Forever Changed

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Encounter 03:00 Tools
The Need To Feel Alive 04:11 Tools
The Last Time 04:09 Tools
Something More 03:29 Tools
Knowledge 04:23 Tools
Alone 03:51 Tools
Great Divide 03:37 Tools
The Vanity Letter 03:49 Tools
Identical 03:34 Tools
Romance In Denial 05:26 Tools
Never Look Down 04:44 Tools
Starting To Sink 03:16 Tools
Opportunity (We Could Be the Ones) 04:35 Tools
The Runaway 03:09 Tools
All I Need 04:03 Tools
Chapters 00:42 Tools
Letting Go Of You 04:15 Tools
Cradle Eyes 03:38 Tools
Time Will Change Everything 04:00 Tools
It's Too Late 03:50 Tools
The Disconnect 03:05 Tools
Refusal 03:31 Tools
No Way Out 04:18 Tools
Opportunity 04:34 Tools
The Runaway (Album Version) 03:08 Tools
Cradle Eyes (Album Version) 03:31 Tools
Chapters (Album Version) 03:31 Tools
Time Will Change Everything (Album Version) 03:31 Tools
All I Need (Album Version) 03:57 Tools
Starting To Sink (Album Version) 03:57 Tools
Letting Go Of You (Album Version) 03:57 Tools
Never Look Down (Album Version) 03:55 Tools
Still Breathing 04:17 Tools
The Disconnect (Album Version) 03:00 Tools
It's Too Late (Album Version) 03:50 Tools
Refusal (Album Version) 03:50 Tools
No Way Out (Album Version) 03:50 Tools
Consequences (B-Side) 04:25 Tools
Romance In Demial 05:25 Tools
Eyesight 00:00 Tools
Wait 00:00 Tools
Consequences 04:14 Tools
Ask Of You 04:14 Tools
Ask Of You (new version) 04:14 Tools
Drifting into Amazing 04:14 Tools
Said Than Done 04:14 Tools
Thrown Away 02:51 Tools
Disconnect, The 04:14 Tools
Distant Memory 02:51 Tools
Simply Human 02:51 Tools
Runaway, The 02:51 Tools
Four Angels 02:51 Tools
Recognition 02:51 Tools
The Need To Feel Alive (Rock R 02:51 Tools
Find A Faithful Hand 02:51 Tools
The Need To Feel Alive (LP version) 02:51 Tools
Moving Forward (Intro) 02:51 Tools
Forever Changed 03:12 Tools
Can't Stop (Saying That I Love You) 03:12 Tools
02 - Encounter 03:12 Tools
The Last Time (LP version) 03:12 Tools
05 - Great Divide 03:12 Tools
Something More (LP version) 03:12 Tools
Track 01 03:12 Tools
Tonight Tonight 03:12 Tools
The Vanity Letter (LP version) 03:12 Tools
Encounter (LP version) 03:12 Tools
07 - The Vanity Letter 03:12 Tools
Great Divide (LP version) 03:12 Tools
10 - Alone 03:12 Tools
Alone (LP version) 03:12 Tools
Forever Changed - The Need To Feel Alive 03:12 Tools
Indentical 03:12 Tools
Encounter (Demo) 03:12 Tools
03 - The Need To Feel Alive 03:12 Tools
Living 03:12 Tools
09 - Identical 03:12 Tools
Disconnect 03:12 Tools
Identical (LP version) 03:12 Tools
Knowledge (LP version) 03:12 Tools
Romance In Demial (LP version) 03:12 Tools
01 - The Last Time 03:12 Tools
04 - Something More 03:12 Tools
Moving Forward 03:12 Tools
06 - Romance In Denial 03:12 Tools
Opportunity (LP version) 03:12 Tools
Can't Stop 03:12 Tools
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Forever Changed (1999 - 2006) was a Christian rock band from Tallahassee and Orlando, FL. The band consisted of: Dan Cole (Vocals, Guitar & Piano) Ben O'Rear (Guitar & Vocals) Tom Gustafson (Bass) Nathan Lee (Drums) In February 2006, Dan Cole prayerfully considered leaving the band on behalf of his family's future. He ended up leaving the band soon after. The remaining three members of the band then spent a week or so apart from each other thinking and praying about the matter. Despite the available option to continue on as a band with a new lead vocalist, they felt that it would be best to disband after Dan's departure. Ben O'Rear now plays guitar in the band Woodale. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.