Gan Bua

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Lissagun/Aaron's Quay/The Handsome Young Maiden 00:00 Tools
Drumngarry/Dulaman Na Binne Bui/Thady Casey's 00:00 Tools
Jig of Slurs/The September Wedding/Padraig O'Keefe's 00:00 Tools
Sadhbh Ni Bhruinnealla 00:00 Tools
The Tailor's Thimble/ O'Rourke's/The Durrow 00:00 Tools
The Humors of Tullycrine/The Queen of the Faeries 00:00 Tools
Maire Mhor/Dinny Delanys 00:00 Tools
Up in the Garret/Seainin da bhfaigheadh/Perrywig Jockey 00:00 Tools
Hares Dream 00:00 Tools
Bobby Casey's/The Otter's Holt/The Easy Club 00:00 Tools
The Ballykeel/Condon's Frolics/The Humors of Glynn/Lietrim Fancy 00:00 Tools
Up In The Garret / Seáinín Dá Bhfaigheadh / Perrywig Jockey 00:00 Tools
Seamus Quinn's/James O'Byrne's/Cathal McConnell's 00:00 Tools
Feels So Near 00:00 Tools
Lissagun / Aaron’s Quay / The Handsome Young Maiden 00:00 Tools
Drumnagarry / Dúlaman Na Binne Bui / Thady Casey’S 00:00 Tools
Sadhbh Ní Bhruinnella 00:00 Tools
Missing You 00:00 Tools
Down in the City 00:00 Tools
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Gan Bua is an acclaimed traditional Irish music group that has made a strong impact in the Irish music scene. They exhibit a respect for the tradition that runs deep. All from different places and backgrounds, each member brings the perfect ingredient to create a powerful and cohesive musical display. Gan Bua’s rich blend of stimulating instrumentals and spellbinding songs leaves the audience wanting more. Their recent album, Gan Bua “Live at Martyrs’“, showcases the unmistakable and infectious energy present at every performance. Featuring band members who are virtuosos in their own right, including All-Ireland Bodhrán champion Jackie Moran, well-known fiddler Christy Bain, All-Ireland Flute Champion Sean Gavin, and All-Ireland Gaelic Song champion Brian Hart, Gan Bua's rich blend of instrumentals and intriguing songs captivates audiences wherever they perform. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.