
One More Last One 03:51 Tools
Syncronicity Of The Preacher Man Blues 07:04 Tools
Had A Lover (Codeine Version) 07:31 Tools
For Love Not Lisa - Slip Slide Melting 05:47 Tools
No Compression 06:42 Tools
Over You 06:18 Tools
Inamorata 03:53 Tools
Slip Slide Melting (Lp Version) 01:00 Tools
Slip Slide 05:47 Tools
Slip Slide Melting - For Love Not Lisa 05:47 Tools
Inamorata (Buckpets Cover) 03:54 Tools
Slip Slida Melting 05:47 Tools
Rocket Ride 05:47 Tools
Had A Lover - Codeine Version 07:34 Tools
Over You (1st FLNL Song Recorded) 06:19 Tools
Slip Slide Melting [OST The Crow] 05:47 Tools
Slip Slid 06:19 Tools
I Can't Make You Love Me 05:47 Tools
Good Intentions (Album Version) 03:43 Tools
Coming Into Focus (Album Version) 02:40 Tools
Soft Hand 03:43 Tools
10 - Slip Slide Melting 03:43 Tools
Seasick (Album Version) 03:53 Tools
Daydream (Album Version) 04:14 Tools
Play (Album Version) 02:48 Tools
Snowball Fight (Album Version) 01:30 Tools
10 Slip Slide Melting 05:47 Tools
Had a Lover (Codeine version) - The Lost Elephant 03:54 Tools
Set Apart (Album Version) 03:03 Tools
Inamorata [Buckpets Cover] 03:54 Tools
Triple A (Album Version) 03:57 Tools
New Few (Album Version) 04:35 Tools
Slip Slide Meeting 03:54 Tools
Kill Whitey (Album Version) 03:00 Tools
Some Afternoon Glitch (Album Version) 03:59 Tools
Fathers and Songs (Album Version) 04:21 Tools
10 - For Love Not Lisa - Slip Slide Melting 04:21 Tools
Slip Slide Melting [LP Version] 04:21 Tools
10 Slipe Slide Melting 04:21 Tools
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For Love Not Lisa was an American rock/grunge band formed in the early 1990s in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, signed first to Elektra Records then to Tooth and Nail Records.Their first album, Merge, was released in 1993. They also contributed to the soundtrack to the 1994 thriller The Crow. After their breakup, several band members went on to form the band Puller. Discography * Merge, 1993 (Elektra) * Information Superdriveway, 1995 (Elektra) * The Lost Elephant, 1999 (Tooth & Nail) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.